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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Hopefully she acknowledges it and post something special.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yay finally! She earned a few thousands thanks to the bday exposure. This is nice 👍🏽 more social platform for the next era.
  3. I’ve been reading that her song was charting higher every week but wow it’s nice to see that she’s a fan, let me give her a few streams. And yes, let’s hope for a remix with M later, they eventually will meet up.
  4. You know what, I care, because I like to see her records and achievements grow. She should go more urban and do a ft with ASAP rocky, Ariana, DJ Khaled, Rihanna or whatever. I’d never understand why she has turned down Sia so many times, I’m sure that she had a better song concept than Body shop or SEX.
  5. Court update, this is happening next Tuesday, let’s see what happens.
  6. I love the video, and I think that the song was a great choice because it will pull the nostalgia factor with the older fans. After all Material Girl is right now her most streamed song on Spotify 🤷🏻‍♂️ So the people likes the song. I searched a fan video of another concert for comparison and the dvd audio sounds exactly the same, I think they will change her voice more in the raw songs like BU, LAV or LIB. Yes I haven’t seen the whole showtime video.
  7. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    It’s great but it might sound generic for some, it has that characteristic beat from those years 2011-2013. And yeah the lyrics are just party, party, dance, sex and sound shallow, maybe that’s why it flopped so hard. I love the song but it’s not a remarkable single.
  8. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" on CIN

    Oh GOD!!!! I have chills everytime I hear the first beats of Hung Up, the whole era was amazing from another world 🌎. Hung Up was massive and thank you Madonna for it, I think that before Music was her last peak era? Was Music on the same level as Hung Up? I think that HU was more successful and iconic, before that I think that maybe since Vogue/LAP single she hadn’t had that fame worldwide. After it was 4M/GI2M combo then Super Bowl and after on a more more smaller scale BIM video.
  9. I love the live albums because I love the energy from them. Hearing the first act of S&ST at the gym is crazy, also a few acts like Femme/Male from MDNAT and the first act from CT. I skip a few ones but as a whole I love the experience of hearing her ‘live’.
  10. Meh, i preordered the film from iTunes, plan to stream the audio from spotify. It’s funny that she finally ditched those damn interludes from the CD, I’ll will properly arrange a playlist with LDLHA, WTG and TAB.
  11. The iTunes description for the digital film mentions ‘the show contains 24 tacks’ and has a 1:58:47 run time. No info on the live album tho.
  12. Madonna 59th Birthday countdown

    One of the things I love about tomorrow or M-Day is that a lot of social media outlets put out test/quizzes/opinions/rankings of Madonna and also it’s cool to see a lot of celebs sending congrats. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.
  13. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    Bitch just confirmed the last show of the tour will be a new date in LA, December 18. So that’s it? Just Europe and North America again? Random, I thought that she would milk the SB exposure, I think that she doesn’t have the stamina for a long tour.
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She mentioned this on her last interviews, she felt like it was time to put on your boots and fight for freedom and she has done it, with the March for Women, calling out Trump and this.
  15. I still care because it’s a parameter to understand/size her fanbase and approach. I think that yeah her sales are low, but we should be not only focusing on physical sales but also streaming, because for the charts they’re also sales and that’s why they added the SPS chart. I like to think that she hit rock bottom with RH sales and even with the leaks fiasco she managed to sell 1M units and that’s very healthy still, outselling the last albums of Xtina, Janet, Brit, Mariah. Of course Taylor, Ariana or Adele sell way too much but they are on another league, a millennial league, even there Ariana has sold around 1.6M units of his last album but she has 2Billion streams from Spotify. M is caught between those trends, 1M sales is ‘healthy’ but not enough, RH has around 130M streams from Spotify and that’s a great number but also ‘not enough’ because the market is still shifting, maybe next era it will rely more on streams.