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  1. Roger Friedman Strikes Again

    Yeah! After each episode he usually wrote very negative article. I paid attention because I was familiar with his Madonna hate.
  2. Roger Friedman Strikes Again

    Yeah, this guy is pathetic! He spent last three months trying to persuade people how new Twin Peaks was also a flop. He hates all the people I admire!
  3. Patti LuPus trashes Madonna's acting

    Bravo!!! 💪👏👌
  4. Who Do You Wish M Had Worked With?

    And Hercules and Love Affair, Beth Ditto
  5. Instagram thread - Oct/Nov 2016

    So, Joanne the Scammer is a fan!!! Great. 😘
  6. Bedtime Story

    A masterpiece!!!

    Another amazing reinvention. I was caught up by surprise when I saw the video for the first time. In my opinion the best song on Ray of Light.
  8. Hi Fashion - I'm Not Madonna

    This one is also nice.
  9. I had to google it. His name is PSY. I've also blocked from my memory his name and his contribution to the world of pop music. 😂😂😂
  10. Not exactly collaboration, but..
  11. Corey Feldman (who?)

  12. New MIA

    I agree. It's not her best album, but some of the songs are really great. The reviews are underwhelming and I can't see the reason why music press doesn't like the album.

    And do we know who is behind the hack?