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  1. I can understand how someone living on a farm or ranch might need a gun to protect their livestock from wild animals, or from criminals they fear might attack them without being able to call for police help given their remoteness. I can understand people living in cities where crime is rampant wanting to protect themselves or their loved ones. I have the privilege of living in a city where there is very little crime, the police is nearby and I never feared for my safety at all. But this gun culture is just NUTS. It's just beyond the practicality of it all, it's like something people put their faith in.
  2. The word "pedophile" (initiated by psychiatrist Kraff-Ebing) already clearly states the meaning without any negative connotations. Pedo means child and phile means lover of. Pretty straight to the point. The "minor-attracted person" bullSHIT is meant to diminish the meaning of pedophile through euphemization so as to render it more palatable. It shouldn't be more palatable, which doesn't mean that one cannot have empathy for these people. But changing the language in this way is just in itself perverted and wrong.
  3. I will never understand that culture or mindset.
  4. https://thecritic.co.uk/call-a-child-rapist-a-child-rapist/ Call a child rapist a “child rapist” The recently released book A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity [published by the University of California Press], does what it says on the tin. Described as “a crucial account of the lived experiences of this hidden population”, its author Allyn Walker makes an argument for de-stigmatising adults who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. Walker gives a resounding pat on the back to those Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) who choose to not rape children . They (because Walker identifies as transgender) said in one interview that it is important to say “MAP” out of respect for the terminology that “members of that group want others to use for them. It is less stigmatising than other words like paedophile”. Suggesting that those who wish to have sex with children should be able to use childlike sex dolls to satisfy their “urges”, Walker argues that MAPs “didn’t ask” to be sexually attracted to kids. I agree with Walker on one thing: the word paedophile is wholly inappropriate and should not be used, although we will not agree on the reasons why. I have long advocated for the abolition of the word, preferring instead “child rapist” or “child abuser”. The literal meaning of “paedophile” is “lover of children”. It is classed as a medical condition, which it is not. A person is not pre-programmed to “desire” sex with children. Look at Jimmy Savile: he abused adult women and men, children and corpses. The view that sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children is a sexual identity and somehow hardwired, as opposed to chosen or socially constructed, has been around since the 1960s, and promoted by the likes of French philosopher Michel Foucault. Foucault, famous for his theories on power and sexuality, seems to not appreciate the vast amount of power an adult has over a child. Whilst in Tunisia in the late 1960s, he allegedly sexually abused Tunisian prepubescent children. According to French essayist Guy Sorman, “They were eight, nine, ten years old, he was throwing money at them and would say ‘let’s meet at 10pm at the usual place’.” This, it turned out, was the local cemetery: “He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys. The question of consent wasn’t even raised.” But according to the Queer identified writer Laurie Penny, who posted an essay on Substack entitled, “What Foucault Got Right: On violence, libel and Queer Theory”: “Michel Foucault has been demonised for decades, presumably on the basis that it’s fine to libel the dead and fun to libel the French.” So, Foucault’s critics don’t like him because he was a Frog? Not surprisingly there were some sharp criticisms of Penny’s take on Twitter, to which she responded, “Well, if you’d read the piece, you’d see that what I’m doing is more complex.” Penny concludes that the revelations about Foucault are probably libellous rumours, and that, based on her expert assessment (she has read his books in recent weeks) “…it seems unlikely that Foucault actually assaulted children”. I have also read Foucault, but perhaps with different eyes. In his book History of Sexuality there is a disturbing scene where a little girl gets dragged into a ditch and sexually assaulted, which he describes as a “timeless bucolic pleasure”. Foucault is also on the record saying that sexuality should never be criminalised, because criminalising rape is sexually repressive. He has argued that as a crime, being raped is no different from being punched in the face. Then there is the infamous letter of 1977 that Foucault signed, in which it was argued that statutory rape should not be a criminal offence (thereby obliterating the legal concept of an age of consent). The letter was part of a broader defence of two adult men who had raped (or, as Penny puts it, “had sex with”) pre-pubescent girls. “[Foucault] and other degenerate eggheads argued against the concept of a legal age of consent. That bit definitely happened. And it was definitely a bit fucked up,” writes Penny. Child abuse apologism is rife amongst a number of male sexual libertarians. Some years ago, gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell saw fit to praise