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  1. Mirwais + Madonna again? The perfect antidote to the skincare line episode! I'm sure they'll cook up something awe-inspiring again!
  2. YouTube reaction videos

    Yeah, she should really draw more inspiration from your own open-mindedness.
  3. I always thought Shanti/Ashtangi was about Versace.
  4. New Madonna MDNA Skin interviews

    Her expression looks like she's thinking "my god I'm bored senseless, get me out of this claymation nightmare"
  5. Donatella Versace drops a stunning Madonna secret!

    They would have hired Gargs to play her.
  6. Donatella Versace drops a stunning Madonna secret!

    What is the said news about?
  7. This is very typical for this show and yes they are always brutally honest. They saw him for who he is and the book for what it was.
  8. j'espère her prononciation is perfect
  9. A true signature song. It shows true vision. It brings together all the elements present on the album and focuses them as a coda. Brilliant and beautifully realised in every way.
  10. YouTube reaction videos

    More smart people need to react to Madonna's videos.
  11. Madonna is working on new music.

    She's busy with the incredibly exciting Avon Era.
  12. Tracey Thorn new album out now !

    Wow, I love Queen! Temperamental was my "first love" album. nice flashback for me here.
  13. I can certainly see why one could think that. I find it riveting, because I do have taste.
  14. Only one of my favorite bands ever. Dummy is a wonderful album. It always resonated with me very strongly, and I only saw them live once, years later, in 2013 maybe. They are a true talent. It was an incredible show. They did one of Dummy's best songs, Wandering Star, which they did every show of that tour I think.
  15. MADONNA REWIND: "Did You Do It"

    It's a horrible mess that sticks out like a plump, sore thumb. I had always had the Canadian version of the album, on which no such track exists, the album just ends beautifully with Secret Garden. The palate is clean. But years later I found out about this shit infesting the album in the US... I didn't understand. And it clearly was an afterthought on Madonna's part or the label's part. It should have been kept inside a locked box thrown into the sea as a b-side.