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  1. Lady Gaga thread

    It's true but the sad thing is she sticks her face in everything, yet still nobody can pick her out from the other creatures roaming the aisles at Wal-mart
  2. Lady Gaga thread

    "Have you ever watched animals eat shit, Frank? It's intense." "The women hate me, they think I'm a boar" "I ate Doritos, I ate raviolis, that's what I do, I eat!"
  3. 13 sounds like a lot for Slob when only a handful of her songs come to mind that are known to the GP. But you have to factor in chart fakery (like that one song that charted off of forced youtube commercial views) and the songs that only got there with discounts.
  4. I wonder why she keeps going back to him. Will nobody in the industry work with her?
  5. The AMA thing will be a performance from her tour lol, bathroom break for anyone watching I guess.
  6. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    Yes, I often confused her with Liz Rosenberg as she was almost a pseudo publicist for Madonna
  7. If you're not a natural beauty a little composure, confidence, and a properly fitting outfit can go a long way. She always manages to get all of that wrong, and look like she slept under a times square urinal, too.
  8. Bananarama

    set list; Nathan Jones Robert DeNiro's Waiting Rough Justice Aie A Mwana Cruel Summer A Trick Of The Night Shy Boy/ Boy Trouble Love, Truth & Honesty Dream Baby Really Saying Something Cheers Then Stay Preacher Man I Heard A Rumour More Than Physical I Can't Help It I Want You Back Venus Na Na Hey Hey Ain't What You Do Love In The 1st Degree
  9. What does the general public know about Madonna?

    I was recently asked what her real name was (and it wasn't the first time) but I can understand why someone would think it's a stage name.
  10. A tour or two ago, Janet was taking down fan video all over the internet, because her show looked like shit and it was affecting ticket sales.
  11. What's funny about the current references is I bet the movie is trying to take place in some vague 70s or 80s place but they had to do product placement, plus Slob probably insisted on blurring the lines between her failed career and this up and coming character "ooh look, Lady Gaga got a gig at Coachella" etc. I assumed this movie was for old people that would care about A Star Is Born, I don't know who the audience is meant to be if her clunge is going to be hanging out.
  12. May I ask, if Joanne is the big hit she and her fans insist it is, why was the plug pulled after 2nd single?
  13. They hoped Judas would be controversial and nobody cared. You know she sat there and thought sex offenders would do the trick.
  14. AL album so timely right now.
  15. I think I'm best suited for Bromances.
  16. This was probably the only time she got press without paying for it.
  17. We should pay her to promote a product, I bet she's really cheap.
  18. I always buy tickets to concerts of performers who just got engaged, no matter how shit they are. Good job, Slob
  19. She must call these companies and offer to work for free lol. I bet they still hesitate to take the offer. And she'll marry for publicity like Mariah was trying a while back with her photo shoots at 6 Flags and all that. At least she got Nick Cannon, a semi-celebrity.
  20. They try everything except putting out good music or putting on a good show.
  21. When did their love affair end? Sometime around when she got that new manager I think.... that's when it shifted from gay rights activist to trying to latch on to any cause that may stick.
  22. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

  23. Janet Jackson thread

    To suggest Madonna gets away with this stuff because she is white, but Madonna would get raunchy on MTV, not network TV, Janet didn't have the brains to sort out the difference and know her audience. Plus it's obvious she was trying to pull a Madonna in this moment.
  24. Janet Jackson thread

    Her first album had a number of hits, she did her 2nd album with Shep Pettibone (if you like his sound it's worth checking out) but the album flopped and she ended up writing and recording demos for Britney, Katy etc