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  1. She looks STUNNING. I'd love her with dark hair for the next era.
  2. LAP is still my favourite album EVER, but ROL is very close. It's absolute perfection (the music, the videos, THE PROMOTION, everything...). I hope next time she decides to record a new album, she'll be as inspired and creative as she was during the ROL era (and with the MDNA tour she's proven that she still can make ART).
  3. I hope she'll spend the following months focusing only on the new album, for a late 2013 release, so I would say: - End of August/Early September: KILLER lead single with great video & TRADITIONAL promotion, like debuting it @ the VMA's and then performing it in some TV programs like she did with Hung Up; then performing @ the EMA's and AMA's. - Early November: second single + album release, with additional promotion if possible; - January/February/March: Tour Rehearsals & Kick off. Australia/New Zealand: - 2/3 dates in Sydney (Sydney Cricket Ground or ANZ Stadium) - 1 date in Brisbane (Suncorp Stadium) - 2 dates in Melbourne (Melbourne Cricket Ground or Etihad Stadium) - 1 date in Perth (Subiaco Oval) - 1 date in Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) - Then add 1/2 dates in NZ, maybe Auckland (Mount Smart Stadium). Japan: - 2 dates in Fukuoka (Fukuoka Dome) - 1 dates in Yokohama (Nissan Stadium) - 2/3 dates in Tokio (Tokio Dome) -1 date in Osaka (Osaka Dome) Then she could add 1 date in Seoul, maybe India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan...and of course Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. I think it could be a great leg to start the tour. April/mid May: break from the tour & 3rd single (with video) from the album. she could make 1 or 2 performances. (yes it's unlikely, but since we're talking about what would we want..xD). Mid May/June: Europe (but not too much dates, this market is extremely over-saturated). I would say: - Italy (2-3 stadium dates, i would say Milan and Rome for sure, then maybe add Florence again, with a hit album she can do even better than the MDNA tour here in Italy) - Spain (2 dates if it's an arena, 1 date if it's a stadium) - France (1 date at the Stade de France, 1 date in Nice or Marseille) - Belgium (1 date, arena) - Netherlands (2 dates, arena) - Germany (2 stadium dates) - UK (1 date at Wembley Stadium, 1 date at Manchester Arena) - 1 arena date in Prague - Russia (2 dates like the MDNA tour) July: break from the tour, shoot for the 4th music video. August/September: release of the 4th single and 30-35 dates in the USA/Canada (mix of arenas and stadium like the S&S tour). October: 1 or 2 stadium dates in South Africa and break from the tour for most part of the month. November: End the tour in South America: - 2 dates in City of Mexico (Foro Sol) - 1 date in Puerto Rico - 2 dates in Buenos Aires (River Plate Stadium) - 1 date in Rio de Janeiro (MaracanĂ  Stadium) - 1 date in Sao Paulo (Morumbi Stadium) - 1 date in Medellin (Estadio Anatasio Girardot) - 1 date in Venezuela The number of show would be similar to the MDNA tour, but with a break between every leg she could do it without being extremely exhausted in the last part of the tour.
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