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  1. Supposed Singles ?

    Yes thank you!!
  2. Supposed Singles ?

    oh cool, thanks, the one I'm looking for isn't there though. I think it's been deleted because there's a thread about it specifically here http://classic.atrl.net/forums/showthread.php?t=631949 where it doesn't show (and BTW there's nothing racist about it lol) A few years ago it got posted on Mnation a lot.
  3. Supposed Singles ?

    The one where the blonde cocks her head back.
  4. Supposed Singles ?

    Don't Stop may have done well but I think it would have been quickly forgotten, while a single release like Bedtime Story does more for her long term as an artist.
  5. Supposed Singles ?

    Yes, when the album was called Give It To Me (as it says on her belt)
  6. Supposed Singles ?

    Do you have the other gif from this, I was looking for it
  7. Supposed Singles ?

    I can imagine she wanted to start the album launch with an all out candy theme and she probably had some ideas for the video. Same as MDNA where she picked the song best suited for the Super bowl.
  8. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    It's a weird man body
  9. So Madonna sends a letter (?) and underwear to a former boyfriend, how does this woman end up with it??
  10. Someone like Christopher would say everything should be forgiven. I'm a very forgiving person with friends and family but once you can no longer trust someone, you have nothing with them anymore and it's over.
  11. Ugh those legs and Fred Flintstone feet- put it all away for God's sake.
  12. Last week I kept getting ads on social media from Live nation for Slob's tour, and now I keep seeing them for Janet's tour. I bet it's because I follow Madonna. Always leaching. Anyway, I looked at the comments for Janet and it's either "too expensive" or fears of cancellation. Her reputation is really in the toilet.
  13. I think the point being made (if M wrote it) is that these people (a massively successful but play it safe singer, and a blonde bombshell movie star making OK movies) get praised while Madonna gets trashed. In that sense, she wants what they have.
  14. At the 63rd Academy Awards held on March 25, 1991, the song won an Oscar for Best Original Song, awarded to Sondheim who did not attend the ceremony.[18][19] In the award ceremony the song was listed as "Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)".[20]