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  1. Yay! More streaming and maybe chart numbers for her. Hopefully now that there’s not much music out there, the song can get some traction.
  2. I love Madame X and have been listening to it almost daily, it currently has 145.1M streams on Spotify and it’s on track to hit 150M two days after Jun 14, let’s tweet #MadameXFirstAnniversary to promote it and don’t forget to stream it on Spotify!!
  3. Wow she really delivered, how random to drop this 5 months after the last ones, I hope that they release remixes for GC
  4. Wow this is so cool, I Rise joins Revolver as it won the same award for David Guetta. This is way she M keeps doing remixes and quality ones, congrats Tracy!
  5. Lately I just can’t stop listening to Medellín, it has a lovely/fresh vibe/melody, the video is cool, and it reminds me of my trip to Italy and dancing. Medellin is her best first single since Hung Up and one classic, ugh her mind.
  6. #12 on Slant’s magazine 2019 rank this year, not bad.
  7. Where can we find the interview by Donatella mentioned? Until next week?
  8. Medellin still knocks every track, the production, the melody, the voices, the video, the careless vibe. Is the one I still listen the most daily. The best first single since Hung Up.
  9. Wow! Benny’s remix for Celebration is way better than the original, they really went in for this song.
  10. This is the one I wait to be released, it was amazing live and the atmosphere, it gave me D&D vibes.
  11. Mmmm interesting, that puts in doubt the golderby submissions since they didn’t mentioned this one... 87 entries, hopefully Madame X gets something
  12. DB should have been up for Best music video MX for Best Pop Album The only one that could have a small chance is Crave and Medellin for best duo, hopefully Maluma’ s team does something too.
  13. Rosalia won last year so hopefully they switch on her this time.
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