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  1. i hate kellyanne so much, i hope once biden wins her and the rest of the trump cult disappear forever
  2. I'm suprised they didn't edit on a hijab
  3. Yes yes yes, a hundred times yes, it is one of my favourite
  4. Wow love it, they should make a movie with that as the poster
  5. I agree, biden will never flip those redneck states however he doesn't really need them. He has a good shot at states that trump barely won from hillary such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, even Arizona. Anyway in 2024 or 2028 texas will flip blue and these rednecks will never be able to win an election again without it, something to look forward to
  6. yeah i think a lot of it is nostalgia, everything i hear one of the single it reminds me being younger, especially sorry and get together
  7. i think biden has a good chance at beating him, he just needs to flip like 3 states
  8. i can't wait for him to be voted out in november
  9. i feel the exact way, it is a great album, but confessions has a special place in my heart
  10. Those maga idiots deserve all the backlash they are getting
  11. Finally, i was hoping she would be accepted, it took long enough
  12. She was not being rude, that is how she has always been, blunt and honest
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