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  1. Once in a while I end up with a Gap gift card and I always struggle to find something there. Very bland. They own Old Navy and it's a similar situation there, but you can at least find a cute t-shirt.
  2. I saw Arnold on TV last night, it's clear he is promoting himself here. He said there are the N word tapes but also tapes of Dump sexually harassing women. Someone is sitting on them and won't give them to either side, but may have to release them due to a lawsuit brought by one of the women.
  3. The anger and disgust is palpable. I hope this is a turning point.
  4. When I was in 5th grade they showed the whole school some movie on VHS and someone must have taped over porn because every so often it would cut to porn; happened a few times before they shut it. They kids would scream and laugh each time. I guess word got to the parents because my mother asked me what I saw and I said I wasn't paying attention to it, so she yelled at me for not paying attention lol.
  5. There's lots of paranoia in America, and these incidents get 24/7 news coverage, I think that's what fuels a lot of these people...
  6. I read he was a Vegas regular so I think it could be something like losing all his money or any sort of injustice he was feeling towards the city.
  7. Well I never really thought anyone actually sits there and prays anyway.
  8. I don't know any white people like that, at least as far as family and close friends. I chose friends wisely. The only things I see on my social media are from childhood friends who were raised like that are weren't intelligent enough to evolve.
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