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  1. How did a complete nobody like Deadmau5 get on stage with these top tier artists. Even dipshit Calvin Harris has had some European success.
  2. IKR? Lazy journalism. Dimwits who don't know much about M's musical history.
  3. Yeah I think Taylor was trying to bring her A-game as she felt pressure for this to be a memorable Madonna moment. Probably wanting it to be talked about in the same breath as the Britney kiss or even the Miley duet. So she wanted to sex it up a little. But I do think she is genuine in her love for M. She feels honoured to be part of Madonna history.
  4. Is ther anywhere I can watch the Tyson intro? And the full perf? Most sites chop out the end.
  5. I did say that straights would wanna bang her after this. I'm only 20% straight and my pants got tight seeing her.
  6. I think this performance would make straights wanna bang Madonna again. #HotBitch
  7. I hope she does (do LFL). She demands that this is her hit single. And so do I.
  8. Is he suddenly stanning for her again? Christ, he never seems to make his mind up.
  9. Just ignore the prick. He's a Barbra loon, so pity him for needing to force feed us her boring life story and dull songs.
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