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  1. Glad you like them loomy!

  2. Bionic Woman rules!

  3. I'm well. I'm happy the summer is over and its no longer 105 degrees anymore.

  4. I can't send messages to you thru messenger. I hope your well and happy. xoxo Scrappy

  5. Happy Birthday gorgeous!

  6. of course i saw. shes right where the trash should be. lol

  7. hello my friend! :)

  8. Hey Gorgeous...hope you're well and happy! :)

  9. it's ok that you flushed me as a friend.

    "you abandoned me

    love dont live here anymore"

  10. xtina sends her love!

  11. Hey there Mr. Spaceman....how are ya? Hope you're having a great day. Scrappy

  12. Hey gorgeous...hope you're well and happy. xoxo Scrappy

  13. Howdy Gemini....Thanks for the friend invite. I appreciate it. Thanks for all the pics you post. I always love them. You're such a nice guy. I'm :) we are friends. XOXO Scraps

  14. Hi Chriz!!!!!! Hope you're doing well!!!! Scrappy

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