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  1. Very sad indeed. There is still so far to go in the move towards peace and harmony and equality. Thoughts with all those affected wherever they may be.
  2. Both performances were amazing. I can't quite believe we've had 3 big performances of 'Living For Love' and each with a different mix and choreography. That performance of 'Ghosttown' was just stunning.
  3. It's a wonderful piece all round - an exquisitely observed narrative on the experience of being at British music's big awards bash 20 years ago and today. She is on point throughout. I miss EBTG.
  4. Sonically 'Iconic' is exceptional ... so much going on in the production and multi-layered melodies and sounds. A quite amazing achievement all round.
  5. Epic performance. Just utterly amazing. I want that mix of the song released too - it was incredible.
  6. This would be excellent, though I think The Brits needs Madonna as much as the other way around. This years line-up is looking dull, insipid record exec-tastic. I've said before, they should bring back the Lifetime Achievement Award for Madonna. I hope she does the Medley at the end and throws in a mix of hits and hits-to-be.
  7. It's an interesting outcome of all the leaks, that Madonna's fanbase are now entering into a 'Strictly' or 'X-Factor' style competition, with the contestants being 20+ unfinished tracks and fans of each cheering on their own with a place on the album for the winners. We've been given 6 tracks that convey something of the tone of the album, so we know roughly where she's going, and perhaps in some small ways are part of the making of the album [that's assuming M and / or those close to her have an ear to the ground for feedback]. To that extent, the leaking of all of these demo's may actually turn out to be more a positive thing than would first appear. Very few could afford - or would dare - to engage in such a revolutionary process (that's not suggesting for one minute M has done this on purpose etc) as organically involving the audience in the creative process / development stages and making of the album. With that in mind, the only tracks I'm backing (i.e. the only ones based on what I've heard so far I think are good enough for a place on a Madonna album) are: Heartbreak City Rebel Heart Wash All Over Me Addicted (The One That Got Away) Joan Of Arc Messiah Borrowed Time Inside Out Iconic Beautiful Scars Hold Tight Never Let You Go All of which have amazing potential. The rest are just not good enough, but then the bar this time is very very high. Some good ideas, some with amazing sections / parts, but overall, not up to the mark. That said, this will still be one of the best album's Madonna has done so far, and hopefully there's yet more tracks we still no nothing about. Quite an achievement.
  8. I think 'Hold Tight' rather brilliantly recalls the first three Samantha Fox singles which is genius and hilarious at the same time.
  9. 'Two Steps Behind Me' and 'Beautiful Scars' with the right work done, could be actually amazing - both are something close to what I would imagine ABBA to be doing if they were here in 2015. Of the songs so far: Songs that actually are amazing: Joan Of Arc; Messiah; Heartbreak City; Inside Out; Borrowed Time; Addicted; Rebel Heart; Wash All Over Me: Songs that have real potential to be amazing: Beautiful Scars; Two Steps Behind Me; Body Shop; Iconic; Tragic Girl; Hold Tight; Graffiti Heart; Revolution; Never Let You Go; Freedom; God Is Love Songs that are not good enough for Madonna: Nothing Lasts Forever; Back That Up; Best Night; Veni Vidi Vici; S.E.X.; Holy Water
  10. She's bringing the Illuminati further into the mainstream - that won't have pleased them one little bit.
  11. 'Body Shop' has a lot of potential. If she swaps the trite lyrics for some of her excellent storytelling it would be ace! It kind of reminds me of Paul Simon's 'Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes' musically - very different and quite exciting stuff.
  12. Ghosttown is epic and lyrically / vocally alongside the likes of 'You'll See', 'Crazy For You' and very nearly comes close to the mighty, all conquering 'Live To Tell'. It is a beautiful thing indeed.
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