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  1. Sometimes silence is best, rather than "DEATH to all terrorists! #RevolutionofLOVE!"
  2. Kylie needs John Grant on her next album. They are so beautiful together! Shivers!
  3. meh. Forgettable. Now this is an amazing bside:
  4. It's a pretty solid album, but the mixing is terribly flat.
  5. yeah I probably twisted what I read somewhere EDIT. Oh but I just found this in the Genesis Timeline (MNation): July 18: According to insiders, radio programmers want Madonna to release “Don’t Stop” as a single, however, Madonna has refused and is insisting they play the album’s official new release “Human Nature.” However, the people at Maverick have instructed programming directors to go ahead and play “Don’t Stop” instead of “Human Nature” if it fits their demographic better. Sources at Maverick also say that the “Human Nature” remixes were late for release because the original remixer had phoned Madonna and asked her to re-record her vocals on the track for a more dance-able version and she hung up on him. The record company then scrambled to find new DJs to remix the track. It’s clear that Madonna and Warner Bros. (under new management since Mo Ostin left last year) have been clearly at odds over the marketing of the album since its release. Madonna had originally wanted “Bedtime Story” to be the lead single and video (hence the early production of the clip which began in August 1994), however WB flat-out refused and demanded that she release “Secret.” Radio has also been mixed in its support of the album. Many have complained that “Bedtime Story” and “Human Nature” are not good songs for radio and scored poorly in audience response call-out. May 20: A source at WB confirmed that “Forbidden Love” was intended to be the fifth and final single from Bedtime Stories (with “Don’t Stop” as the B-side) and that a video was under consideration to be shot. The plan to release the song in late August 1995, was scratched when WB and Madonna decided to do the Something to Remember compilation instead.
  6. Betty Boo was supposed to contribute. But she had family issues and couldn't do it.
  7. I thought the BS video was shot first, before Secret even. She intended it as a first single, but then it was pushed back.
  8. Yes. Here (Quebec, Canada) radio refused to play Human Nature. They played DS instead, heard it many times back then.
  9. the french presidency lasts 5 years, not 4 (used to be 7!).
  10. I think a lot is unknown. Madonna probably stepped on many toes going in, stuff we don't know about publicly. Ancient shades live long behind closed doors.
  11. Apparently the Marine La Peine will for the first time pull through the first round. Scary.
  12. she paid all the musicians and studio time by herself?
  13. oh my god... what a moment. Why didn't he want to get a Mangoose squeeze?