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  1. I can understand her position if he’s running on his first term but we already tried him and saw what he has to offer, yes he’s not a typical careerist politician but That don’t mean much here
  2. acko

    BTW it took me like decades to figure out who u were. CUNT.

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    2. GOD


      are you gonna punish me officer?


    3. acko


      Damn right...u been hanging with out these other cheap hoes


    4. GOD
  3. Except he didn’t pay for any of it, prolly from the taxpayers who many of them have lost their jobs and can’t afford medical access
  4. They will blame Bernie and the left, if Trump wins
  5. mmm, i wanna inject you with my disinfectant.
  6. it’s so hilarious must be a joke, brokeback patriot
  7. Let’s not forget that she Kept an innocent man in jail and that is dreadful. that said, I’d rather see a bag of poo as president over trump. yes this is how low the bar is set.
  8. Neither will the Democratic Party, both parties love selling weapons there.
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