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  1. I love you, Jazzy. I understand your POV. I just think voting for a candidate that makes you feel warm and fuzzy results with you, at the end of the day, accepting a coalition that ends up being exactly like the Dems and Repubs. And so many want to equate them as being equally as bad when the Republicans are just about completely corrupt and have sold out the USA it is not fair to distinguish between them. One is a normal party. The other is a wholly corrupt sell out. I am fucking PISSED beyond belief this has happened to my country.
  2. Yes, if you supported a 3rd party knowing in the USA it is meaningless and you have a dozen posts, I have suspicions. Any person who is gay who would even dare put their rights on the line for Gary Johnson, a way out there nutjob, I have to question your motives. I am sick of gays saying they are conservative and there is no other option. Bullshit! Gary Johnson had no fucking chance (and he would NOT be good for us) no matter the state you vote in. Did you do it for shits and giggles? Congrats! Hope you're happy! I am not old enough to remember how fucking awful it was for gays back in the day but I am old enough to remember how fucking bad enough it was. No fucking conservative or libertarian (what a JOKE) deserves my vote-ever. They actively would appoint people who would take my RIGHTS away. Even the Libertarian assholes who talk a great game but who are frauds. They are closeted conservatives. I have my degree in political science and worked on numerous campaigns and was a congressional intern. I know the game.
  3. Thank you! That last part sounds so much like right wing talking points. It sounds so left wing because the GOP has pushed our narrative so far right. If you look at FDR, he did so many "radical left policies" that are extremely popular and actually work today as well as then. Far left did not fuck anything. The far right did and has pushed us so far right we think the center is conservative. It is not. Trump is popular with so many because he espouses fiscally liberal ideals while governing as a typical conservative (tax cuts for the rich, huge military spending) which never works. Fiscal liberalism as always moved the middle class forward. You have to remember her campaign was operating on internal polls. There was no reason to believe she lost those states. She was FUCKED, FUCKED hard by Comey. Then add in the Russians possilbly (they hacked over 30 states) several state votes as well as all the other I mentioned and she was against a perfect storm. YET she STILL won.
  4. Hold up: How would multiple parties help? They would need to build coalitions to govern and we would be right back where we are: either center-left or center-right. Exactly where we are with both parties though the GOP has drifted far, far right. Anyone supporting 3rd parties is frankly throwing your vote away for what? So you can feel you're "above it all?" Any person who is gay willing to risk their rights with right wing judges on the bench for a lifetime is.......well I better not say. Hillary was actually a very progressive, though pragmatic, leader. It is bullshit her campaign was as flawed as some think in hindsight. She was and is one of the strongest candidates we have ever run though she was 4 years too late in 2016. Still, she did extraordinary against all the odds stacked against her. Trump beat out 16 of the GOP's best and brightest EASILY. She had everything against her- the media, the FBI, Comey, the Russians, the Saudis, all the GOP dark money, all the conservative billionaires, Bernie never fully and enthusiastically endorsing her, years and years of smears and lies YET she won almost 4 million more votes than he did. He "won" with over 77,000 spread out over 3 states. And it was a change election. Despite all of this, she won. Bernie would have won? TF he would have. It would have been a landslide in Trump's favor. Bernie has a lot of dirt no one has used on him. I am very liberal but he scares too many people. Now we are in the biggest shit show this country has ever seen in a hundred and something years. Yet here we are with a TV clown as president because of course that is where things were headed. People want to be entertained with twists and shocks instead of someone who knows what they are doing and was highly qualified. It is one humiliation after another and still a good 40% of this country is just fine with it all. The US is an oligarchy and they convince the poor and middle class to carry their water. Shameful. 10% of the people have 90% of the wealth. That isn't sustainable. 90% of us are fighting over 10% of the pie while they pillage us for more. And we grovel at their feet! And no, don't start with the corporate Dem bullshit. That is a complete right wing talking point. The right wing screams "BOTH SIDES ARE JUST AS BAD" because they can't defend anything they've done. People who use that argument are either out conservatives or closeted ones. Conservatives the world over are fucking the people and planet. When the population starts catching on, they create a crisis and scream about migrants and racism and religion and guns. Conservatives haven't done shit for mankind.
  5. Blaming both sides means no one actually gets the blame. They are not equally to blame. But if you want to blame both sides, you let the side who does the vast amount of damage off the hook. Blaming both sides is truly a right wing talking point here in the USA. Any time they are losing an argument they say this. That way, they will never be held accountable for the messes they have made and are responsible for 90% of the time.
