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  1. Let me begin to say that this is not going to affect her legacy negatively in the long run. Why don’t we just enjoy what she is putting out as fans and stop worrying about other people. Let me ask the fans who is bitching about this, would you rather m to play it safe and stop doing any tv performance? You really rather she retires and never see her again in order to protect her legacy? If you rather preserve to the memory of m of youth and power than having opportunities to still see her on tv, you probably don’t like her that much. You just like the idea of her being the best of everything. It is like love. If you love someone, you treasure the time to be with her and want to see her. On the other hand, you might also think you love someone because you like the idea to be with someone with jealousy-evoking qualities-young, pretty or rich. Besides, I really think I there is lot of fake news going on here. It is blown out of proportion!! She is not the best singer and we all know. Have you guys seen the first time she sang hung up live, she didn’t sound perfect either? But every fan loves that performance. My point is that a big part of our negative feelings towards the performance come from he negative comments by m haters. Fake news and we got played every time.
  2. Over the past few weeks since this era began, I fully experienced the power of fake news and media/ internet negativity. I was extremely nervous before both tv performance this time around.( I think it is her fall during the rebel heart period) I was perfectly happy after both performances. Then, I watched WENDY. I was saddened by how she described her moves. That made me more nervous this time. Then I was actually quite satisfied with the stage visuals, message and choreography for Eurovision) as I expected she wouldn’t dance too much given her song selection and small stage). I felt that her choreography was good given the limitation, better than the highly praised performance by Beyoncé when she was pregnant. I didn’t feel “future” before the performance and found it impressive after watching it. Yet, after I read the tweets and comments here, once again I feel so disappointed and sad. Speaking of her vocal, it was not bad. Remember the highly praised first hung up performance? She didn’t sound perfect either. The difference is that we have tweeter and social media this time around and m has lots of detractors/ haters. When there are enough of them, they can easily change our opinion, how we feel about a performance. It is eps true when everyone deep down is a little insecure about getting older and our idol getting older. So guys, please stop the negativity. Focus on the good things and spread the good words. Otherwise, we won’t have a chance with the haters and fake news and it is only going to get worse when she gets older
  3. It is,almost certain? Why Taylor grossed so much this time.
  4. I think her absence from Australia truly affected her sales. Even as a fan, I am always much more into her atfter I see a concert or performance. If she can go there for a little promotion before the tour, it will definitely help. Whenever she goes to a foreign country, the min she steps out of the airport, it is all free publicity.
  5. I have a feeling m and her team took everything into account when they planned for the tour. Remember the mdna special Paris show? Ms publicist mentioned that the production cost for that smaller show was one million. They knew that this tour is an arena tour and won't sell as many tickets. That's why they have to manage the budget carefully. I like both mdna and rebel heart tour equally, but I feel they are differnt kinda shows. One was more threatrical and the other is intimate and interactive. At the end of the day, they still want to make similar profits. I believe the rebel heart tour will end up lasting longer. That is why dancing is a little less intensive for this tour so that m can do it doe more dates. As far as I can see, ct was a arena tour while s&s and mdna were stadium tours. The former was less dance intensive while the latter two were. I feel that rebel heart tour is similar to ct, but lasting for long and more dates, possible a second leg and might still ending with 250 to 300 million.
  6. On postimg website, after you upload the pic, u can cut & paste one of the forum link and post it here. It will become a photo after u post it.
  7. I download the photo bucket app. Now what? Tks:)
  8. Can I ask you guys something. How do I post pics I took in ac here from my iPhone? I try copy and paste and it doesn't work. Tks
  9. I love the show too. I saw it 3 times already. I just noticed something about her dancing style and mentioned it. That's all. I lovvvvvvvved the show and m. Still having post Madonna concert depression. For your info, the ac crowd was very good and energetic.
  10. Oops typo and autocorrection. I mean couldn't.
  11. Did I started it? It was just an observation. I am grateful that she is still willing to perform. And I am in love with the tour and still could get over my post concert depression.
  12. I never said she was stiff and I never said I didn't like the show. I love it. I had a great time. I just said I felt she danced a little less than the last tour. I was not complaining at all.
  13. . It is good to be here to be surrounded by like-minded folks.
  14. I want to make it clear first I am not complaining. I really love the show and I had a good time. I just had a feeling that she didn't dance as much comparing to s&s n mdna and brought it up just because I wanted to illustrate my thoughts and show my care and concern for her. Dancing or not, I still love her. Having said that, when I watched the confession tour on video, I also felt that she didn't dance as much as s&s n mdna, so I guess it is her choice to do a different kind of show rather than her age. Both mdna and s&s were stadium shows and confession and rebel heart are arena shows. Maybe she based her decision on the types of show she is giving. She also wears heels this time rather than flats or sneakers like celebration in mdna. That makes a difference too. I usually like to brag to friends how swiftly she moves and how fast and youthful she dances comparing to other pop girls. Now I will brag how beautiful and delicately she moves. Either way, I love her very much. No complaints at all here.
  15. Tks for sharing your experience. I have been a fan for quite some time now, but still relatively new comparing to u. Hopefully I will know better. It is good to hear your assurance that she is not retiring any time soon.
  16. Tks for your words of wisdom. Lol. I guess I feel better after reading your post. Anyway, I know I can direct my obsession to this forum. At least some people can understand what is that I am feeling. LolAll my friends think I am silly and too obsessed at this point. They are probably tired of my Madonna talk. Lol
  17. I have an epi of rebel heart tour withdrawal because the tour was so good and I was so near the stage. . I am obsessed with madonna today. Can't help but mentioning m every 3 sentences. Constantly sending pics and videos to friends. I think of the details or images of yesterday's show every few mins. My friends are tired of talking to me already. More importantly, I feel a sadness and an emptiness knowing after this tour, she will take a break from music n touring. I alos worry she might even retire. I don't know if I think too much. I noticed she doesn't dance as much as her last tour and worry she has to cut back on dancing.
  18. Btw, I live in nyc and saw the ny crowd and philly crowd.
  19. I was there and i think the crowd was very into it and energetic. I think m was happy about it.
  20. News from Hong Kong reports that 4 section A $2400 (350 us ) floor tickets were sold each for 118000hk (15000us) 50 times face value. Taiwan tickets and Japan too, 10 to 20 times face value. Demand in Asian is real.
  21. I have a sore throat after hours of screaming. The crowd was good and I think she was happy about it. Also the place looked pretty full to me. I spent one or two seconds to scan around.
  22. One more thing differnt than before. I normally feels that she is a super woman in her show. This time I feel that she is a lovely and vulnerable woman. I want to give her a hug and protect her.
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