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  1. Janet Jackson thread

    Your asking deep questions , that I'm not going to answer you to justify this ignorance.them baby is being taken care off fine
  2. Thats actually a highlight for me. imagine premiering that shit in Cannes LOL
  3. LOL I was so drunk last night, i was wrote that with Donald Trump voice.
  4. Look I love Australians, I think Australia is a wonderful country and they love circus , trapeze and lesbians.
  5. Oscars? Cannes? bitch please. Even Lifetime and Hallmark channels are too good for this shit.
  6. she's the true definition of the old saying; cant polish a turd.
  7. Brad is just the same old alcoholic looking drunk. but I agree, so compelling the chemistry is on fleek!
  8. Janet Jackson thread

    Rugbyboy fantastic. You should write a book
  9. who gave here these items, did she post another thank you for the "gifts" ? P.S. I thought Pete Burns passed away ?