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  1. GOD

    New Album Means New Tour

    Yes. for the sheer pleasure of it all.
  2. GOD

    Privacy Policy Changed

    thanks for that. is this because of the facebook thing? there has to be a reason behind all this
  3. GOD

    Privacy Policy Changed

    Ok that’s like rocket science English can you simply the way you’d say it to janet’s Flicked bean?
  4. GOD

    Privacy Policy Changed

    Why now is there a new law?
  5. Can someone explain to me what all this privacy policies change means? All of a sudden I’m getting different emails from different places informing me about it.
  6. Hey There Stalker

  7. GOD

    Garbage thread

    Is there more than one gig? It is it still that 1 gig at Brixton?
  8. GOD

    Kanye West

  9. GOD

    North Korea

    What’s going on?
  10. You wanna bury your head in there don’t even try to deny
  11. GOD

    Air Strikes on Syria

    And for some reason they can’t wait for investigation to finish no they have to strike now. Umm ok
  12. GOD

    Air Strikes on Syria

    And if chemical weapons are a red line then keep in mind the west supported Saddam with chemical weapons from Germany used in attacks against Iranian villages. Spare me this bullshit.
  13. GOD

    Air Strikes on Syria

    Thanks Kimmy crack corn