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  1. Let's be fair and ban all Christmas music please & thank you.
  2. Supernatural

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

  3. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    NYC sanctify/ take shelter/ shine/ eyes shut/ karma/ ties/ desire/ palo santo/ rendezvous/ worship/ hallelujah/ gold/ if you're over me/ all for you/ king 7 from Palo Santo and 8 from Communion.
  4. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    Yes, I went. Was a good time, though I think there were problems with the sound and Brooklyn a few months ago Olly cut loose a little more.
  5. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    North American tour dates (presale starts tomorrow) 10/5 – Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON 10/6 – Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA 10/8 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY 10/10 – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA 10/11 – Lincoln Theatre – Washington, DC 10/12 – Paradise– Boston, MA 10/13 – MeTulus – Montreal, QB 10/15 – Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL 10/16 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN 10/17 – The Truman -– Kansas City, MO 10/19 – Canton Hall -– Dallas, TX 10/20 – Emo's – Austin, TX 10/22 – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO 10/23 – Union Event Center – Salt Lake City, UT 10/25 – The Wiltern – Los Angeles, CA 10/26 – Warfield Theatre – San Francisco, CA 10/28 -– Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR 10/29 – Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC 10/30 – The Showbox – Seattle, WA
  6. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    I was hoping this album would be half as good as Communion. But I think it may be twice as good?? I still await my special edition box set in the mail. It really is a miracle though as they seemed the text book example of the sort of band that releases a terrible 2nd album, but I think they were self aware enough to combat that. All they need is a fun, colorful video for any of the best songs on the album (Hallelujah, All For You, Rendezvous, or Karma) to get this project the worldwide attention it deserves. The two lead singles are like they are from another album and they really need to get the good stuff out there.
  7. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    Albums|Reviews Years & Years – Palo Santo A one-take greatest hits in waiting. ‘Album’ of ‘the Week’ Label: Polydor Records Released: 6th July 2018 Rating: ★★★★★ + ★ It’s not as if Years & Years were previously slouches. Their debut album marked them out as one of the breakthrough acts of 2015. It had actual radio hits, and introduced the masses to a genuine pop star in the form of frontman Olly Alexander. And yet, when compared to follow up ‘Palo Santo’, they may as well have been playing obscure Bavarian parlour jazz. Here, Dear Readers, be bangers. In truth, it’s hard to remember an album that’s so packed, front to back, with potential singles. Not just standalone, cynical strikes, either. Each track is joined by a thematic thread, and yet every single one sounds bigger than the last. First taster and opener ‘Sanctify’ has teeth, jerking like the undead as it marches forth, eyes glinting with genuine soul, but that’s quickly blown out of the water by ‘Hallelujah’ – a track which takes one glance at the metaphorical roof then blows it straight into the upper atmosphere. Think that’s the high point? Then you’ve not accounted for ‘All For You’, all snapbacks and euphoria, or ‘Karma’, with it’s dripping, syrupy sugar mixed with bitter lemon zing. By the time the accelerator is lifted for ‘Hypnotised’, we’re as bewitched as we are exhausted. In a good way. So much, so ‘we don’t need a track by track run through, mate’, but it’s that dizzying rush that best encapsulates the majesty of ‘Palo Santo’. There’s no accusing Years & Years of being too cool for school, and yet they’ve remained true to themselves in their crowning glory. There’s no skipping to the beats of another’s trend, or painfully pulling apart what’s reacting from an avalanche of numbers and streaming statistics. This is the same trio, with the same ideals, but supercharged. In a time when we’re still being told the album as a format is dead, ‘Palo Santo’ presents the perfect solution. A stunning, complete work, it’s also packed with playlist ready moments – each of triple A-list status. From the tropical bounce of ‘If You’re Over Me’ to the intriguing alt-pop burn of ‘Lucky Escape’, it’s a one-take greatest hits in waiting. By the old ways of doing things, it would be enough to keep them in full on ubiquitous promo mode for a good two years. As it is, it’s an almost unheard of motherlode that sets a new high bar. These kings are under nobody’s control now. Stephen Ackroyd Pop Emergency (Or ‘how can you get six stars out of five?’) Everyone else is boring, Dear Reader. They claim that if your scoring scale is out of five, then five is the most you can award. Some even say you can’t really give that, because nothing is perfect. They’re usually the type of eejits who think half stars are things too. Us Dorksters know better. We know there’s no point in five stars if you don’t give it out. Scores are about excitement – not scientific assessment. We include them because this is supposed to be fun. But what do you do when there’s a record that’s better than a five? The once in a blue moon Pop Emergency that stands out above the crowd? Reserved for the most exciting, banger-iffic records – we’ve got the answer. Six out of five. Yes, we’re doing it. Shut up. Don’t be boring.
  8. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    It was the usual show they put on in the US so I wasn't really expecting more. New songs replaced Communion album tracks.
  9. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    I was there too, fun show! They are announcing US tour dates soon.