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  1. Hi all - my first post here. This was my fourth and final show of the MDNA tour. I went to both Vancouver and both Seattle shows. The Seattle shows blew Vancouver out of the water. The crowd was wild and M was very enthusiastic. She was very silly the second night, probably due to the love she received on the first night. As mentioned above, she did chide someone about smoking weed, but it was very silly and tongue in cheek. Before her final "nothing's indestructible" in Masterpiece, she pointed to the guy again and teased him. It was the loosest and silliest I've ever seen her. Her closing line of the night was something like, "Go hot or go home! Yeah! I'm off this thing!" I hope the whole night winds up on YouTube so everyone her can revel in her offhand remarks throughout the night. The obvious lesson I've learned on my MDNA adventure: The audience at each venue decides how the show will turn out. The stoned, quiet crowd in Vancouver made for a weird, disjointed show. The raucous, M-starved Seattle audience not only energized M, but made the show seem cohesive and less depressing. If I was going to any more shows, I'd make sure the folks around me are planning to stand and scream for the whole shebang.
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