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  1. Farage's speech at the EU, what an asshole.
  2. Icon is running a comp, to win one of 10 pairs of tixs to the filming but they say it's happening on Feb 27th not the 26th...wonder if they've got the date wrong...
  3. The whole thing is insane and confusing. So many songs, so many versions, so many editions of the album. I love what I've heard so far and we get demo versions too,
  4. It was kinda strange that a few different insiders popped up around the same time, coming here to show off and make money...but when 2 of them started disagreeing about one of the songs was hilarious ...can't even remember what song it was...something about electric guitar and face of God..
  5. What this thread? I'm loving it ...I will be so upset when we get official news/album is released #trustnobitch
  6. Me thinks, we should believe G-o_N~E, more established on this forum than autotuneBaby, maybe borrowed time could confirm what's what, where is borrowed time?
  7. Wonder if it will be a double album...after all there's been a double leak...
  8. Well MDNA deluxe version was very long, so I wouldn't mind or be surprised if it was a double...however I can imagine that it won't take us long to moaning she picks the wrong songs as singles, then when tour starts that she plays too many new songs, but not the ones we want
  9. Seems like people think M's work with Avicii is old...but it's new never been released music
  10. Reading some of the last few pages of this forum, reminds me of being in line for a while for a Madonna gig and the fans start arguing and fighting, anyway..... I love reading interviews and official reviews of M's new music/albums, wondering what the songs will sound like and then when it is finally released, listening to the music for the first time, the snippets of all the MDNA tracks, worried me as I wasn't liking them, wonder if they will do that again for the new album, wonder if anyone will be brave enough to leak or hack in and leak songs...after the arrest of someone for the GMAYL leak, I wonder if that leak had a negative impact on who well the song actually did around the world
  11. Those lyrics...anyway after the whole express yourself/she's not me on the last tour and some girls from MDNA, if M does a song like the above..isn't it a bit reductive?...
  12. I voted 2015 as I would really love a build up to the release, something to look forward to, interviews and photo-shoots in magazines, lead single or 2 and then some TV appearances, promo shows during the album release, before the tour announcement and rehearsals, seems like more people are thinking 2014, hope I'm wrong, either way I don't she is going to surprise release like beyonce and prince right now and it's def no secret like Bowie
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