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  1. Was the child really possessed or just spoiled?
  2. Clubbing and nightlife they fall under the same category. Hang- Ing Out falls under all of the above. How idiotic. She prolly wrote that.
  3. I kinda wanna donate a dime or a cent. But yeah let’s hope this doesn’t get viral coz maybe it will open flood gates of crazy people donating.
  4. she can always fall back on her comfy bedding line.
  5. yeah maybe Cathy Dennis didnt answer her calls.
  6. because what Janet does has class, i'll say that, thats why.
  7. Ooh guess the 500 mill Cheque cleared.
  8. She’ll probably say: no. Love Madonna but was inspired by Gina G’s Ti Amo and Geri’s Mi Chica Latina.
  9. St!nk

    Are we changing the title of the thread? What’s the tea?
  10. Obviously inspired by the Golden Girls but lets face it, Golden Girls are iconic, Kylie Mingnot is not.
  11. wow nailed it. even down to the im happy to be the princess part when she had everyone fooled with her humbleness act.
  12. St!nk

    can we change the thread of this title to this.