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  1. He will be running as the democratic ticket. The democratic establishment would rather have Kampala.
  2. Hillbilly hurt herself, she’s such a cunt. Btw is she running for president?
  3. Basically I think what happened was he had a list and those that pay are off the list
  4. They will get away with it They will say what Trump speculated, couple of guards went rogue. Its so disgusting
  5. Thanks for this news some sickos might be inspired to do it in other places?
  6. Are you guys serious? But I thought kneeling is sign of respect? It’s not like he pulled out his Johnson and took a leak on the damn flag.
  7. Why is some people still get disappointed every time he does something? The bar was dropped ages ago. I don’t want him to do the right thing, and get praise for it. I want him to continue to be awful.
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