  6. I disagree. Blaming both sides is what conservatives have lived on. It is their #1 talking point. It is how they survive. Dems have raised taxes on the rich every time they have had presidency (twice) over the last 30 years. They are the only party to have put any type of constraints on banks, huge companies. They are the only party who has installed or actively enforced regulation. Yet, big business and most of the uber wealthy donate to the GOP disproportionately. I was a Congressional intern so I know how it all works. Both sides are not equally to blame. It is nowhere near 50/50. If you had total Democrat control from 1980 to now, we would not be anywhere near an Oligarchy. Sadly, the Dems need big money to be able to compete but they don't do anything close to what the GOP does for big business. One party is the problem 99-1 while the other is 30-70. Democrats have the deck stacked against them with big money, Fox Spews, other conservative media. and so many in rural areas who would benefit so much from liberal economics but who are so socially conservative (usually abortion) they will not vote for a Democrat. Both sides are NOT the problem.
  7. The US, under the incompetent and disastrous leadership of Republicans and Trump, have put us on a path where it could be 2008 all over again but far worse. The Obama economy has turned out to have a very solid foundation to support long term growth and stability. Then comes the wrecking ball as president who gives us huge tax cuts for the rich during solid economic conditions and very low unemployment as well as increased spending. We are running a trillion dollar deficit now while experiencing great economic conditions, for the most part. That is fiscal insanity. Democrats have had to clean up after Republican presidents so many times. People wonder why more has not been done but when you are constantly cleaning up the mess left by Republicans what more can they do? Just when the mess is cleaned up, the Dems are voted out of Congress and the Republicans just obstruct the rest of the time. When 10% of our country has 90% of the wealth and gaining, this is not sustainable. 90% of us are fighting over 10% of the wealth. The US is an Oligarchy. The rich own and run everything. Conservatives love to say the media is liberal but the media is corporate owned 99%. Corporations may be socially more liberal but they are fiscally (TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH!) conservative. The big winners under this president are China and Russia, who both want him to win because they have a useful idiot in the office. They feared Hillary as President. They stopped her at any and all costs.
  8. Once again, she really had her ear to the ground. The gun control movement has reached a possible tipping point. People are over gun mania here in the US. When you watch the vid for God Control and you see Madame X's frustration that is playing out now. MTV could have had a cultural moment with it winning Video of the Year but no.
  9. That is the thing, it is so egregious it is almost funny. Like, good, she doesn't need your fucking awards. You obviously aren't nominating her out of some personal issue not from the quality. It used to bother me but now Taylor gets like 20 noms every time she releases something. It is a total joke. Laughable. Music has gone down the shitter. I will never again be disappointed by an awards show. MTV got me but they will be the last. How many Oscars has she been robbed of? The list of awards she was denied at least a nom is so long. She deserves better but she is in great company.
  10. Madonna has always been snubbed by awards. But then again, so have many of the greats like Elvis, the Beatles, Prince, Bowie......who cares at this point. I've said it before and will again, I hope she wins some major awards at the Grammys but does not accept them and doesn't attend. The MTV snub is egregious. But it doesn't take away from what truly are the best videos of the year. And none of them were nominated.
  11. Is there a category for Best Female Video featuring pancake tits with stretch marks? I'm pretty sure I know who will nab that one........
  12. I'll never understand how someone could derive pleasure from killing anything much less creatures like giraffes, lions, elephants. I cannot wrap my brain around it. And I'm glad I can't. I don't want to know how someone could feel pleasure from something so cruel and unnecessary. There was a quote from some woman who killed an exotic animal and she said as she aimed at it, she smiled knowing the amount of liberals who would be upset. What kind of person thinks this way? A sociopath. I do think a sizable amount of these people are sociopaths.
  13. If that is the case, I have ridden the world of more demons than can fit in some small countries........
  14. Oh, and it can't be said enough, Madame X is a #1 album in the USA so that is success! She did it going head to head with a rock God.