a book whose introduction contained the line: “Adults who love children and express it sexually are replacing gays and blacks as society’s newest scapegoats”. The book decried “hysteria” and “witch-hunts” against child abusers, and condemned child protection as an oppressive force of control over the young. Foucault and Tatchell have both argued that punishing sex between “consenting” children and adults curtails the sexual development and potential pleasure for children. Most sexual abuse of children takes place in the home, perpetrated by men known to the victims. These men are not usually labelled “paedophiles”: this word is reserved for Colin Pitchfork and his ilk — evil-looking men who prey on children previously unknown to them. Labelling child rapists as “paedophiles” gives the impression that they are suffering from a condition, and that there is some kind of gene that predisposes them to be sexually attracted to children when there is no scientific or other credible evidence to prove this. Men who abuse children need to be stopped, punished and deterred, not treated for the “illness” known as paedophilia. Some experts who try to unravel the phenomenon of paedophilia give the impression that being “attracted” to children is a sexual orientation rather than a choice to harm them; that these people are part of a weird sub-group and different from “ordinary” members of society; that there is a medical explanation, rather than a social one, for their behaviour; and that they are different from the fathers and other male relatives who abuse children in the home. The first time I heard the term “Minor-Attracted People/Person” was in an interview with Tom O’Carroll, a key member of the Paedophile Information Exchange who is sexually aroused by pre-pubescent children. O’Carroll told me he thought the German term “kinder” should replace “paedophile” because it “sounds like a kindly Uncle”. The feminist fix for the sanitisation of child sexual abuse is to get rid of all the euphemisms and medicalised terms and to call these individuals child rapists and child abuse apologists.
  5. Why are you on my case every fucking time? If you aggressively dislike everything I post, you're free to ignore it. There's a button for that. Use it.
  6. Illinois Dem blasted for calling Wisconsin Christmas rampage ‘karma’ https://nypost.com/2021/11/22/illinois-dem-calls-wisconsin-christmas-rampage-karma/
  7. The approval ratings for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have reached dismal new lows, according to a stunning, just-released poll. In a survey published Sunday by USA Today, the president’s approval rating stands at just 38 percent. According to USA Today, that’s the lowest number they’ve ever recorded for a president at this point in his term — with the exception of Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump. Notably, independents — by a 7-to-1 margin (44% to 6%) — believe that the president has done a worse job than they thought he would. The vice president fared equally poorly in the new poll. USA Today found that just 28 percent of those surveyed approve of Kamala Harris at the moment. In all, 51 percent disapprove of the vice president’s job performance, and 21 percent are undecided. The poll was taken Wednesday through Friday — so it does not factor in any bounce the administration may have received from passage of an infrastructure package. That said, there was little good news to be found for Democrats. If the election were held now, according to the survey, 46 percent would vote for their local Republican Congressional candidate — compared to only 38 percent who say they would back their Democratic option. And only 29 percent approve of Congressional Democrats, compared to 35 percent for their Republican counterparts. https://www.mediaite.com/news/shock-poll-biden-approval-down-to-38-kamala-harris-support-craters-to-28-percent/
  8. It's funny how the US got the two biggest clown presidents back to back.
  9. Horrifying. It's so random and senseless. One of my neighbors is a survivor of a similar thing, the Halloween katana killer from last year. It's so shocking and violent.
  10. What are those reports? I'm interested to know. The snopes report dates from January 2016. Your accusations are ludicrous, by the way. Cut down the caffeine and calm down.
  11. It took days for the media to report on this (social media outrage pushed them to). The Mayor of Cologne gave the victims a "tip": they could have been more careful. A leaked police memo alleged the ministry of interior pressured the police to tame down their report (to remove the word "rape"). The ministry's own report later stated the overwhelming majority of suspects are foreign nationals. The whole thing is now widely documented. If the West's English journalists didn't bother to report the fallout, it's too bad for the truth and only furthers people's distrust of government and the media. It's the victims of these crimes that have been most vilified, and continue to be. It's strange how progressives in the West are so worried about their own conservatives, but are completely unworried about conservatives from foreign countries. Of course no one wants to encourage racism, which is fine until it leads people to lie or keep silent about crimes. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. American colleges want to force affirmative consent classes on timid male students, but society can't do the same for migrants coming from gender repressive societies in the world?
