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  1. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    It's lithio prints that come signed.
  2. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    This is Olly living out his pop star fantasies with little involvement from "the other two". They wrote on other tracks on the album, those likely sound more Years & Years.
  3. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    new single/ video omg the thumbnail
  4. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    Album cover Palo Santo July 6 1. Sanctify 2. Hallelujah 3. All For You 4. Karma 5. Hypnotized 6. Rendezvous 7. If You're Over Me 8. Preacher 9. Lucky Escape 10. Palo Santo 11. Here (Interlude) bonus tracks 12. Howl 13. Don’t Panic 14. Up In Flames lots of editions up for pre-order https://store.universalmusic.com/yearsandyears/
  5. Supernatural

    Songs that you hate.

    Yeah the few songs I've heard by her have all been really good (perfect if you like 80s pop) it's too bad she is seen as a novelty hit singer.
  6. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    It's very Slave 4 You recorded by Michael Jackson doing a Justin Timberlake impression.
  7. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    It's taken a few listens but omg I love it
  8. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    1st single Sanctify out March 7
  9. Supernatural

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Robbie was mostly in the background of Take That though, Gary was the star there. Both talented.
  10. Supernatural

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Was in NYC Barnes & Noble today and the cardboard display of his album was full like no one took a single copy.
  11. Supernatural

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Janet's 5 international fans are all riled up lol. She ain't never coming back.
  12. When I was in 5th grade they showed the whole school some movie on VHS and someone must have taped over porn because every so often it would cut to porn; happened a few times before they shut it. They kids would scream and laugh each time. I guess word got to the parents because my mother asked me what I saw and I said I wasn't paying attention to it, so she yelled at me for not paying attention lol.
  13. Supernatural

    Years and Years

    New track, DNA, preformed live;