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  1. FUCK THIS SHIT. Seriously! when will he get impeached ?
  2. I say scrap that movie and focus on new music. But it's almost like they only release a new album whenever they want to start a new tour, and RH is not even out on DVD.
  3. are they still trying to impeach him?
  4. Whichever side that has Did You Do It?
  5. Can we make a list of all the things that she wanted to be / do since she was a little girl?
  6. Did she say she wanted to be a drag queen since she was 8 years old?
  7. You're the one love you love you love you love you
  8. Omg let's all have a poppers party and play this song.
  9. Is it true that that today's generation don't wipe correctly? Is it?
  10. He better be quick and show off his macaroons.
  11. I think Le Pig Pen will win. If not now, next time.
  12. And JLo did the ' LOVE lift me up !'