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  1. Miley’s ‘Bad Mood’ shits all over these two new Kylie songs. even while Joanne’s music sentiment was fake, you could her that she had production also Miley’s Younger Now album, but Kylie’s production sounds basic and cheap, the same with KMO, X and Aphrodite had class to it.
  2. The new song is disgusting a Mincing 2.0, is this the best she have from the new album?
  3. I think that she will have this look until the tour is over. In other news, I’m happy that I’ll be attending her concert in Mexico City. @Pedro Voy al concierto del día 4, estoy viendo en que área si gradas o me rifo a ir a General, solo que me da flojera porque es llegar temprano y aguantar empujones.

    I love it, very BIM (RHT version). Was that his real voice? Hahahaha it was so mental. About Kylie’s tour, hopefully she’s coming to the USA and Mexico, I read that she’s headlining a show in Palm Springs in late April.

    I love it, she looks beautiful and gracious. The dance moves are ok and it made me like the song more, this is how you do Country, I'm surprised that they didn’t push the song to country stations in the USA. I wonder how is she going to fit this on a live show/tour, will she have a full on country section?
  6. The media is crucifying her because of how intense her support for Hillary was in 2016, she was so vocal about it and alienated her fan base, if we add the crazy Miley look and the ‘ok’ album...

    It certainly had better peaks on iTunes than when ITB premiered (it peaked at #14 on iTunes UK). But when she had the KMO era she was on The Voice in the UK and had a platform to promote her material, now she’s on her own but under a new label (BMG). She mentioned last year that she’s ready for a tour so it will all depend on how the single and album is received.
  8. Rebel Heart Tour on UK TV

    Wow, get those ratings mami. Hopefully they are smart and discount the studio and live album.
  9. Britney Spears thread

    In the ‘normal’ video it sounds like she can’t control or doesn’t know how to use her voice. But at least she still gets inspired by M to sing and M congratulated her ❤️
  10. Britney Spears thread

    @Nikki well B has 7M more followers than M and also this is a cultural event because it’s one of those once in a decade moments when she sings live.
  11. Katy Perry thread

    @Pedro I think that if I go, I might get one from the purple zone, I don’t have the time/stamina to be camping the whole day and getting pushed at GA.
  12. Jennifer Lopez thread 🌶

    Does anyone remember when she and Drake were a thing?
  13. Katy Perry thread

    @Pedro they will have another date in Mexico City because the first one is on May 3rd and then there’s a space until May 8th for Monterrey, she will fit in another. And yes, if I’m going is because I’ll like to be upfront but because it is general admission, I don’t have the time/energy (for her) to wait on the line the whole day for a good spot. And the nosebleeds tickets are expensive for what they are so, mmm I’ll way for the second date to see if I save more or what to do, and yes we can go out if we do the same date!
  14. Katy Perry thread

    @Pedro are you going? I’m thinking about going for the Mexico City ‘second date’ when they announce it, last time her tickets were so cheap, but now i don’t know if she’s worth the $197USD plus travel expenses. mmm, I still have time until May to think about it or save...
  15. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    And yet she’s never been in Mexico, and maybe Latin America (someone confirm if she ever went to Brazil or Argentina). For me she’s more like a local act but also big in Australia and some European countries and that’s it, and I think that she succeeded in the pop world, because she has a broad audience and has that rocker vibe which the straight market like too, a la Adele. Britney or Xtina had it first but then a few albums in they went gayer and gayer and somehow that alienates the straight or AC market, I mean the regular joe is not going to go an see Britney ‘sing’ Work Bitch or Gimme More. Pink was never considered a gay icon and that underdog profile helped her image.