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  1. I'm planning on getting my dual citizenship through Italy within the next year or so. I've been too lazy to go through the red tape because I have a lot of personal things going on right now, but will definitely do it. I try to be understanding about both sides regarding UK leaving, and other Euro countries potentially staying or leaving. I'm really sick of polarizing and bitter politics, but I'm still watching what will happen regarding any domino effect on other countries. I have been hearing a lot of anger from my sister and brother in law in the UK about the outcome of the vote yesterday. My sister considers me more right wing because she's very left in her politics.
  2. nick00

    German shooting

    Glad to hear that crazy shooter didn't murder anyone else. Feel dumb about mixing up the story details.
  3. nick00

    Michael Jackson Thread

    Always seemed like Michael was sometimes shielded from more scrutiny just because so many people loved his music and he was inspirational not just to black communities, but his extremely diverse fan base as well. The evidence I read does make it seem pretty obvious that he's creepy as f**k and probably took advantage of vulnerable kids. I just hope that he did not permanently damaged anyone if any longstanding allegations are true.
  4. nick00

    German shooting

    Sorry to hear another large group of people getting killed for absolutely nothing.
  5. nick00

    Coldplay thread

    Band does have a few pretty attractive members for sure.
  6. nick00

    Portishead - SOS (Joe Cox tribute)

    Not sure about this track yet. Do love their first album.
  7. Many people have this mindset. Guess it's sometimes cultural.
  8. Sucks and feel sorry that they face prejudice and threats of violence!
  9. nick00

    Garbage thread

    Great hair color!
  10. Not into this song, but have purchased two of his albums before. They have a lot of good songs.
  11. nick00

    Garbage thread

    Always liked that Mason said she was influenced by Siouxsie Sioux from back in the day! Also, only heard two tracks so far, so will watch out for other tracks and will hopefully like it.....
  12. nick00

    MIA - New album

    Looking forward to it!
  13. Don't listen to any of them besides Bjork. Post is my favorite from her.
  14. Hope she gets helps. Those "videos" will now be out forever.