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  1. Omg let's all have a poppers party and play this song.
  2. Is it true that that today's generation don't wipe correctly? Is it?
  3. He better be quick and show off his macaroons.
  4. I think Le Pig Pen will win. If not now, next time.
  5. And JLo did the ' LOVE lift me up !'
  6. What's your favorite? Please share. Oh and dont get me started on why this wasnt part of the RHT.
  7. I think there are a lot of sick pepole out there.
  8. Disgusting. And this guy has a phd? In what, stupidity studies?
  9. omg what happened to Billie Piper?!
  10. I thought for a second that was Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback.
  11. truth is dee feed is feebol.
  12. Why are you guys accusing Gaga for something fishy? She said before she doesn't write for the charts, she writes for art. So I doubt she cares about if MR goes top 10 or 100. 💋
  13. 😂😂😂😂