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  1. This Hotel person makes the world suddenly seem hopeful and bright. And that girl... yikes! Shameless!
  2. It's her signature star move!
  3. She probably realized she had reached her peak at that point and considering family matters chose the Vegas route. Besides, she had been working like a horse since the early eighties.
  4. In today's victim culture, a polytraumatic-lupic-neurasthenic performer can be pure gold! She can milk the gruelling process of performing day in and day out, attract compassionate ticket buyers and weepy handholders, which will all benefit the Vegas tourism track. Win-win!
  5. I concur. Life is a comedy. After this she might relauch The Apprentice.
  6. Vegas Residencies : Easier on the Bones (weekly bath included)
  7. LG probably does think she's being bullied like that boy by online "haters" (ie critics) and "molestors" (ie MNation jabs and humor). She's a "survivor". RE school bullying : I lived this for years. Adults are good for nothing in this, except parents who do need to show their kids how to raise their fists and throw them when words don't work anymore.
  8. Pff, she'll be white-knuckling it right until the general public's indifference punches through her tires.
  9. Black Friday

    Garbage Pail Kids were the truly off-hot thing.
  10. Where was Madonna in September?

    she was a guest judge on Judge Judy
  11. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    That's the new trend right now, on both sides of the political spectrum, sadly.