  12. Soon to be the third anniversary of "the worst mass sexual attacks against women in peacetime Europe". You know, the ones that never get talked about. Victims of the Cologne sex attacks are still searching for justice Paulina Neuding https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/05/victims-of-the-cologne-sex-attacks-are-still-searching-for-justice/ The mass sexual assaults around Cologne’s main railway station on New Year’s Eve 2015 rocked Germany, not just because of their scale (police believe hundreds of men were involved) but because of the sense that news of the attacks was being suppressed, and its links to the migrant crisis then at its peak, denied. In response to public anger, Chancellor Angela Merkel was moved to promise that the crimes would be met with a ‘hard response from the state’. Three years on, what has happened to that response? In terms of resources, German authorities have delivered on Merkel’s promise. It has been followed by one of the most extensive criminal investigations in the history of modern Germany. More than 600 victims of sexual offences have been questioned. Thousands of hours of CCTV footage have been reviewed with the help of so-called ‘super recognisers’ from Scotland Yard. As the inquiry draws to a close, however, the results are meagre. Several men have been convicted of theft, robbery, and similar crimes. But no more than three have been convicted for involvement in sexual assaults – an Algerian, Iraqi and Libyan national. According to a report by the German weekly Der Spiegel in March, these men had provided the prosecution with crucial evidence by taking pictures of themselves with their victims. One of them was sentenced to one year and nine months in prison, while the two others received suspended sentences. It is now safe to conclude that the vast majority of the men involved will walk free and be allowed to continue living in Germany, mingling with women on public transport and claiming welfare benefits, possibly for the rest of their lives. The Cologne attacks took place at the height of the migration wave when authorities had lost control over the influx of migrants into the country. Many of those in positions of authority refused to accept any link between the attacks and the refugee crisis. According to the first Vice President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, the events should be regarded merely as a matter of ‘public order’. During a closed meeting, the leadership of the European Commission vowed to act as a ‘voice of reason’ and reject any suggestion that migration had anything to do with it. In the spring of 2016, an official report published by the North Rhine-Westphalian government put an end to this speculation. It not only concluded that a vast majority of the suspects were non-German nationals. It also showed how this fact obstructed the criminal investigation: ‘The registration of incoming asylum seekers since the summer of 2015 has been inadequate throughout Germany. This means that, for a non-insignificant proportion of foreign individuals, it is a problem that the persons are not yet registered in the German alien register… The fact that people are to some registered under the wrong identity makes investigation difficult…’ The inquiry into the mass attacks in Cologne also highlights the fact that the civilian criminal process in European democracies is hardly designed for crimes on such a massive scale, even if the state offers almost limitless resources. At times, more than a hundred police officers have worked on the investigation – an operation of a size normally reserved for terror attacks in Germany. That is something to bear in mind when we discuss welcoming home Isis terrorists to stand civilian trial for crimes committed in a war zone, where investigators will have little or no access to evidence. ‘A hard response’ from the German state meant that only a handful of suspects have been held accountable for the worst mass sexual attacks against women in peacetime Europe. In the end, it came down to their own selfies.
  13. I think all three at the top tier are too old, to be honest. But out of these three, Sanders is still my pick, by far.
  14. Bernie was rushed to the hospital today for a heart issue. They put in two stents.
  15. Yes to a multi-party system, a 2 party system is unacceptable and broken. As for the Electoral College: how then to prevent larger communities from deciding the election over poorer, more rural areas? Are there other solutions?
  16. Nigeria: Police free chained, abused children from Islamic school Nigerian police have freed more than 300 men and boys from an Islamic school in the northern city of Kaduna, where some of the students had been held in chains. Seven of the school's staff members were arrested. Nigerian police said Friday they had found and freed more than 300 men and boys from a school in the northern city of Kaduna. Many of them reported being tortured and sexually abused, and about 100 were found chained in one of the school buildings. "We found around 100 students including children as young as 9, in chains stuffed in a small room all in the name of reforming them and making them responsible persons," police spokesman Yakubu Sabo told the AFP news agency. Sabo said the victims had been kept in "debasing and inhuman conditions." The Islamic school specialized in children who were suffering from drug-related issues and similar problems. The parents were apparently not allowed inside the premises and instead were meeting students outside. "All they thought was their children are being taught the Quran and good manners as they looked subdued," Sabo added. Most of the children came from northern Nigeria, although authorities have identified two from Burkina Faso. Hung from the ceiling Police had been alerted by complaints from local residents. Sabo said seven people had been arrested, including the school's proprietor and six teachers. He also said officials had found a "torture chamber" where children had been chained, hung and beaten. Nigerian media quoted one of the students, Bello Hamza, who said he had spent three months in the school with "chains on my legs." "This is supposed to be an Islamic center, but trying to run away from here attracts severe punishment; they tie people and hang them to the ceiling for that," he said. Nigeria has roughly even proportions of citizens following the Islamic and Christian faiths, with Islamic schools common across the mostly Muslim north. https://www.dw.com/en/nigeria-police-free-chained-abused-children-from-islamic-school/a-50605407
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