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  1. Love Technician

    Graffiti Heart - hold on a second!

    She wrote it herself as "pain" on Instagram.
  2. Love Technician

    REBEL HEART (song)

    Just having s serious moment listening to this song of songs. It is so amazing. Every version. I feel like I've know it all my life. Definitely in my all time Madonna top 5 songs, maybe even top 3.
  3. Love Technician

    Madonna on Ellen! Week long extravaganza!

    I'm loving M & Ellen together. I'm starting to think they should scissor.
  4. Love Technician

    Madonna on Che Tempo Che Fa [merged]

    I'm totally blown away by the performances. That look in her eyes when she sings "shine like gold" is spine-tingling...
  5. User @MHLondonE3 is there.
  6. Just read from someone who is there that she performed a remix of L4L twice and that she looked miserable at the start!
  7. Why the hell would anyone want anything "tamed"? Everything is better when it's wild... Had this been the final version I would have been devastated.
  8. I adored the demo of Inside Out and I adore the final version. Absolute perfection. I would give every song 10/10 and quite a few 11/10.
  9. The words Rebel Heart and Filler in the same sentence..? Really?
  10. I am officially dead. This album is like a religious experience for me. It is a rare example of perfection. I just can't deal with people saying she "ruined" some songs. Hearing the demos was a privilege you were never supposed to be afforded. By choosing to listen to them (as did I) you took the risk of ruining the whole Rebel Heart experience. For me, it worked perfectly, for a few it has had a negative impact.
  11. OK, I am officially floored by the new Iconic demo. It's so exciting. Love the vocals and rhythm change towards the end.
  12. Inside Out! And I'm really interested to hear the final versions of Holy Water & S.E.X. Love a bit of VVV too.
  13. Love Technician

    DEMO Discussions (Spoilers Ahead)

    But the vast majority of average twitter users and the press will believe that it is (in the same way they believed She's Not Me was about Gags.) Anyway, storms and teacups. I love VVV. Sounds like a rap break in the middle of the leaked track.
  14. Love Technician

    DEMO Discussions (Spoilers Ahead)

    May I just add that I am finding this such a confusing time. It's overwhelming. Yet, at the same time part of me is thinking "hmm, it's never going to be this good again, is it..?" I mean, when have we ever had so many amazing Madonna moments in such a short time before..? I guess I need to keep in mind that the album is not even out yet and there is still a tour on the horizon.
  15. Love Technician

    DEMO Discussions (Spoilers Ahead)

    Love Two Steps Behind but it makes me slightly uncomfortable. The whole M/LG thing has been so tedious and this is just gonna reignite it when it finally seemed to be quietening down...