  15. As has been noted, she loses and gains fans with every era. Some, she gains more than others (ROL, COADF). Plus, the drumming she gets in the press has hurt her. Her name has been tarnished. That said, it is just she isn't a crowd pleaser( to the general public's tastes). She marches to her own beat like, for instance, in concert. She doesn't play the hits and when she does she renders them almost unrecognizable. That works for a dwindling number of people.I know many casual fans who will go see her in concert if she plays the hits. Many would buy her new stuff but they don't listen to radio or have their own narrow genres they listen to like EDM or aren't invested in trying out new material from anyone. Many people I know, wide range of ages, are just not into current music so they listen to 60's rock to 90's hip hop. Madonna is an artist who does what she feels gets her juices flowing. She has given us an album, Madame X, where it is obvious she was inspired. Maybe she will be inspired to do something that will please the general public. Who knows. Until then, I'd take a Madame X over a commercial hit that she feels disconnected from. Lastly, she isn't doing half bad commercially. She had like the 4th best opening for a female artist this year and this year is more than half way over. She is doing just fine.
  16. For all the publications who write hit jobs on her, like the fall from #1, I just click on the upper right of my phone, i-pad, and hit "Don't show me articles from ......" and that fixes that.
  17. Oh and I was defending Madonna a few weeks ago on another board- not a music related one- and someone replied "Oh you must be from that fucking Madonna Nation site. Fuck them!" LOL. I wondered which disgruntled former poster it was.
  18. I've always wondered why that is. My own theory is Madonna is not a fake person, she doesn't front. That can come across as cold or bitchy to some. It seems when people really get to know Madonna beyond the superficial, they rave about her warmth and how down to earth she is- like Rosie, Debi, Rita Wilson, Jerry Seinfeld to name a few. She did bring this on because she lied or spread false information. Her reaction was childish and inarticulate. She could have given a reasoned reaction but she chose not to and is rightfully being called out. She should but sadly, I don't think she will. Madonna elevated Emma's voice and elevated the conversation about gun control with her lyrics and wonderfully crafted video.
  19. Those who say she can't sing, or is "stiff" now do so because, psychologically it works. Trump does this as well. When you point something out about someone, even if it is completely wrong, you start looking for that even if you aren't aware. Saying Madonna dances "stiff" now makes everyone notice anything that might back that notion up. Trump called Jeb Bush "low energy" so every time he seemed low energy reinforced that view. This was used to perfection with Madonna and the "can't sing" narrative because anytime she gave an off performance, as everyone does, it seems true.
  20. I've noticed the whole "she is stiff, can't dance" narrative from haters. They want their faves to take Madonna's place and feel that won't happen without bringing Madonna down.
  21. Exactly. We need a day concert with her, all day, where she gives us a stadium barn-burner of all her hits, a small intimate gathering of album cuts, and she can throw in some comedy if she wants. I agree. Have your back up singers assist when needed or mime like Vogue from the VMAs. She can change up the vocal arrangement as well if she feels she can't reach a certain note on a particular night. I was watching something a few weeks ago where a singer (male, maybe Lionel Richie) was having an off night so he changed the vocal arrangement and it totally worked. There can be hypocrisy from some, for sure. And we are spoiled.
  22. Ok now I've seen the whole show. I bet they wished she could have done a few more songs! You can never get enough Madonna. A 2 hr concert feels like 20 minutes so this probably felt like 2 minutes. lol
  23. AL, with the right arrangement, could work very well. I liked how she sang it in the clip on pg 29. I loved the rock version from RIT. I agree about fans being able to voice their opinions but we have to be vigilant about trolls. This place is nice because they do good troll maintenance. We use to have Madonna "fans" who did more bashing her and praising certain pop princesses. A few would gain credibility by "stanning" for Madonna then turned viciously on her but if you called them out, they would play the "But I've always been a fan" card.
  24. I was in the minority who always liked this song. I always thought the rap was to be taken a certain way, not as her attempt just to rap. I saw it as a withering indictment of the rich in the US. I think AL would have worked better and been a hit if it was more rock like the RIT version.
  25. When I say struggle I don't mean she always struggles. She has been more inconsistent. For sure, she has had some wonderful vocal perf throughout her career and many over the last 10 years. She seems much more inconsistent lately and, because she is so unfairly dragged for her vocals, I feel she could fix it. I'm sure touring so much has taken its toll but we live in the age of the singing talent shows and everyone wants every perf to be vocally "on". I don't but most do. I just feel she could do something to fix it. I was just sticking up a bit for some, not all, who were critical of some of the vocals from last night. AL is a very hard song to sing, LOL. Just the way it is written, it doesn't allow for a great vocal anyway. The reason I said "not all" is because there is always too much complaining or negativity about her from her own fans. Though she is not immune from us critiquing her, either. OK, rambling over!
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