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  1. I'm surprised she cared enough about this song to make such an elaborated performance out of it.
  2. At least Darlene the Whoreleen's professional reputation will be bleached by this.
  3. is he commenting on his career?
  4. she's criticized by the Auction House's representative. What were they supposed to say? "Oh yeah, we totally accepted stolen goods for auction, here's a check!"
  5. So was the RHT DVD part of the auction? We'll never get it then???
  6. It's been mancelled.
  7. what about your groin or your loins?
  8. Those airplane companies are awful.
  9. I think he means that the reception was cold, as in unenthousiastic, which isn't wrong but completely off the mark in terms of level of response. People were sneering at her (like Jezebel writers do at the witches they like to burn for sport).
  10. That Kyria Abrahams article is spot on. These people are not feminists but puritans, in the Dworkin/MacKinnon tradition. They spend their time judging others instead of trying to improve the world or denounce actual injustices (they never turn their eyes to the Third World in any serious way). They're fanatics who have achieved nothing in their personal lives, which makes them bitter and jealous. They see evil all around them (but not in themselves), and it's all systemic. They would laugh at the idea that maybe most people are actually decent and try to be fair to others, because that wouldn't fit with their rape-culture/cultural-appropriation/systemic-racism/EVIL-CULTURE!! mantra-dogma. The shit they pour on Madonna and other high-achieving women reflects on them, but every generation has its yellow rag. This is that.
  11. "cultural appropriation", thought the entitled youth wearing a shirt made in Pakistan and typing on his iPad made in China.
  12. Yikes! How awful!