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  1. Omg i like this this is good exposure for her. Btw, is it safe now to say that Nicki wont be on Madonna's new record?
  2. Maluma basically likes every Madonna post since the vmas, doesn't mean they made a song together
  3. Exactly. It's like when she says she goes on tour to pay the rent...nothing serious about that.
  4. Absolutely. RH is amazing. I understand the other points of the article.
  5. Didn't Madonna herself had issues with the video, too? Or with the director, I don't remember
  6. I have one general admission ticket for the 21 november show in Turin, I'll sell it for 109 (that's what i paid for it). PM me if anyone is interested
  7. HARD CANDY IS PERFECT!!!!!! Actually, i love HC more than COAD and the S&S Tour is one of her best shows ever.
  8. From her facebook page (sorry if already posted), it's from the workshop: https://www.facebook.com/madonna/videos/vb.10584534401/10153599588284402/?type=2&theater
  9. MDNA has some fillers, but it's a great album overall. Madonna has never released a bad album. S&S Tour is one of her best. American Life is a masterpiece. Holy Water, S.E.X. And Bitch, I'm Madonna are among the best tracks on the album.
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