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  1. poor Gaga and Lena Boreham, here's a message of hope:
  2. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    it fits beautifully both in the dvd player and in the bookshelf.
  3. MNation's reaction when her next lead single hits #1: And MNation's reaction to getting tickets for her next tour:
  4. This is from years ago (water as screen) : er
  5. wow great interview, I love her
  6. North Korea is mad again

    your political analysis is unparalleled
  7. the expression SJW is hateful, derogatory and a form of speech violence and you need to correct it right now and stop preaching for Trump and the bombing of Yemen
  8. It makes sense and was going to happen eventually. I'm just glad I saw her for the last two tours ! as I very much doubt I'll get to afford any future tickets (let alone the trip there). I'm sure whatever she does with this next concert, it will be much more polished than the Clown thing, which was basically put together very fast.