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  1. And AGAIN I heard a Slob song whole trying to shop peacefully... this time Million Reasons. It was playing low so I didn't get a good listen but it sounded sort of tuneless and forgettable and like some old has been was singing it and putting on a fake voice to try and trick people.
  2. Too many lies to keep track of at this point.
  3. Fox the TV station is not right wing crazy like Fox the news station. At least not in any way I've noticed.
  4. Was forced to hear another one of Slobs few hits today; this time it was Paparazzi. At first I didn't recognize it and thought it was Gwen Stefani or some forgotten 90s blonde. Slobs voice actually sounds pleasant here, although generic. Maybe she felt the same and that's why she puts on the fake voice and accent or whatever it is she's doing since. Again, the lyrics stand out as shit, which is interesting because in all the articles she has published about herself, she's supposed to be one of the greatest songwriters. Bad Romance; D- Irritating vocal, shit lyrics, trying too hard Paparazzi; C+ all around generic, but bearable.
  5. I heard Bad Romance playing in a store today, I know I am biased but I thought it sounded terrible- her voice, her fake accents, the lame try-hard lyrics, "ra ra ooh la la Ga Ga" or however it goes- it just sounded embarrassing. If a kid was figuring out they were gay at the same time it was big I can see having a fondness for it maybe, beyond that I have no clue who could stand it now.
  6. That's what I'm thinking. Although they forced MR to #4, they still haven't actually made it connect with people (because it sucks). But even if people liked it, are they really going to buy concert tix because of one song? Waste of time and money.
  7. If Madonna spent 6 months trying to make it a hit and God knows how much $ buying it on iTunes I think it would have been a "hit" too
  8. And I bet Madonna wasn't even aware or notified when her songs were #1 back then.
  9. STR. I think it was the most likely hit on the album after Vogue. Ballads were in at the time.
  10. She looks like Stern's friend beatlejuice
  11. It's so funny the Mariah mentality that a #1 is going to make everything better. If you are a lazy performer people will not come she your shitty show, the end.
  12. Haha yes I have always said all of that. I think the record company is largely done with her but her father/ manager has a lot of money to waste on making his spoiled daughter happen. He gets 50% or whatever too.
  13. I was talking to friends about a park near us and an hour later the park was listed as trending on my FB. That stood out to me because there is no reason for it to trend, other times when things like that happen I just think it's coincidence.
  14. You know she called that station and begged (or paid) them to play it, then called them after and told them it was the best song she ever heard. It's all so Mariah Carey level sad and desperate, I love it.
  15. Yes, we already saw this with Paris Hilton. The second she stopped everyone forgot about her. If Slob stopped tomorrow she would be instantly forgotten.