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  1. I read one random page of Chris Ciccone's book and put it back on the shelf because I immediately caught a timeline mistake that he could have just taken 4 seconds to Google if he didn't remember. It doesn't change who he is or where he was just shows that some of the larger details can easily get lost in memory.
  2. They know he did it. They are just trying to convince you. There are likely a lot of fake accounts defending him.
  3. If your neighbor is courting 10 year olds I hope you would alert authorities. And if he is let go and continues, I hope you would alert them again.
  4. I think every individual case you want to bring up doesn't have anything to do with Michael Jackson romancing 10 year old boys.
  5. Innocent people are in prison and guilty people, like Casey Anthony and Michael Jackson are set free. It DOES NOT MEAN THEY DID NOT DO IT.
  6. She has NEVER addressed his pedophilia. She has only defended the treatment of him by the press, to which on some level she can likely relate.
  7. LORD IN HEAVEN YES. It's like saying "well he drink and drives every night but he hasn't killed anyone yet so what's the problem?"
  8. That Michael Jackson he really loved banging women didn't he? But these kids FORCED him to spend all his time with them in secluded locations, holding hands, buying gifts, writing letters, with their families paid to go away. What a scam these 10 year olds were running. Poor sweet innocent anti-Semitic egomaniac self loathing Michal Jackson! What an injustice!
  9. I doubt a sex tape would make any difference. They would say these boys lured Michael Jackson in and he didn't have the heart to tell children no because he loved them so much.
  10. This thread and his fans remind me of a Strangers With Candy episode were Jerri joins the debate team and on the spot she is told to take the pro side, and the topic is incest.
  11. MikeWill JackYourSon hmmm I guess that means he did it!
  12. MJ is innocent, the Earth is flat, and there were no planes on 9-11.
  13. Michael robbed them of the formatable years of their life (even if you somehow believe there was no molestation this is still true), so if their ties to MJ is what they are left with, then they absolutely deserve compensation IMO.
  14. I don't care to watch LMP interviews but I wonder if she was manipulated, or straight up knew she was there to help MJ appear to be in an adult relationship.
  15. You think he was interested in men? There's no indication of that.
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