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  1. Madonna has such a beautiful speaking voice and Slob sounds like an insecure whiny child.
  2. It also explains why she has no personality or identity of her own and why she has to be Madonna all the time even as it destroys her career... "ok I won't be Madonna anymore now I am dead aunt Joanne" like something out of a horror movie.
  3. Yes. But without good music or hits there's no point, and a gap another slob will soon fill.
  4. Haha lena seems like exactly the sort of person this would be marketed to.
  5. I think she gets that reaction so often that it just seems normal. Nobody knows or cares/ 5 mentally ill people screaming mommy at her in front of her hotel.
  6. Well that whole thing was fake anyway (some of us have more chemistry with our worst enemies then they had) so I guess in her deranged brain her career did ruin it.
  7. She's a terrible song writer. And I'm convinced what is in those sealed court documents is that she didn't write her early (and only) hits, just got her name added on. This is why she is so insecure about her shitty talents.
  8. All joking aside I think that she forces her naked body on everyone around her, the people that work for her, is really disgusting. We've seen her do it many times before. It's not even a nice body, but regardless, what does she want people to feel besides uncomfortable? There's something rape-y about it and a guy certainly would never in a million years get away with it.
  9. She'll be watching her documentary that she's already seen at midnight and at the same time Mariah Carey will be caressing herself while her own music plays.
  10. Didn't she say she was taking a break or something? Doesn't she have a movie and soundtrack and tour to finish? And 400 illnesses to deal with? But let's start hyping the new WhiteShitshow flop album now.
  11. and of course she threw the word art in there lol. Keep telling yourself, Slob. I guess no one in the industry wants to go near her. What's that saying about seeing the people at the bottom again once you fall from the top?
  12. Yeah her parents will just come up with the money anyway... But she clearly wanted to be some big budget pop star, not some low budget guitar strummer.
  13. Cyndi Lauper currently has a commercial for psoriasis airing on TV, with all of Slobs ailments she'll at least be able to score one of those if she can't tour, sell albums etc.
  14. While she's out buying her own album, no less. I have a feeling so many tragic things like this happen on a daily basis that her perception is all thrown off. Like, we've seen her go through red carpets where she's ignored by the public, so a simple Wal-Mart clerk not knowing who she is might seem silly to her rather than sad.
  15. Remember when Mariah's career was still on life support and she released a song about dead grandmothers? This is where Slob is now artistically and commercially.
  16. and then Take A Bow 7 weeks at #1 in her mid 90's "down time"
  17. We don't believe she's sick, idiots. When everything about her is a lie, why would we believe this? Because she posted a photo of herself praying for herself? lol
  18. Watching Madonna's career all these years, she pushed buttons and had half the world saying they hated her BUT she would put out an incredible pop song and have a huge hit with it, because even people that hated her couldn't resist. Slob is trying so hard to be relatable and liked (and now just willing to take pity) that there seems to be little to no thought or time for any music that anyone wants to hear. Just another Madonna stalker that learned nothing from her.
  19. Why even mention the negative comments if her health issues are true? She looks for this stuff, to be a victim. And her fans can bitch about us and anyone that questions her, but she will always do things to get these reactions. She doesn't have to go out tomorrow in 17 inch heals, because we've already put something out there for her to cry about. But who knows she may still just do it anyway. That's how these types are, and once you get that, you can guess their every move, just as we do here.
  20. I wonder if this was to be released only if sales were bad and they needed to start coming up with excuses for cancelling. If someone could come up with a timeline of when this was first announced... I think the tour was already started. And we also suspected that they were doing the free tickets thing to spare themselves the photos of empty space. But in the end I think all of this is much worse, because now when a Slob tour is announced, both her fans and the GP will be thinking of someone who can hardly walk or move (like a Mariah Carey tour). But I guess it's unlikely Slob has much touring in her future, anyway.
  21. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I think rights issues are different for a video release than an audio release, and you do need permission for the video side, but as someone pointed out pages back, the LDLHA video was included on 93:99. And I agree with JWAD that she's thinking of doing more Clown-like shows and didn't want to make the whole thing available.
  22. Someone gets it (partially) at the Slob forum; Many of Madonna's idols have said nasty things about her but she never said anything, sucked it up and proved them wrong with her works and longevity. I wish Gaga could've done that and not played the victim card.