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  1. I would say this was her first... So many things riled people up... Her name The crucifixes/rosaries The nudes The filthy 15 (not just M)
  2. Had a magnificent time at the show in Filthydelphia with my best and fellow M friend Michelle. We've grown up w/M since the beginning and it's always a special night for us to see M together. Iconic was absolutely amazing. Everything was perfect about it; the staging, the choreography, the costumes, the background video etc. I wasn't sure if it would work as an opening number but it sure as fuck did work. It was just amazing. YouTube videos don't do it justice. It simply MUST be seen live to appreciate it brilliance. Bitch I'm Madonna was great. Lots of fun. Burning Up was just that; Burnin
  3. I got to see it! Thanks so much! It was wonderful! My burning question is though, just how hard did your nipples get during LDLHA?
  4. Madonna really needs to go back to the pussy. I think only a woman would know how to treat Madonna.
  5. fortunately the general public doesn't know who she is.
  6. From the wikipedia page.... Vision Quest soundtrack"Warning Signs", the third Madonna song recorded for the soundtrack to the film but never used. It remains unheard by the public to this day. A collaboration with Stephen Bray from 1984, US copyright registration# PAu-590-962.[44] Bray describes it as a cool synth track.[45] The lyric sheet reveals the opening intro as "I see danger up ahead", "Warning (echo), Warning (echo)". Chorus is "Warning I see danger up ahead. I can see it in your eyes, and it's really no surprise. Because, I can see your warning signs". Supposed complete lyrics for t
  7. Play the 12" maxi single. As the outro begins to fade turn the volume up and keep turning it up. You'll hear the "yeah" but it ends differently. The music starts again just as it does in the intro without the "you can dance for inspiration" bit.
  8. Simply her best song. She has never topped it nor has anyone else.
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