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  1. I've been over critics for a long time. For one, I love horror movies and critics have always hated them so I have always had a very skeptical eye on critics. When it comes to Madonna, they never review just her work, they review her, and it is tiresome. I can't usually make it through any article on Madonna because I always encounter the usual bullshit. I'm not reading that shit anymore. She survived vicious attempts to take her down yet they keep trying. You can't be more successful than Madonna so they failed.
  2. I've always taken Madonna for what she is. She has greatly disappointed me and greatly inspired me. When she disappoints me (like maybe only sampling my fav song on MDNA) or gives a shit performance, I shrug it off. She's given so many awesome performances. Her career is so varied and diverse how can she not disappoint or piss people off? Her whole career is built on challenging us. It is a double edged sword.
  3. But that isn't true. Most reviews are very positive. One outright negative one. The ones in the 60's are written as 80 or above but cite a few (in their opinion) questionable lyrical choices and that seems to shave off 20 points. Ridiculous.
  4. She's going to put my in an early grave with those grillz!!!!! WHY???? LOL They don't look good. If they did I wouldn't care. Looking forward to this.
  5. No more grillz. Seriously. It takes away from her looks and the way she talks. Come on, M! The patriarchy wants you to keep them in (reverse psychology!)
  6. That hasn't changed. Still predicted to hit #1 by a large amount.
  7. Some of the reviews seem to miss the point of her lyrics. Her urgency is to be interpreted as urgent so her lyrics reflect that. We are in urgent time all over the globe. This is not the time for subtle lyrics, which she is capable of. Fuck the "critics".
  8. @Mensch Do her people read this forum and provide feedback? Or do you funnel feedback to your friend and they provide feedback to her? You've probably answered this a hundred times but I've been out of the loop for awhile.
  9. Honestly, she can't afford a bad performance so maybe her voice was not up to par and she wisely canceled.
  10. YES!!!!!!!! I was this junior high kid who was thinking, "GTFO". I knew then she was treated unfair. I knew they would never be fair with her. It pissed me off but then I just laughed it off. Thing is, no one said she couldn't sing until after BAT. There were a few reviewers who might have slagged her voice but none of my friends or their parents ever said she couldn't sing. I used to tease my mom, who loved Bruce S, that he couldn't sing and I would make fun of his voice. LOL
  11. I'm obs not Mensch but they usually tape around 5pm EST and end roughly an hour later.
  12. Reviews really don't mean much now. If you look at some movie reviews, so many new movies have huge RT scores like 97-100%. A movie with that kind of score should be an instant classic yet movies, by and large, suck right now. Reviews are a joke.Good or bad. I remember reading a damning review of True Blue in junior high. But it didn't bother me as far as my enjoyment. The only review that mattered was mine. Then when LAP didn't get any Grammy noms I was done with them as well. The fix was in.
  13. Cooper interviewing her for 60 Minutes would be perfection! I'd like it if she did 360 with him but, unless taped earlier, he just lost his mother and if he wasn't on last night, he won't be on this week.
  14. He fucked with the wrong people it looks like. Exposing this asshole!
  15. Nail hitting head. I've seen this narrative has started because every hater uses it now. They ALWAYS bring up the lyrics of, "My mother died when I was five...." every time as proof. I am pretty sure he posts on a forum I visit. I won't name it because all he will do, if he does post here, is start posting there to drag her. I didn't read his review and won't. It did not really affect the metacritic score so whatever. I, and many of us, knew they would write a shit review. Oh well. His beloved Mariah will never gain any success for his hit pieces on others. It must burn him up. He seems to be a deeply unhappy person. He needs to do hit pieces in order to make himself feel better but it never works. Keep chasing that dragon, bitch. Thank you to all of you who have contacted bitchfork. I don't care if they are loving the attention. If they want a deeply unprofessional hit job of a review, it reflects on them, not anyone else. Keep fighting back.
  16. At this point, Madonna is not going for being popular, at least not with her videos. I applaud that. She needs to get the public on her side in other ways but not her videos. As I said, buckle up. We are in for a ride. Be prepared to see the worst things ever written and said about her.
  17. She needs a charm offensive. If she shows up in her grills (I'm seriously over that shit) and acts prickly then it is all for nothing. She needs to get over her annoyance of certain question and charm the shit outta them. She knows how to. It is the ONLY point of doing interviews- to charm!
  18. I've heard Jonas Bros do not have great streaming numbers.
  19. The Grammys hate her. And you know what? She should shun them. Completely. I hope she wins Best Album and is not there to accept, doesn't accept and never again submits her stuff to that sham.
  20. He looks like an odd ball since his review sticks out from all the rest. What a fraud.
  21. We all called it and I will not read it. LOL . We knew this was coming.
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