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  1. She is saturating the market in the west and northeast with nothing really considered "south" beyond Miami( yes I am bitter). She would certainly have sold out mulitple shows in Houston or Dallas or St. Louis. Not too mention she would have grossed a lot more in either Houston or/especially Dallas.
  2. You are most welcome. I had so many glowsticks, I had to give some away! LOL
  3. Again, SOOOOOO happy for u JR. Couldnt happen to a nicer, sweeter person( and yes CUTE). Too bad i look like crap in bedtimestorynyc's pic. I guess everyone will just have to take the 3 of yalls words! OMG u got to touch her. I would normally be jealous( as I am of Slyguy because NO ONE should be THAT lucky M might have looked at me....i have written, in shoe polish on my chest, "MO, WHY NO HOUSTON?" and had glow sticks flayling...she "seemed" to take a double take when she looked in my direction and several times later. So maybe she saw me( but no touching dammit)
  4. I am SOOO happy for you JR! And to think, I just met you yesterday and you are famous now! LOL Couldnt happen to a nicer guy. BTW- you have a killer smile. All those compliments about my looks are appreciated by someone with your personality and bad ass smile.
  5. Makes me wonder if they are collaborating on something.......
  6. The July 2nd show was fantastic. I will write more later cuz I just got back home. I am SO happy I got to meet Slyguy, JR and bedtimestorynyc. All the people I most wanted to meet and it was worth it. Slyguy, I do wish we could have hung out more but it was nice chatting with you. I had great seats but you had AWESOME seats. JR and bedtimestorynyc, it was GREAT hanging out with you two for hours afterwards. All of you are so nice and fun. If only I was in town longer!
  7. I will be there on the 1st. Supposed to hang out with Slyguy and JR...I hope, anyone else wanna hang out, I am staying at the Hotel Pennsylvania...contact Slyguy if you wanna meet either the 1st or 2nd..he has my contact info.
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