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  2. She's now crying talking about love. at first listen the album was weird, but I'll keep listening in full until I have a review.
  3. WTF was that talking head? Was she on drugs on that time? It looks so cheap, even Snapchat has better filters.
  4. She has a lot of nerve, in the video she looks so random, like she couldn't care less about her marriage and seemed so excited about going back on tour? WTF hahahahaha it seems like everything was in fact staged, lets see what happens with the tour now.
  5. In late June/ early July, second single should be out in 2-3 weeks.
  6. Get money bitch
  7. I don't know if I should laugh or felt sorry for her, it's so random that they got divorced with a 3 month old baby. It looks so staged, everything, from her marriage, to the baby, to her Islam gig. I wonder if she will keep the baby and if she will go back to Miss Jackson #Nasty? Was she a bears for Wissam so he won't get killed because he was gay?
  8. She's all about those damn glasses, hahahaha does she still sell the bedroom stuff? Oh well, at least she's recording new music and has the support of her new house, I guess that the new single will hit someday around late Q3.
  9. I hate her for being so fucking lazy, she has the voice but never the right team/ideas, after the great era that was B2B she disappeared for years to get pregnant and then release the random (but good) Bionic and Burlesque the same year, that was the last great thing that she did... 7 years ago! I just don't understand how she goes 5 years without doing nothing exciting or relevant, a few feats yes, she had a #1 with Maroon 5 and a Grammy for that ballad but what about you sweetie, I hope that she has a great record and goes on tour because if it flops the world will be 100% over about her. If she was the second best in her prime on the 00's, imagine now against all the new girls, a shame because BeyoncΓ© has her same age and she's on her prime.
  10. She said summer release so around June-August, the next single is about to drop and I'm sure that she will release something another hit along the summer to support the album, like she did with Teenage Dream era.
  11. Very Scarlet Johansson I don't like it but whatever at least it's different.
  12. It's my favorite track from Unbreakable, I love the first half of the album and the last song from it. She has a few cute songs, I love to hit the treadmill while listening to Nasty. The first time I knew about her was when VH1 was airing the video for So excited, then until Feedback but she never really got my attention until the Unbreakable era and the Trump Nasty comment, if we put the fact that she's pretty inconsistent and local, also the hiatus, her career is over, but at least she's a legacy singer.
  13. She has been nominated five times wow! And it's stupid that CGYOOMH was ignored.
  14. Yeah that's kinda sad, and she's always there for them.
  15. Glory indeed deserved a nom for best Pop Vocal Album, but I think that they ignored her because the whole era flopped.