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  1. Hopefully M will post a picture of the episode or something, I feel like this could be the type of show that she would enjoy for the Lolz, humor and catchy phrases. Maybe someday she will be there, it could be amazing.
  2. Hahahaha that video was so shitty and I'd be pissed off if they were doing a movie without consulting me or even looking for my approval. It was nice that Universal thought that an M biopic was worth it a full movie but not with a stupid plot 🙃💩💩💩 I don't think that they will go forward with the movie, the script is shit, M is against it and the media tour will be a major PR disaster.
  3. Dita was such a class act and Larry was so rude in his way to ask questions and bringing Gaga out of nowhere and Dita getting back to M ❤️
  4. Michael jackson Davod Bowie Freddie Mercury /Queen Rihanna Kylie Minogue Celine Dion/Whitney/Adele/Xtina - I just want her to deliver a powerful ballad with another girl. Gwen Stefani U2/Bono - I'm surprised this hadn't happened because it feels like Bono is her counterpart Robbie Williams - funny catchy pop song Daft Punk Giorgo Moroder
  5. Yeah I feel like she's up to something right now, whether it is the final touches to the DVD or finishing the script for Loved, or maybe a surprise, but she's for sure doing something.
  6. Shakira Gwen Stefani La terremoto Nas Kanye West we should do an alphabetical list for this so we can add new names to it.
  7. Yaaaaaas, I hope that it's something that she approves, I can't wait for them to announce the director, cast, release date, poster, everything, this is amazing.
  8. She had a fallout after Demi had that breakup and started acting erratically around 2012? I don't remember. A lot of people from the fashion world are her friends from many years, Donatella for example.
  9. In late June/ early July, second single should be out in 2-3 weeks.
  10. She has been following her since 3/4 weeks ago, also Rhiz Ahmed and Hayley Bennet, they could be up to star the movie both who knows when will that happen, at the most it might be late this year.
  11. So we finally have the official name for the movie! And she applied way too much Facetune to her hand it looks like she burned her skin and now has that weird look.
  12. Get money bitch
  13. I don't know if I should laugh or felt sorry for her, it's so random that they got divorced with a 3 month old baby. It looks so staged, everything, from her marriage, to the baby, to her Islam gig. I wonder if she will keep the baby and if she will go back to Miss Jackson #Nasty? Was she a bears for Wissam so he won't get killed because he was gay?
  14. Well RH might have sold 1M but it was a 'strong' effort in Spotify and youtube Youtube views from that era: 304M views (BIM becoming her biggest video with 236M views). Spotify streams for RH: 120M streams, bigger numbers than Britney's Glory from last year. And If we add up numbers from Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and Google Play it could reach around 180M streams, it's a nice effort for her to achieve in the streaming era. The people still care for her and somehow she has younger fans too so I expect that the next era will be even bigger in streaming if she hits the right notes again.
  15. His singles from 2015: The Nights and Waiting for love, well maybe M wasn't chasing that EDM sound for RH, but maybe only one 'hit' track in place of Borrowed Time or Addicted (I love both songs but my point is that I feel that because they're not only producers but also artists now, they seek chart success too, I think that she should focus on producers that only work in production so their main goal is to produce the best song. And Pharrell did great tracks for HC, at least 4 of 8 songs from him are dope, but for RH they're all shitty, maybe they were playing in the studio for it's clear that there wasn't any strong connection this time, she had better tracks with Avicci, Diplo or the other gang, Pharrell last big hit was Happy, Get Lucky and Blurred Lines.