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  1. Maybe she isn't doing proper vocal warm ups or training? She doesn't need backing tracks if she has properly warmed up and is getting vocal training throughout a tour such as she did during RIT. She could just use her back up singers for verses or parts she feels her voice isn't up to the task that day. Happens all the time.
  2. I haven't read all the replies to the performance but I think some are concerned about her vocals. Everyone here who knows me either online from posting here or in person (and I have met several MNers in person) know I am a huge fan of her voice. Suffice it to say, I think her voice is one of the best in the business. I like her tone, brightness, the color, the range, her lower register is the best in the biz, her versatility. Lately, she really seems to struggle a lot, too much, with strength and being in tune. So I am a bit baffled why we haven't heard a truly great vocal from her in a long time. I guess I did hear some good stuff at the MET ball last year with LAP and Hallelujah. I don't want her to start getting a bad rep for her live singing esp when she already has a very unfair rep for bad vocals and lipping. Anyway, hope that made sense. I loved the trench coat look for Vogue. The whole Vogue perf was great. I've only caught a low quality AL and GC so far.
  3. What did she do to her ass? I wasn't reading this site at the time when that controversy hit. Her ass looked great before. It is.....shocking. For those going, give her all our love!
  4. Huffpost almost always posts negative articles about Madonna. I visit their site often and they are one of the worst. I've been getting frustrated with their overall coverage of things anyway so no more clicks from me.
  5. Monsieur X, what was your former username? I am so confused about who is who now.
  6. You mean what time is she scheduled to be on because we all know Madonna can be tardy to the party.
  7. She doesn't do this on every track though it has gotten worse over time. He flat out lied about her lipping. He made it seem like she lipped the entire RIT. He knew what he was doing. He was trying to diminish her talents. She has said pretty clearly how some of it hurts her despite sometimes when she claims she doesn't GAF.
  8. We've all seen people who try to gain credibility by saying they are "huge fans" and this person clearly attempted that route. I see it on political message boards all the time when people say they're Democrats before descending into how awful the Dems are, how glorious the GOP is. This guy goes about it the wrong way. We all have our opinions on what we want her to do. And our opinions are valid. Some of us have great ideas that, if Madonna did them, would likely gain her renewed interest. So, that is where he should have went with this article- keep the compliments, ditch anything to do with her age, and explain what he personally would like her to do without the bringing in the narrative about age or what is appropriate. His ideas aren't bad. This line stuck out to me- " It’s time to embrace her age, but in a manner that rewards her and not one that makes critics, like me, have to write negative reviews." Very telling. So because she doesn't do something that fits HIS definition of "embracing her age" he is then forced to write negative reviews???? Did he really just say that? Instead of judging the music on its merits, he reviews her (and presumably others) based on his notion of what they should be doing. That seems deeply unethical and unprofessional, to say the least. She is punished for not remaining in the box people wish her to be in. They all want to 'Boxing Helena' her.
  9. Fingers crossed she gives one of the best performances of her career. To those who are going-stay safe and have the times of your lives!
  10. Same. Even her biggest admirers like Ariana and others don't usually, if ever, come to her defense. The stuff Elton has said about her is egregious. There isn't enough hyperbole to use to explain his despicable remarks about her. Yet, he isn't really called out, he receives no backlash, and it gets labeled a feud when Madonna hasn't engaged in the name calling. I will stop reading an article if there is even a hint of back handed compliments or tries to diminish her talents in any way. I don't mind if she is criticized, and she has deserved to be, but no more of when I feel it isn't warranted.
  11. Arrogant and ungrateful. Her whole tone when slamming the video was disrespectful. And her lying is unforgivable. This is such a well made and impactful video that could continue to inspire more people to get involved in common sense gun reform.
  12. Nope, she thought she was going to jump on the bash Madonna bandwagon and it appears to have backfired. Good!
  13. So glad she changed the set list. She can do both Music and Faz Gostoso. And I hope she does an extended version of Vogue. Holiday would be a nice surprise as well. Give em the classics!
  14. Good. I'm glad Madonna fans are fighting back along with others. I've heard nothing but very positive reviews from people I know, some who don't like her, but their reactions were raves. Everyone thought it was well done. We've all been touched by gun violence- I lost a best friend 3 years ago to suicide by gun shot and a cousin was shot and killed.
  15. I'm not surprised by her involvement with the Sandy Hook Center. She has been known to keep much of her charitable work private. Unlike so many, she doesn't shout her charity from every mountain top.
  16. You're correct, I hardly ever see other celebs defending Madonna.
  17. Yes, which is more than most people. How many of the young stars are really putting themselves out there on this issue? Seems that way.
  18. Same. Someone said in another thread how that generation takes things so literally. They have very little critical thinking skills. SJWs are their own worst enemy. It will cause others to steer clear of this and it ends up hurting their own cause.
  19. How, Emma? Because it shows a shooting? So, no movie can ever show a mass shooting? You can't make a strong statement without a little bit of disturbing content. If having dozens of elementary kids killed in Sandy Hook doesn't change things, Madonna going easy in this music video certainly won't. It needed to be in your face and brutal. As usual, Madonna is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.
  20. This video is being seen by a cross section as one of the best of the year. It is making an impact, official views or not. This will continue to grow as more hear about it.
  21. It is very possible and even likely this video will have legs and grow steadily. Sadly, any time there is a mass shooting, this video will likely be viewed a lot more.
  22. Yeah, I accepted long ago her days of hits and all were over. I understand how disappointed others get when something like the GC vid isn't higher in views, like BIM was. She doesn't need to be successful for me to enjoy her. Then again, I would never count her out.
  23. Pay them no mind. I think some feel comments like yours are an attempt to "rain on the parade" and that is a troll tactic but I didn't see what you said as being anything like that. I, too, was surprised the views weren't higher.It's a video that may not have a lot of replay value since it is disturbing for many. That is very good to hear!
  24. I think the point was how she is a bit out of the mainstream now (for her new music) and those who have heard it, love it, but most haven't. At least, that is how I interpreted it.
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