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  1. Where are the remixes? Is there any chance that they will see the light of day?
  2. When will the remixes be released? The Offer Nissim rosh hashana remix is fantastic!!
  3. Netta will sing her new single and a few other acts will show up.
  4. No. They have several acts in the interval and M is the last act before the results are presented.
  5. no. I think the show will be longer. M will perform in the interval but before the results are presented.
  6. she's the last act of the interval.
  7. the show starts in 22 minutes.
  8. is this an official remix? it's awesome! I love that! when will it be released?
  9. someone on popjustice posted this: https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/madonna-14th-album.64985/page-760 PLEASE NO!
  10. https://madonnaunderground.com/madonna-is-set-to-perform-at-tel-avivs-eurovision-song-contest-grand-final-on-may-18th-2019/?fbclid=IwAR2uRxh2mAT65SzsFP2Bln9e0yeh7LZsFVjmPQ273IoAf_dToMZWSVTRnxs If this is true, I really, really hope she sets the stage on fire. I would love her to prepare a performance which is as similar exciting and great as her superbowl performance. She needs to remind Europe that she is the queen of pop.
  11. the release of the new masterpiece comes closer. let's share our new ideas for the promo campaign.
  12. i really like the "dark ballet" song title. i would like to see it as the album title.
  13. this. itunes is simply not relevant anymore. but what would work for M? i have literally no clue how to make her a streaming force or how to make the radio play her songs.
  14. tacky as fuck but what opportunities do you have these days to get your music out there? justin has been well received last (?) year and I would love to see M getting the same exposure.
  15. At least a new single could be ready followed by a second one/the album three months later (end of August).
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