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  1. Let’s not forget that she Kept an innocent man in jail and that is dreadful. that said, I’d rather see a bag of poo as president over trump. yes this is how low the bar is set.
  2. Neither will the Democratic Party, both parties love selling weapons there.
  3. I pray to San Kylie Minogue up in the skies to save the UK from this mess and find a cure to the corona
  4. Pete’s smug too and a bigger bitch
  5. I dont have to prove anything buddy. I dont have to get you the worm and feed it to you. Some of us, can sit through a 4 hour of Hillary documentary and some of us cant even sit and her insufferable ass for 5 min.
  6. Umm, so she can do whatever she does as long as its legal then it's ok? what a logic. Are you debunking those claims, or are defending them because they are not illegal? How about, her not blaming every single else but herself for losing to Donald Trump? Well, yeah , we cant have that, because, she doesn't take any responsibility for her actions.
  7. She's a war mongering corrupted cunt and she you feel as a hero, she you see as real or good person yet Bernie irks you ? Yeah, caring enough to change the country for the better for people, raise minimum wage, clear student debt, medicare for all, end corruption and want to end the wars, yeah I dont think he is a nice man either.
  8. You can’t shoot yourself in the foot and expect to walk fine. The Democratic party will get what it deserves.
  9. Yes especially for black folks
  10. He will be running as the democratic ticket. The democratic establishment would rather have Kampala.
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