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  1. Madonna doesn't need to chart ever again and her legacy, her place atop the music industry, is secure. She will never be not relevant, even after she dies. There will never be any one like her again.
  2. So, did I read correctly that this is the best number in terms of albums sold so far this year for a female act? Yes, @HolidayGuy everyone needs to enjoy this moment. Next week is next week. She has the #1 album in the USA right now. Huge achievement. I think this is the first #1 in the summer (well our summer) since TB.
  3. She has had such bad luck with many of her albums and singles. So many that should have reached #1 and were stopped by some random phenom. Not this time!
  4. People always try to be "funny" or "cute" or "cunty" at her expense. Please interview her! Make it happen!
  5. LOL Mariah. So true. And the Brit awards having fallen 3 stairs up yet kept going? Who else would have? A decent number of the GP would "forgive", for lack of a better word, if she just gave an honest reason. I personally know so many people who want to love her but things like this turn them off. But Madonna will never fit into the box they want her to be in but she did it successfully in the build up to 'Evita'. It gained her years of goodwill.
  6. What? I didn't know that. She showed up to their show and they shade her? Still, she needs to turn it around where it makes her look good and him look bad. Thanks for the background on this!
  7. This particular performance was so widespread I think giving an honest response, whatever it is, would suffice. It is very simple PR 101. Damage control. If she isn't going to do it, fine, but the general public does not understand her and it isn't going to change the public perception of her. That was my point. I get she has to deal with a lot of assholes but she is smart enough to dispatch them where she comes out looking better. I've heard that.
  8. Gotcha. I didn't catch that. Hmmmm. It makes sense now. I still believe she does herself no favors with the general public even when she is pissed off at the obvious asshole. I think she could confront him in a better way to make herself look better to the public and put him in his place, if that makes sense.
  9. I didn't know they said "time is up" I just assumed they stopped the question. You're the journalist, correct, so I take you at your word on how he should have framed the question to elicit a response from her. True, he should have. I don't know his history but hearing what he said about her to her brother, it makes sense.
  10. I do wonder what she was going to say before they were interrupted. As a whole, she came across well. Why was he an asshole for asking the question? It really is the elephant in the room.
  11. Haha, well true, no doubt, and I don't think she was particularly mean here she just should have answered the question everyone wants to hear. As @Pera said, she can just say she had an off day vocally. She doesn't do herself any favors with her demeanor and the casual fans don't "get her" like we do.
  12. She does herself no favors when she reacts the way she does. When she is on the circuit for movies, she generally is on her best behavior. Not so for her music so she can be on her best behavior. I'm sure everyone is tired but there is no need for her to react or act the way she does. If she had an issue with him prior, she should have brung it up. She is her own worst enemy sometimes IMO.
  13. Did she make those 3 albums just to tour? How can a woman with the best catalog in the biz hate any songs? I say this because she doesn't sing them in their original form anyway and there are so many hits she rarely performs.
  14. Great interview. I wanted more. It is nice to hear her speak about the music making process and what goes on in her mind. I wish she didn't interrupt his statement about her vocals on PDP. I think he was going to say her voice had a quality, before the Evita training, that was special. He was going to point out she really did have a good, unique voice pre-training. I've never understood why she was criticized for her pre-Evita vocals. CFY, LTT, , OYH, EY and, plus some live performance, proved she had a wider range and stronger voice than given credit.
  15. Some random list from RS is not going to have any affect one way or the other on Madame X. She won't get Grammy love anyway. And honestly, I would love if she did get nominated for AOTY and other major awards and completely snubbed them and refused the awards if she won.
  16. The song is.....nuts, amazing, bonkers, brilliant. I prefer the song played without the video. The video interrupts the flow. The song is stunning. After all this time, I've only commented on it right now, and I am still left almost speechless. Only Madonna!
  17. Well, Obama is known for his aloofness so there is always that. The haters will use it against Madonna but what else can they use against her? She is the apex. Of course, she will always be THE target being the apex.
  18. Look, I love Obama and Madonna. It is clear he was not all that impressed meeting her most likely due to that bizarre MDNA DC concert speech. It doesn't matter either way. They met and he likely had his mind changed a bit. If he doesn't like her, WTF cares.
  19. She looks fucking amazing. Am I not seeing grillz?
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