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  1. This era has been great in so many ways, especially the tour, but what she badly needs, and for several years now, is a smash song with a smash video. Just one. She really needs to deliver something great, once again. Something to be perceived (by the general public) as a (musical) event, as a great accomplishment (in her career). Something to make her really relevant again to the general public, from a musical point of view. She needs a HIT, like Frozen, Music, Hung Up and to a lesser degree 4 Minutes. A HIT that stands out.
  2. Iconic. I-conic...I-conic... Burning Up. With the solo...amazing.
  3. 1. Burning Up 2. Lucky Star The 2 best songs ever recorded, on her first album. Their 2 accompanying videos or the BU solo on the Rebel Heart Tour add even more to their stand-alone greatness.
  4. I luv it too. That BU solo makes the best song ever, BU, even better. I wonder if the farts from The Shammies awards have even heared about that song? Do they know that 2 Madonna songs are the best songs ever: 1. Burning Up 2. Lucky Star?! Probably not. No wonder their favourite female singer is Beyonce with so many Shammies.
  5. Nothing Fails on AL, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You on HC, Falling Free and Love Spent on MDNA, Devil Pray on RH are all great songs that didn't get a chance to become singles, as they desearved. Along with some other several great songs, on those albums and Music.
  6. The Shammys have disregarded Madonna a lot. Beyonce has more Shammys than Madonna but Beyonce is not a better artist
  7. Madonna - for Burning Up and Lucky Star 2 amazing pop rock songs if not the most amazing Music - has some amazing songs from a more mature Madonna American Life - has some amazing songs from an even more mature Madonna
  8. She looks and dances very good in this video.
  9. Celebration TIC STR Music Madonna
  10. Burning Up and Lucky Star sound better, more up-to-date remastered on the Celebration gh album. Hung Up also. And Revolver is a great song. Burning Up and Lucky Star are the best songs. The basslines, the riffs in those two songs are the best. Even better than in Beat It or Back in Black.
  11. She kinda gives life to many of her fans.
  12. Madonna in Europe...it doesn't get any better than that.
  13. She expressed herself as an artist while staying true to herself.
  14. It's one of the best 'ballads', but before that she had 'Burning Up' and 'Lucky Star', the best two songs recorded by any artist.
  15. Love Spent and Devil Pray should have been singles, the best songs on their respective albums...but whateva )
  16. HC is a great album. All her albums are great. But yeah she looks way much better now without the inflated cheeks...
  17. It's a great song...the best on the album...too bad Madonna and her team don't know it. It tells a lot about the current her and her...current surroundings
  18. it's better than billie jean..and i'm santa claus
  19. Choosing BIM as 3rd single is like the nr. of youtube views for LFL..10 mil..embarrassing and disastrous..these days which curiously nobody mentions as a terrible choice for the 1st single?! 10 mil?! Devil Pray rules in my book! PS THERE WAS A TIME WHEN MADONNA RELEASING A VIDEO WAS AN EVENT..NOW IT HAS BECOME A JOKE..AND NOT A GOOD ONE
  20. It's the best song on MDNA 2gether with Falling Free and Gang Bang Madonna herself and her team have acted unwisely since MDNA era.. REALEASING ALBUM FILLERS AS FIRST SINGLES.. The same is happening now..releasing - to the general public - other - weaker - songs instead of DEVIL PRAY the best song on LFL album Has Madonna lost her mind? Has her team lost its mind too? Some very simple and basic questions that need rational answers..not stupid ones
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