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  1. One of her strongest album. Streaming it right now!
  2. Unfortunately, that performance, although I like the visuals too, killed Madame X in Europe.
  3. Yeah, it's the sam remix. Honey Dijon just polished it a bit.
  4. "Madame X" is one of the best albums of 2019, IMO. Nobody sounded like Madonna this year.
  5. Honey Dijon rmx is more polished with different intro, but basically it is the same remix.
  6. There is small difference between Honey Dijon and Sebastian Manuel Remix
  7. Some of them won't sound dated. Daft Punk used vocal effects 20 years ago, Kraftwerk used them too 20 years before Daft Punk did and both bands have amazing songs and still sound fresh.
  8. Good article. Although I am a huge fan of electro clash style, it seems that Casey Spooner always have had some issues with Madonna. Great find.
  9. Something happened to some middle aged gay fans who used to love her and now dragging her all over social media... I cannot understand them. Oh well...
  10. I never cared about charts and awards. Charts and awards cannot influence my taste, believe it or not.
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