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  1. Bananarama

    Promo begins! They were on Graham Norton's radio show this morning and are musical guests on the first of his new TV run next Friday and are looking Fabulous!
  2. Sublime. Sensitive to the original but polished with a liberal sprinkling of modern sparkle and sounding as fresh as it did in '83. A 'Madonna' (The First Album) remix project must happen surely? Or perhaps the long overdue 'You Can Dance II' !!! A brilliant piece of work. Thank you!
  3. Bananarama

    Yes - exciting stuff! I can't wait to see them in November! More news on the tour and other Bananarama news still to come!
  4. Bananarama

    Something exciting coming very soon from the very brilliant Bananarama! Yesterday we had just one Banana on the slot machine... https://twitter.com/VivaBananarama/status/855451496917479424 and today, we have TWO Banana's on the slot machine... https://twitter.com/VivaBananarama/status/855814055227011072 So, we can only wonder at how many Banana's tomorrow will bring
  5. Favorite Madonna song of ALL TIME

    Since my very first time of hearing it in 1985... Into The Groove. Peerless.
  6. June 30th : TRUE BLUE IS 30 Y/O

    It was just such an incredible time. I posted this elsewhere a few weeks back... Today marks 30 years since 'Papa Don't Preach' was released in the UK. I can still remember the thrill of hearing it for the first time. At that point I had no way of knowing about new releases other than catching the odd TV performance or radio exclusive. A 30 second snippet of the video was played on morning TV and I was hooked! After the considerably more somber and sweeping 'Live To Tell' I had no idea what to expect, but I was quick enough on the 'record' button on my parents video recorder to catch at least 26 seconds of that clip and I played it tirelessly before and after school each day until I finally got to see the whole video and was properly blown away - the look; the dancing; the storytelling and all heralded by those epic stabbing strings - it just felt like the already very brilliant 1986 music scene was ratcheted up a million notches and then some. I'd saved up enough money to go to W.H. Smith's and order the 12" single which I collected a few weeks later and was then blown away by the extended version - all those extra bits! Excited chatter in school about what it all meant - Is Madonna pregnant? Is that her real dad? Who was that man swinging her around on a boat? Do Italians really do it better and if so, what is it? A 'scandalous' still from the video in the newspaper of her left breast nearly popped out! All of this and some hints and snippets surfacing of a new upcoming Madonna album called 'True Blue' so I could finally have an alternative to my already worn out tapes of 'Madonna' and 'Like A Virgin.' All topped by a euphoric sense of pride that as summer really took hold and the long school holidays approached my very favourite singer was sitting pretty at number one in a highly competitive chart. 1986 was a wonderful summer and 'Papa Don't Preach' was track number one on it's soundtrack. Happy Birthday 'Papa Don't Preach' - 30 years old and no less amazing than you were on day one.
  7. Very sad indeed. There is still so far to go in the move towards peace and harmony and equality. Thoughts with all those affected wherever they may be.
  8. Best album closing

    Interesting question. In no particular order, the following are at the top of the list: Stay; Mer Girl; Secret Garden; Like It Or Not; Easy Ride; Falling Free. An album of her 'closers' would be quite a fascinating and eclectic collection.
  9. Some of the very best music she has ever done has been with Leonard so I absolutely would love for them to work together again.
  10. Well, it's their first mis-step of this year for me. To be fair they were up against it with one of those songs that just should be left alone, but their version feels insipid and doesn't really go anywhere. I'll stick with the (incredible) Red Flag album and pretend this didn't happen.
  11. CD1 01 Frozen 02 Nothing Fails 03 Ghosttown 04 Time Stood Still 05 The Look Of Love [New Mix] 06 Like A Flower [Previously Unreleased] 07 Devil Wouldn't Recognise You 08 Love Spent 09 To Have & Not To Hold 10 Intervention 11 HeartBreakCity 12 Falling Free 13 Be Careful [with Ricky Martin] 14 Paradise (Not For Me) 15 [New Song] CD2 16 Love Tried To Welcome Me 17 I Deserve It 18 Messiah 19 Spanish Eyes 20 Has To Be 21 Joan Of Arc [Acoustic] 22 You Must Love Me 23 X-Static Process 24 Wash All Over Me 25 Voices [Demo - Previously Unreleased] 26 Masterpiece 27 Easy Ride 28 Each Time You Break My Heart [Previously Unreleased] 29 Queen 30 True Blue 31 The Power Of Goodbye 32 [New Song]
  12. Second only to Madonna, Alison Moyet is my favourite singer - and has been for 30 years now. Her last album was an amazing return and I can't wait for the new one (she's working with Guy Sigsworth again). Moyet cuts through the bullshit with remarkable efficiency (and humour) and her comment re: Madonna is spot on.
  13. RIP David Bowie

    I have few actual heroes, but for many decades David Bowie has been one. Visionary, fearlessly creative, courageously expressive and one of those cultural icons who I identified with in the fight to be oneself with all pride and no apologies whether it be sexuality; politics; identity or fashion. This and some of the very best audio and visual I will ever be lucky enough to hear make this a terribly sad loss. Feeling this one. RiP Bowie - the man who changed my world
  14. Adele thread

    I love it.
  15. Happy Birthday Gambler!!!

    Fantastic track that is too often criminally overlooked. Loved it just as much now as the day it came out. When a Madonna 'Greatest Hits' includes hits like this, it'll be a step closer to being a definitive 'hits' collection.