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  1. M.Dolla

    Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Either way it’s so fucked up! the NRA and it’s suppeorter are truly such a pieces of shit but of course nothing’s to going to happen. if nothing happened when those kids at Sandy Hook got massacred nothing will
  2. M.Dolla

    Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Such a horrible tragedy oh my god. All those poor people. To top it all off, automatic weapons are ILLEGAL in America so this guy either got it illegally or got this weapon years before that law was implemented here in 1986
  3. M.Dolla

    NASA discovers new solar system

    It's so exciting to think that there are actual people similar to us on those planets out there!
  4. M.Dolla

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    We are literally fucked. With republicans not only winning the presidency, them also winning the SENATE and HOUSE we might as well say bye to every single right we have as gay people and women
  5. M.Dolla

    2016 MTV VMAs

    Oh wow beyonce was INCREDIBLE The Venus symbol that the dancers did at the end??!! I'm dead
  6. M.Dolla

    2016 MTV VMAs

    this is sooo bad wtf Ariana's performance was cute
  7. M.Dolla

    BIM inspires EXID's new single!

    It definitely is lmao it sounds EXACTLY like during Nicki's verse idk why most are saying otherwise
  8. M.Dolla

    Michael Jackson Thread

    I think you're confusing certification with sales. IC has sold 30+ million worldwide but only 10+ million in the US (since it was last certified in the late 90s I'm guessing) which is why its only certified diamond (10x platinum) in the US
  9. M.Dolla

    Justin Timberlake thread

    It's just a song for the new Trolls movie. It not meant to be his magnum opus! Relax dahlings! Carry on!
  10. Ok but that old lady had every right to sue McDonalds! The coffee was absolutely way too hot and she got 3rd degree burns from it! This woman is being a cry baby about some ice!
  11. M.Dolla

    Prince Dead at 57

    This is cute
  12. M.Dolla

    I miss Living for Love

    What? The remix is all dance lolIt's just not as reserved as the album version But I do miss the original production
  13. This album suffered so much because of the leaks Unfinished tracks, bad mastering, etc. But ultimately I love Rebel Heart for what it could be rather than what it is
  14. I really like Kanye & Diplo I wish Kanye was able to overlook/co-produce every song like he wanted to before all the leaks came
  15. M.Dolla


    The song was also co-written by Natalia Kills to make it more ironic lol