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  1. FYI Video unavailable. Again. Do kindly note that I can be of help of you need a personal photographer with ring light experience to manage your onlyfans webpage and post seamless videos that would be widely available without regional restrictions. Please advise. BR
  2. Touch my body, let me wrap my thighsAll around your waist, just a little tasteTouch my body, know you like my curvesC'mon and give me what I deserve
  3. Yeah I also don’t like this pussy footing which is why the democrats will always never bring in the big changes
  4. They wont do that. They will pardon him and get busy with other affairs. But I agree, give him what space? Give this sadistic asshole what he deserves. him and his fucked up family. I hope they shave Ivanka's head.
  5. Yes I believe with Gore it was over the state of Florida. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_v._Gore
  6. I KNOW ! which makes its soo beautiful. I hope they take their sweet ass time counting, him and his cunts are living their worst night mare and finally getting a slice of what they deserve.
  7. I hope you get married to a Moslim dude with the beard and all. And I hope he puts a burka on your head and doesn’t allow you to go outside of the house and make you an obedient moslim wife
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