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  1. What are those reports? I'm interested to know. The snopes report dates from January 2016. Your accusations are ludicrous, by the way. Cut down the caffeine and calm down.
  2. It took days for the media to report on this (social media outrage pushed them to). The Mayor of Cologne gave the victims a "tip": they could have been more careful. A leaked police memo alleged the ministry of interior pressured the police to tame down their report (to remove the word "rape"). The ministry's own report later stated the overwhelming majority of suspects are foreign nationals. The whole thing is now widely documented. If the West's English journalists didn't bother to report the fallout, it's too bad for the truth and only furthers people's distrust of government and the media.
  3. Soon to be the third anniversary of "the worst mass sexual attacks against women in peacetime Europe". You know, the ones that never get talked about. Victims of the Cologne sex attacks are still searching for justice Paulina Neuding https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/05/victims-of-the-cologne-sex-attacks-are-still-searching-for-justice/ The mass sexual assaults around Cologne’s main railway station on New Year’s Eve 2015 rocked Germany, not just because of their scale (police believe hundreds of men were involved) but because of the sense that news of the attacks
  4. I think all three at the top tier are too old, to be honest. But out of these three, Sanders is still my pick, by far.
  5. Bernie was rushed to the hospital today for a heart issue. They put in two stents.
  6. Yes to a multi-party system, a 2 party system is unacceptable and broken. As for the Electoral College: how then to prevent larger communities from deciding the election over poorer, more rural areas? Are there other solutions?
  7. Nigeria: Police free chained, abused children from Islamic school Nigerian police have freed more than 300 men and boys from an Islamic school in the northern city of Kaduna, where some of the students had been held in chains. Seven of the school's staff members were arrested. Nigerian police said Friday they had found and freed more than 300 men and boys from a school in the northern city of Kaduna. Many of them reported being tortured and sexually abused, and about 100 were found chained in one of the school buildings. "We found around 100 students including children as young a
  8. Well I agree with most of what you wrote, but I just don't think the racist rhetoric (although it garnered some votes for sure) was as important as other things were. And yes the Dems are more divided than they should, but imo that's because it's essentially a center right party and the progressives feel forced to get on board, because the alternative isn't viable for them. And the media also plays a huuuge part in elections. Instead of the fear-mongering they've been doing since 2016 with their Russia-conspiracy theory, they should have sent journalists in small cities and towns where Trump w
  9. I feel sadness and compassion for these people, actually. I wish them well. But what about Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau coming out as a blackfacing North-African lookalike woman-strangler: Oh well... Poor Justeen!!
  10. I disagree. I find them both very compelling, and they are not "woke" at all ("wokeness" is just pussified arm-chair leftism for well-off people to feel "on the good side of history" rather than actually standing on principle when the time calls for it). And one isn't even a liberal. It's a bi-partisan show (which all news shows should be imo). I agree with them and many others that Bernie would have won in 2016. Trump did not win because of bigotry (easy self-disculpating CNN-ish reasoning), but because the DNC alienated tons of green millenial support (who had never voted before) in cho
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