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  1. She always surprises me, she is so great and so underrated. A great and versatile vocalist and dancer, she still DESTROYS the girls half her age and that BIM performance shows why she's the QUEEN. I love her and her art. NOBODY CAN TOUCH HER. N.O.B.O.D.Y.
  2. I'm so here for this song, i love it!!!! NEXT SINGLE PLEASE, I NEED a video for this
  3. I can't stop watching this performance!! One of her best ever hands down. Great choreography, i really can't wait for the tour! BIM will be epic!
  4. We are excited to confirm that Madonna will perform at the #iHeartAwards March 29 on NBC! iHeartRadiohttp://bit.ly/iheartawards From Madonna's fb page.
  5. Another great interview! OMG @ this: She and Mr. West have also written a song for his next album, she said.
  6. Update #12: New French Radio Interview French radio station Europe1 will be broadcasting a new interview with Madonna on Friday February 27th. Talking points are the new album “Rebel Heart”, the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and the upcoming tour. According to the article, Madonna will be performing twice in France in the fall and it will probably be at the Bercy arena in Paris! Read more: http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2015/01/20/madonna-should-be-starting-the-rebel-heart-promotion-next-week/#ixzz3Rtw8Piys
  7. Update #10: Madonna to perform in Paris We already announced that Madonna will be coming to Paris on March 2nd, but now we have more concrete details. Madonna is set to appear on TF1 for an interview on March 1st and should also be performing “Living for Love” on Canal+’s Le Grand Journal on March 2nd. Universal Music also confirmed that Rebel Heart will be released in France on March 6th, instead of the original March 9th. More details to be confirmed soon! Stay tuned! Read more: http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2015/01/20/madonna-should-be-starting-the-rebel-heart-promotion-next-week/#ixzz3ReVccYm4
  8. It's my fave album since Music. It's just perfect, i'm loving every song. The Queen is back.
  9. I didn't like very much the first demo, but i love the new one! Iconic will be another great song. I love that she's still exploring new sounds after all these years, i'm so proud of her work. It's great to be a Madonna fan!
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