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  1. His behavior is that of a pedophile, regardless of what transpired behind closed doors with no parents around and what can and can't be proven in court. I hope people can at least recognize that otherwise there would be no preventing it. For Jackson to try and sell these activities to the public as normal, he's either evil or dangerously ignorant. Case closed.
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    2019 Grammy Awards

  3. Supernatural

    The internet has killed the pop song

    There's good music if you dig around. Everyone is off in their own world now. I don't think it's a bad thing. But the days of megastars are over.
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    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    He seems kind of bland and the tattoos are probably an attempt to make up for that. It's wired how the show is getting trashed yet if it were Slob or Beyoncé the media would have been corrected within an hour.
  5. What would you consider a credible source for this? An adult supervisor who sat and watched? We are left to draw our own conclusions. If it acts like a duck, etc is the camp I'm in. The porn was either for this, or MJ was into adult pornography, which would imply he wasn't the asexual man/child that makes sleepover with kids OK.
  6. If a priest keeps bringing alter boys into his office and closing the door, do you say something or wait for the evidence in a trial? Jackson wanted a free for all for with these kids with no questions asked. If it's a sexual need or he's a bottomless pit of mental illness relating to his childhood, either way, these kids were wronged as far as I see it. If it were my kid, or hopefully your kid, there would be no waiting for proof or evidence. No you CANNOT be with my child alone, because why the fuck does a grown man want that for? Michael refused to take any adult responsibility or have any control over the situation and so he brought it all on to himself and there is no reason to feel any pity for him or dismiss the actions that would be considered a clear path to abuse if it were anyone else doing it.
  7. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    Did you listen to the bonus tracks? Reminds me more of Communion. I love both albums but would chose Communion if I had to, there's a little more depth.
  8. There's patterns in who they abuse and how money allows it to continue.
  9. Hmm a lot of people taking payouts and changing their story with Brian Singer also, he must be innocent! It's safe to go back to the Singer pool parties, kids! All clear!
  10. Should we just allow someone to behave uncontrollably and text book pedophiliac around children because they are rich and famous and the police haven't lifted finger prints off a child yet? is how I look at it. The Catholic church was taking priests with these behaviors (maybe no DNA samples or whatever but still obvious what is going on) and moving them around or hiding them away.
  11. But what is asexual child brained MJ, who just wants to have sleepovers with boys because he had no childhood or any idea about reality, want with pornography of any kind?
  12. Agree 100%. If you know even basic facts about how pedophiles operate and how the victims deal with it years later, it is all here over and over in the Michael Jackson case ad nauseam. If you wouldn't allow your child to sleep with a grown man, these kids deserved the same protection from their parents, and they didn't get it.
  13. Hello, these parents turned a blind eye to begin with, they are also GUILTY
  14. So you can't accurately describe his genitalia?
  15. Hmmm I think they can file a charge and offer conditions for probation. I don't know in that case what the charge would be, if it can be considered a threat to children to be creepy with them.
  16. Average Joe would have had the police called on him as soon as neighborhood parents caught wind of him trying to arrange for their kids to have a sleepover with him. He would be arrested, I assume, and investigated. If nothing found, I don't know, maybe placed in a mental health facility? That's how far any of this should have gone.
  17. Just that these kids were put in this position at all, Jesus Christ!
  18. My arguments are that the parents should never had allowed it and the behavior should never be considered acceptable. The only excuses for Michael are a) fame b) money c) "but he acts like he's 12". His fame and money allowed him to act like he was 12! This whole situation should have been investigated and shut down immediately, which is exactly what would have happened if it were your neighbor. Michael doesn't understand reality? That's his problem, not the kids!
  19. If he thinks he's 12, then he sees his behavior with them as OK and mutual, that's pretty much how the pedophile thing works.
  20. Like Donald Trump surrounded by incompetent criminals, MJ just surrounded himself with these types because he fit in with them! None of his rich Hollywood friends were going to hand their kids over to him. These parents aided and abetted him!!
  21. The bar on inappropriate relationships with children has been lowered to "there must be fingerprints or a videotape otherwise we can't know what happened". I know you need some facts for a trial but if those kids parents had a standard on this issue to begin with (as in, no you cannot be alone with my child, no you cannot vacation with my child, no you cannot sleep with my child), none of this would have happened to begin with. These kids were failed and taken advantage of because someone with fame and money had no control over himself. Whatever they make of it now, they have the right to feel that way and I believe them.
  22. Molestation allegations aside, that kid in the video holding hands with Michael and sleeping in the same room if not the same bed, why- because MJ didn't have a fun childhood? What does that kid need to take on his problems for? It is abuse.