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  1. He would still be able to smell her.
  2. Slob is basically the ugly mob boss daughter whose father forces some poor bastard to marry her.
  3. It's crazy how she gravitates towards everyone's misery but is ignoring this. Annoyed the press she just tried to get is now buried? Worried how it will affect her tour sales?
  4. He was probably asked/ paid to post that by Slob. During her friendship with Perez, he posted something about Madonna not writing her own songs or something.
  5. Well showing up at every gay event and saying "we did it" ended after Flop This Way, lol.
  6. Here is ME with this poor girl. I know she is crying right now and thinking it is all her fault but I just want her to know I wish I could come by with food I baked naked and lick her tears and take pics with her as she mourns and I pretend I'm sad. Together we can turn this tragedy into a beautiful promotion of my album #joanne
  7. They haven't noticed she always waits a few days so she doesn't get lost in the initial celebrity rush? She must be annoyed the attention she hope to receive from her friend is voided now so she compensating by searching herself.
  8. The jacket is from her UO collection. I was at 2 NYC locations today. The Herald square store (where I think all the pics we've seen are from) had a table of her crap; a few t-shirts, a bag, and the jacket, which is $280 lol. UO sells this same jacket already (cheaper and in different colors), so they just put slobs pic and name on it. The other location on 14th street didn't have this merch unless I missed it. The crazy thing about "go find Joanne" is that it's a lie (what's worse; to say it or to lie about it?) It has to be a lie because how do you work that into a conversation, especially the last thing you say? She just had to get the Joanne thing in there that she is so desperate to make happen, she was probably high the last time they spoke and she has no idea what she said.
  9. Queen of pop with her 3 forgotten hits lol.
  10. lol not even pretending to be in mourning. She really has no clue.
  11. She gets very motivated when someone dies, doesn't she? Even if she just wrapped leftovers, that's a lot more effort than we normally see from her. And all the heart drawings. She gets very excited.
  12. Those are great last words to your friend "go find Joanne" which we know is a lie but I guess she had to get the album title in there.
  13. I always assumed Mariah and Janet were no big deal in Europe because people there have better taste.
  14. Ugh me me me me as usual.
  15. Pity ain't gonna sell those concert tix, Slob.