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  1. It is on my own special version. Although I sometimes put it before before I Rise and let that finish the album. Both songs great way to close the album.
  2. I was expecting to see more coverage in the media about her performance, but feels like it's been fairly quite, but maybe I ain't searched as much as I should've, wonder what others think. Feel like it the performance was bad or not a good, I would've heard more negative stuff about it. I was worried, when we first started hearing comments about the 4 songs planned. After seeing the GC video, I'm really glad she was going to and did perform A.L. Vogue was great and I Rise worked. Wonder if stairs are gonna be a main feature of the tour, different type of staircases and a type writer, If Madame X travels ,it could be another Type Writer in Another Hall....totally going off topic now...I'll shut up.
  3. I'm noticing many people say they haven't seen the M in stockin various places in the U.K. I hope I'm being paranoid but it's like, record store buyers and some staff don't want to stock it. I remember trying to find Rebel Heart on vinyl a few months after its released and it wasn't easy to find instore in a few places I went too, in the HMV I went to, they said they had five in stock, but nobody knew where they where hiding. Had to get it online in the end.
  4. I quite like the Jo Whiley interview for BBC Radio 2, agree with what Jo said about 15 minutes not being enough time to have a decent conversation with M. Not really been impressed with many of the radio interviews before the one with Jo, but I guess if radio stations only have like 10 mins or so, they are all bound to ask the same questions, however wish Jo Whiley had more time with, liked her asking about songs Madonna likes to dance to, remind her of childhood etc. can't remember another interviewer asking those type of questions, but maybe they are.
  5. Thanks for sharing the info. Seeing the pictures of the display boards and merchandise stall etc. looks like they made a lot of effort for the event too. From everything I read so far, seems the one thing that everyone has said is that she was very relaxed and in a friendly talkative mood. As for the empty seats, can we find out who didn't turn up and burn them on the stake.
  6. Congrats to all the winners, curious to know what questions have been submitted. enjoyed the Macy's Q&A she did, lets see how this group of people do.
  7. 2 black cars with sirens ... maybe it was gaga's people to stop him posting about Madonna.
  8. I ain't heard from them either. I had already preordered the album so just entered and didn't purchase another copy.
  9. No need to be like that ..... but if you are, why not suggest the intro to 'Bitch, I'm Loca' in between the two of them Seriously though, I have a bad feeling she'll perform Physical Attraction....that's bad because I won't be there to see it in person
  10. Every era, I think about stuff saying they should've done this, should've done that etc. Loving all the planned promo stuff, in total shock and pleasantly surprised as to when and how the tour was announced, wasn't expecting it being then, thought maybe after Eurovision performance or something. The surprise no show at Met Gala. I was speaking to friends, saying I wish she does less venues like DWT dates in Europe and do more residency style shows, was thinking would be great is if she does 3000-5000 size venues like Beacons Theatre in NYC, Royal Albert Hall in London, Sydney Opera House etc. Wasn't expecting her to do such small and intimate venues. Im trying to not let all the negative backlash she's getting, get me down. The harder M tries, the more people say she's being desperate, but fuck all the negative bullshit, so much is going on right now, maybe too much for my brain to process. Hopefully the backlash could lead to better shows for us. Many artist say they write more are more creative when they are down or going through hard times, with this backlash and BS hopefully it just makes M more stronger and creative. I remember the backlash during Sex/Erotica era and we got the great Girlie Show as a result. In 2004 we got RIT, if you like that Greatest hit show or not it was could've been done as damage control for the backlash to American Life. I don't expect a greatest hits set every time, but it was nice we got that then. I'm not one of those fans, that just likes what's M does because she is M, but I'm loving the marketing campaign and build up for the album this era. Feels like it's been around for ages and we still ain't heard the album, got months to wait for the tour and how knows what else Madame X has up her sleeve or down her pants .......
  11. I didn't win, weird living in London, having that day free too.
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