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  1. Well how I see it is he was willing to keep his trap shut so long as he got work out of it. Which of course is disgusting too because how many more kids are being abused in the meantime. But this is probably not too unusual in Hollywood.
  2. How do you call children a grown man is sleeping with liars? They did something wrong? Kids stories change out of fear, embarrassment, not processing it properly etc. Is that what happened here, or are they lying? Maybe there's no way to know, which leaves you back with the circumstantial evidence.
  3. Why was the most famous man in the world surrounding himself with so many shady parents of the boys he was sleeping with? Hmmmmm.
  4. Well every child deserves a parent that would say no to these situations, but it doesn't always go like that.
  5. People can be found guilty when there is enough circumstantial evidence. Scott Peterson for example. His jurors saw that he wanted his wife gone, he was having an affair, he was lying to his girlfriend about his missing wife, he rented a boat shortly after his wife went missing. I think there is more circumstantial evidence in the MJ case than in the Peterson case.
  6. Michael Jackson picked kids from broken, troubled families!!! Another pedophile tactic that MJ just coincidentally happens to operate by. In the video posted of MJ holding that kids hand, when Bashir mentions the boy had a rough childhood MJ smiles "yes!"
  7. What if your neighbor is acting like a pedophile and hanging around 12 year olds? Does everyone sit and wait for evidence at a trial? Everyone, using good sense, would keep their kids away from him! Michael Jackson hung out with endless children, of course he didn't abuse them all! You should read up on how pedophiles operate I don't think you have a good grasp on it. If there wasn't enough evidence to lock up MJ kids certainly should have been kept away from him, but with all his money that was never going to happen.
  8. I'm not a juror at his trial and if I was I would go in with an open mind. But let's look at it from the point of view of the public. There was really no major issue until MJ was on TV talking about sleeping with boys, holding hand intimately with a boy etc. What kind of crazy world would we be living in if everyone just said "oh he's just peter pan it's no big deal he can do whatever he likes he's rich and famous so he can't harm anyone." Maybe some people just naturally think the best of everyone but there was a lot of upset people and investigations rightfully began. Michael Jackson was so fixated on young boys that he let his career and life go to hell for it. A man who could have been doing just about anything on this plant that he wanted and this is what he chose. Because sleep overs are that much fun? Or....?
  9. His behavior is that of a pedophile, regardless of what transpired behind closed doors with no parents around and what can and can't be proven in court. I hope people can at least recognize that otherwise there would be no preventing it. For Jackson to try and sell these activities to the public as normal, he's either evil or dangerously ignorant. Case closed.
  10. Supernatural

    2019 Grammy Awards

  11. Supernatural

    The internet has killed the pop song

    There's good music if you dig around. Everyone is off in their own world now. I don't think it's a bad thing. But the days of megastars are over.
  12. Supernatural

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    He seems kind of bland and the tattoos are probably an attempt to make up for that. It's wired how the show is getting trashed yet if it were Slob or Beyoncé the media would have been corrected within an hour.
  13. What would you consider a credible source for this? An adult supervisor who sat and watched? We are left to draw our own conclusions. If it acts like a duck, etc is the camp I'm in. The porn was either for this, or MJ was into adult pornography, which would imply he wasn't the asexual man/child that makes sleepover with kids OK.