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  1. I found it kinda fake from them that now surprisingly all the winners were almost POC or women: Ariana, Gaga, Dua, Kacey, Cardi, Carters, Kanye, Pharrell, Drake, Brandie, Gambino. Yeah some of them deserved but for me it feels forced in some way, oh well maybe they want to start paying respects to all the past years losers, maybe this will they will finally give an award to M, since 2007.
  2. Thief of hearts was for that bitch Benning? She’s not me was for Gwyneth?
  3. The album is out! Can't wait to hear it in full tomorrow at work.
  4. They're coming to Mexico with the Garbage+Blondie tour!! I'm so excited to get to see Blondie for the first time but I don't know any song of Garbage only Cherry lips, are they good? I hope that's Blondie gets to do at least 12-14 songs I'm not here for a one hour show :( And yes Fun and Long time are great, My monster is good too, can't wait for the new album.
  5. Video out, I love the new look for her and the video is great, they went for the gay market now. I'm in love with the single too.
  6. They resolved that last night, Bowie won 4 Grammys of 4 noms last night, I don't know if the album is good or not but it's obviously that they felt ashamed and awarded him.
  7. @promise to try Adele - 5/5 Awards Beyonce - 2/8 Rihanna - 0/8 (this is sad tbh) Drake - 2/8 Bieber - 0/4 Arianna 0/2 I just can't believe that Adele has now 15 Grammys and Beyoncé 22.
  8. Yeah Fun is great! And I'm so excited because I became a Blondie loon last year because of RPDR. I love how they went all for it this time, the collaborations are exciting. Btw, they stated that the new album will be out on May 5th, the March date was wrong.
  9. It might be because of the record company, Hilary Duff's first studio albums aren't on Spotify too.
  10. I'm gonna start with the studio albums, there's an album of them that's not on Spotify 'Curse of Blondie', I hope that someday i will be able to see them live. Thanks for the suggestions!!
  11. So i guess that I might had heard that there was a group called Blondie but nothing more, but because of destiny I became a fan of Blondie, well because of RPDR because they did Dreaming and then Call me, I went nuts, I think that I heard Call me like 30 times on the same day. I love her voice, the looks, the music, it's very edgy/punk/rock very sketchy NYC late 70's era, and because I'm a new fan I want recommendations of what should I heard, I just know and love the main hits: Rapture (anthem of life) Call Me (iconic) Dreaming (empowering) One way or another Heart of glass Atomic The tide is high Maria Hanging on the telephone what I'm missing
  12. Ugh I can't stand them tbh. Ghosttown or even the album should have been nominated.
  13. The intro is good but otherwise the song is plain, it really felts a demo, I like the version where at the end she says: and still feels shitty. Which one is? Demo 1?
  14. Maybe, RH has a shot for pop album because no one released a pop album, Taylor will win that, 1989 is huge. She has a shot for BIM but I guess that Uptown Funk will win or Bad Blood. Ghosttown may get pop solo. I'll be fine if they only nominate her.
  15. It looks like Universal in Japan will release a tour edition of Rh, it's weird because there's only two shows in Tokyo but who cares, I wonder what will they add?? Maybe one or two demos? Remixes? Live version of something? Get money bitch!!!!
  16. This and LFL are the biggest dance bops.
  17. It's rising on iTunes Italy since mid-August,
  18. It was announced last month that DP will be radio single in Germany, that's why I made this thread.
  19. Of course that at some point one year ago they thought that UB was gonna be the first single, or at least Diplo believed that, then the leak came and they changed minds.
  20. Well it's something, there won't be a video for this but it will help the album.
  21. The demo is better, at least it made it into the SD track list.
  22. She will get nominated for Best Pop Solo, Best Pop Duo and Best Pop Vocal Album and maybe one technical nom.
  23. Maybe RH will hit 1M next year if the tour is a success, but hitting 500k won't happen, it has sold like 201k, maybe 230k by January.
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