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  1. Vogue992

    New Album Means New Tour

  2. Vogue992

    Years and Years

    love the song
  3. Vogue992


    omg that video
  4. oh no! this is so sad... :(
  5. Vogue992

    Bjork thread

    YES!! Arisen is a grower to me, while Loss is AMAZING. I think it's a great album.
  6. Vogue992

    Bjork thread

    Body Memory is my fave song on the album
  7. Vogue992

    Bjork thread

    On 4um/bjork.fr they're saying the album leaked
  8. Vogue992

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Listened To the album on spotify, i love It. LAP The best song ever Cant wait to watch the Dvd
  9. Vogue992

    The Next Tour?

    IF she adds a lot of dates she has a chance, but Madonna grossed 120 millions with the first 17 dates of S&S back in 2008, it's not that easy to outgross her.
  10. Vogue992

    Prince Dead at 57

  11. Vogue992

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    Oh :( One of the Best tour ever. Thank You M.
  12. Vogue992

    Turin - November 21st

    I'll be there! Cant wait
  13. Vogue992

    Ticketswap -Thread

    I have one general admission ticket for the 21 november show in Turin, I'll sell it for 109 (that's what i paid for it). PM me if anyone is interested
  14. Vogue992

    Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena