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  1. So fair skinned white middle upper class Mexicans think they are better ? 😂😂 they need a reality check.
  2. hes a leftist and anti corruption so i wish him well.
  3. Bring back ROL rock version only crappier bring back Hung Up rock version only shorter
  4. If you shoot me, you better shoot straight. 😍
  5. spazz

    cute madonna pic in ur avatar, ABE

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    2. GOD


      miss you too habibti how r u ?

    3. spazz


      Great dearest 

    4. GOD


      What’s new with you?

  6. GOD

    New Album Means New Tour

    You know if the prophecy comes true that would be crazy 🤪🤩
  7. GOD

    New Album Means New Tour

  8. GOD

    New Album Means New Tour

    she said back in early 2016 I'll be back in April 2019? That's very specific for being so ahead of time.
  9. GOD

    New Album Means New Tour

    can the opening act be:
  10. GOD

    New Album Means New Tour

    If you follow us for long enough, you know that NAME is not used to doing in the fake news! All the information we choose to give you are carefully checked and the excluded that we delivered to you during the RH Tour attest. Remember that we were also the first to announce the presence of Madonna at the Leonardo Di Caprio Gala in St-Trop in 2017 ... We are fortunate to have connections in different organizations working on Madonna's tours and today we have exclusive information on the upcoming Queen of Pop tour! Live Nation is currently looking for Arenas in France for Madonna's upcoming world tour, for September or October 2019! The cities of Paris, Bordeaux or Montpellier have been mentioned! This information matches Madonna's published picture in her Instagram story with the caption "Tout est possible" in reference to a tour in 2019 ... So unless no Arena is available for this period, it gives us a more precise idea about her likely to come to France ... Wait and see!
  11. Why is he built like a fridge? Like sponge bob square pants
  12. Benjamin Netanyahu is a man of peace. Israelis are peaceful loving people, stop throwing stones.