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  1. But im sure M would ask a lot more for Glasto, didn't she get $10million for her Singapore show for RHT?
  2. Madonna is not (technically) perfect, but i dont understand the need to worry about playback. The entire RH promo tour was live, the Brits was enough proof of that. She did ENTIRE tours live from start to finish and uses a lot less pre-recorded vocals than others. Beyonce (since someone wrote her name) is a great singer, but she mimes almost the entire show (a part from a ballad or two). Gaga....well, she basically screams the entire time over lots of backing tracks, so... And how some people DARE come in here and disrespect and downplay Madonna IMMENSE talent as an entertainer.
  3. I take in consideration the entire discography of Madonna first of all. Saying that the new album will be all champagne rose kind of songs and having meltdown every single time is just absurd. What Madonna herself said in the last months is already an indication that the new album won't be like that.
  4. +1 People already bitching and we haven't heard ANYTHING. worst thread ever
  5. Yes. It is strange btw, this forum called MDNA/RH eras a return to form visually at the time of their release.
  6. @Jazzy Jan agree with you. MDNA/RH were a vast improvement over COAD/HC visually. And btw she had some "lazy videos" even decades ago. Also, she gave us amazing interludes/backdrop after AL.
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