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  1. She can make it a big summer hit I'd she does that....or a tv performance now that people are aware of the song.
  2. Is there any award show or summer festival she can perform in the near future?
  3. (O the celebrities should each take an old madonna look)
  4. I really love the video. But in my ideal world: the video would still be about a fun colorful big party. Someone/ the camera is chasing or following a dancing madonna and cannot catch up, thus trying to look for Her. All these celebrities dress exactly like m, and look like her from behind including wang......and they turn around and say bitch I am madonna
  5. Don't forget a lot of people watch it the first. My 17 cousin watched it the first day when it was exclusive to tidal.
  6. I was sad, then teared up. I guess I have always seen her as a superhero, a road model. She was always strong and perfect At that moment, I saw the vunerabilty and humanity in her, I just had so much love and sympathy. It feels like a family of mine was being hurt. When I watched her performance I just couldn't help but cry. I realized under the hard shell, she was a human being after all and worried I might lose her one day. From now on I would get very nervous if she goes on live tv. I love to see a grand production like that, but really don't know if it is worth it because I don't want her to get hurt again. In a way, I rely on her to show me how to live a fulfilling life when I get older. I really can't imagine a life without her inspiration. I always associate growing older with hopelessness and she gives me hope for my future.
  7. I know we are hurt by this moron s comment. But plz don't not respond to him. Let him disappear into obscurity. That is the best punishment by God for him. If we respond, we fall for his scheme. He wants us to talk about him and make a big fuzz about him on the Internet like the radio 1 incident. Don't give him that publicity.
  8. I understand what u mean but I guess wouldnt use the word "humiliation". Everyone falls. It is like like illiness or anything setbacks in lif;, I wouldn't think getting sick or falling down humiliating. It is just being a human being.
  9. pierce moron made fun of her age at time like this would only make people sympathize m. Who would tell a woman to her face that she is old when she just fell. Such a chauvinistic Pig. I was so shocked and could not stop crying. I just have so much sympathy for her. The incident reminds people she is after all a human being.
  10. I am so sad and can't stop crying. But i am so proud of her. The good thing is it shows that she is a human being after all. People never sees her as a human being and has no sympathy for her. I hope they will see and appreciate how she fell down and stood up and moved on like a normal human being when fall
  11. I heard it 2 times so far @ z100, so far the most played song in my memory except 4 mins and even more than hung up. The dj called her queen.
  12. I just heard lfl in a century 21 department store in nyc. I wonder how they get a hold of the song.
  13. Sometimes I wonder if fans judge the quality of her album on commercial success. I truly think mdna is not bad. Fans think it is bad because it did sell as well as other m's albums.
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