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  1. apparently 4 pages of Madonna fans
  2. Acrobatic eroticism Inventive musicianship Avant-StageTheatrics Live Saliva Expression The Whole Nine YARDS!!
  3. The support for FN is overblown by the media. It evaporates when you reduce its opponent to just one. Even the crapulous and desiccated Fillon got almost as many votes as Le Pen in the first round.
  4. It's hard to believe Gaga would want to do an EDM version of "Million Reasons," the song that forms the crux of Joanne, a record that's supposed to be her most authentic, her most bare-faced. It farts its way out of the sound system, the polar opposite of polishing a turd.
  5. That's not LGBT people, it's just people. It doesn't even make sense. Some criticize these folks for voting FN by saying they are traitors to gay rights, others say they're selfish for voting for FN because they know Le Pen won't affect gay rights. Well which is it? There is diversity of thought in the would-be LGBT community, not everyone is on the left (or should be). That's nothing new. Being gay is not a cult.
  6. Mylene Farmer should have ran for office. And she's already set foot at the Elysée, therefore she's qualified and she would have gathered all the gay votes.
  7. I thought this quote from Diamanda Galas fitted well Gaga's supposedly wonderful vocal prowess: Q. So it’s been on my mind awhile, people online go back and forth saying you have a three octave range, while others say you have a four octave range. Which is it? A. I suppose three octaves, but that stuff is absolute nonsense and does not measure the quality of the human voice. If your voice is crap, that just means you can stretch crap further than the next guy.
  8. People should be judged for what they think, do and for their character, not for the way they speak or where they come from. Many immigrants have an accent, it's not anything to be ashamed of, no matter how many fucking years they've immigrated.
  9. otherwise known as a Lifetime movie.
  10. Wow that's amazing!
  11. there's nothing house or tropical about this song though, it's more basement and damp
  12. I wonder how she like her pies.
  13. They had mastery of the "defrost" APP, but could do little about the lingering staleness.
  14. It wasn't cold but it wasn't hot. It was a microwaved-level warmness. Uneven.