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  1. Rumors was the IT track sorry you old queens can’t relate!
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Meet Alas just posted this candid of her! She looks hot af
  3. And Material Girl!
  4. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    Material Girl certainly doesn’t have the same meaning as GGW but she still put it in and gave it a different meaning! She could’ve something similar with Bad Girl is what they were trying to say, I think.
  5. Kids react to Madonna

    It so weird how the producers of the video made it seem as if Madonna’s been M.I.A. From music for 20 years at the end. they should’ve showed them 4 minutes at least tbh! But it’s alwys a pleasure seeing Madonna get the praise she deserves!!
  6. Let’s discuss her vocal delivery on the verses! This was such a divergence for her vocally, I feel. I haven’t heard her sing like this in any other song before or after!
  7. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Either way it’s so fucked up! the NRA and it’s suppeorter are truly such a pieces of shit but of course nothing’s to going to happen. if nothing happened when those kids at Sandy Hook got massacred nothing will
  8. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Such a horrible tragedy oh my god. All those poor people. To top it all off, automatic weapons are ILLEGAL in America so this guy either got it illegally or got this weapon years before that law was implemented here in 1986
  9. Fergie

    To be fair it went #1 on the pop chewers of iTunes just not on the overall charts which is really sad lmaooo 😭😭😭 poor fergie
  10. Omg this is random for her/her team I feel like but I love it!!!
  11. Her vocals were god awful but her energy throughout the tour is everything 😍😍😍
  12. Omg loves it. It’s so cute
  13. They filmed all stars 2 In July, if I recall correctly. Season 10 I’m not sure but it was more than likely filmed immediately after AS2 so if she was in LA during the summer there’s a chance!
  14. Gay Times Poll Queen of Pop

    Breaking international borders every second!