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  1. side_streets

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    HOMOGENIC Post Vespertine Debut (Selmasongs) Medulla Vulnicura Volta Utopia Biophilia
  2. side_streets

    New MIA

    I agree. It's not her best album, but some of the songs are really great. The reviews are underwhelming and I can't see the reason why music press doesn't like the album.
  3. This is terrible on so many levels.
  4. side_streets


    We've made this mix inspired by the Purple Touch... Check it out. <3 https://www.mixcloud.com/maladiskotekauzasa/mala-diskoteka-uzasalittle-discotheque-of-horrorspurplish-edition/
  5. side_streets

    Kristin Kontrol

    I love Dum Dum Girls and Kristin Kontrol. Dee Dee is amazing. She should have been a big star instead of Swift, Gaga, Perry and other basic pop starlets!
  6. side_streets

    The Latest Releases You Recommend

    Re-imagining pop music. Absolutely amazing.
  7. side_streets

    The Latest Releases You Recommend

    Jessy Lanza has the best avant-pop single of the year and the album is very good. Love her.
  8. side_streets

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    1. I Would Die for You 2. 1999 3. When Doves Cry 4. Controversy 5. Little Red Corvette 6. Sign O' Times 7. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 8. I Wanna Be your Lover 9. Get off 10. My Name is Prince
  9. Finally some recognition for Rebel Heart!
  10. side_streets

    Superior Demo

    Another great mash! Thank you!
  11. 1. Like a Prayer 2. Erotica 3. Bedtime Stories 4. Ray of Light 5. Rebel Heart 6. Confessions on a Dance floor 7. Madonna 8. True Blue 9. Music 10. American Life 11. MDNA 12. Like a Virgin 13. Hard Candy