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  1. Clearly she's been coached to speak well of Slob for this album promo. They both coincidentally released half assed country themed albums after they couldn't flop any longer with pop albums. Maybe the thinking is if she's on top of the Slob narrative, and an interviewer wants to give her a hard time, Kylie has already put a "oh she's so wonderful of course she inspires me" spin on it. Also, just like Slob has Lady Starlight, Kylie knows she looks good in most departments next to Slob (almost anyone would) and benefits from most comparison.
  2. The reductive Trump of Pop

    haha not just his face but his hand, cupped to touch as little of her as possible. Every man who has sexually harassed a woman should be sentenced to an hour with Slob, so they can finally understand the discomfort and disgust.
  3. Yeah she clearly has a motive in praising Slob all of a sudden. Maybe to keep Slob fans from attacking over the similar Flopanne/ country theme? I was a Kylie fan for a while but I'm definitely passing on this era.
  4. There was an interview with Madonna a couple of years before she wore the shirt where she was asked about Kylie and she said something along the lines of "I only know that one song" (I assume she meant Locomotion?)
  5. The reductive Trump of Pop

    That she has to expose herself to people (no underwear in the blind item, plus what we've seen of her back stage and in public) suggests to me she is only a few years away from needing some sort of parental intervention like Britney, or she will just end up a medicated zombie.
  6. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Yeah acting is not going to happen, song is always a possibility; will it go to her if she's added one line to a song and puts her name on it?
  7. The reductive Trump of Pop

    She will probably steal the persona of one of these relatives for her next album, the album cover can be a pic of her at Ellis island dressed like a clown hobo.
  8. "Oooh that kid just dropped a quarter hold on imma go pick it up before he realizes"
  9. The reductive Trump of Pop

    I think what she meant to say is we are so lucky to have awards in the world, I need them to feel validated.
  10. The reductive Trump of Pop

    In regards to Paula Abdul, I think the financial collapse of the music industry is why someone like Slob is allowed to stick around endlessly. In 1989 she would have been laughed out the door. Even in the time of Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli. Today, as long as she has money to burn....
  11. The reductive Trump of Pop

    The others aren't as desperate as she is.
  12. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Written by Slob and paid for by her dad I suppose. It basically says, who cares if the song sucked, she should get an award for singing about rape. Which was pretty much Slobs attitude about the whole thing. With Best Buy and Target ditching CDs, what's the point of Billboard anymore? I just look at youtube plays if I'm curious if a song is popular. They will accept payment to post this sort of junk and in the end probably just sell their name to Slob.
  13. The reductive Trump of Pop

    I want an Ellie Goulding Greatest Hits, another package Slob couldn't touch.
  14. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Yes it's apparent the record company is putting in very little now (which is probably why she can still only work with DJ Shithole) but money for online nonsense seems never ending. Her BTW foundation also focuses on online nonsense like hashtags and "online kindness"
  15. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Her millionaire parents. Her dad gets 50%! 50!! https://nypost.com/2011/11/20/lady-gaga-gives-50-percent-of-her-earnings-to-her-father/ Slob is a failed business they keep dumping money into in hopes of an eventual return.