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  1. Picking a favorite song or video from this era is like being asked your favorite chapter in a book. (though I chose Medellin)
  2. If this had been the lead single I think that would have been the Madonna fan apocalypse lol. But of course, if it's a hit then everyone changes their mind. I do hope they get to do a video. If it's fun and over the top it would easily go viral.
  3. Madonna's doing fine. The tours finance the albums. She made the album she wanted. Doesn't have to do the country album/ soccer mom thing, thank God.
  4. It's her tremendous, hit filled back catalogue. Her new material is not streamed at any rate that makes much of a dent on the charts compared to other current music.
  5. If you don't already know, a trick that sometimes works for skipping records;
  6. It's a 9 minute video with depressing subject matter, its views are great considering no replay value for many.
  7. Anyone go by today and see if they by chance kept this going? Was away this weekend and couldn't get there.
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