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  1. Thanks for this news some sickos might be inspired to do it in other places?
  2. Are you guys serious? But I thought kneeling is sign of respect? It’s not like he pulled out his Johnson and took a leak on the damn flag.
  3. What a pathetic loser
  4. Why is some people still get disappointed every time he does something? The bar was dropped ages ago. I don’t want him to do the right thing, and get praise for it. I want him to continue to be awful.
  5. GOD


    Billboard used to b so ahead of its time no? now it’s just shit wiped from GAGa’s ass.
  6. GOD


    Aretha reject.
  7. If I ran my own company I’d hire her. ❤️
  8. I agree it’s not like he raped them.
  9. Is that where your name eroticerotic came from?
  10. GOD

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    Just checking if it was on the weekend.
  11. They are idiots. Just slow down your fucking production . Supply and demand why would I buy anything Burberry at full retail? I’d still buy a discounted trench coat though