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  1. Rupert Murdoch needs to be expelled from the USA or charged. This motherfucker has caused so much damage around the world with his lies and propaganda. 

    What happened on 1/6/21 is so despicable. America was attacked from within by right wing domestic terrorists. It was sickening, shocking, but not surprising. 

    Police as well as active and retired military were involved. Members of Congress likely helped these terrorists know where certain offices were located. This runs deep and the severity cannot be diminished. 

    And @IsaacHarriswas correct- if this were black and brown PEACEFUL protesters, they would have been, and have been, treated worse than these terrorists. If they acted like these terrorists, we’d have thousands of dead terrorists instead of dozens of arrests. 

    The Republican Party needs to be destroyed by voting them all out, shaming their donors, and showing how destructive their lies, lies they do not believe, have radicalized their voters. 

  2. She’s very typical. She’s obtuse. She doesn’t understand nuance. She thinks like a cult as most Republicans do. Most importantly, she reveals her true thinking. Protests and riots didn’t need happen for her to spew her true beliefs. She’s more concerned about a flag than people? Says everything.

  3. 24 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    Yep. Don't even get me started...:censored:

    The lockdown worked too well. Nobody experienced what it could have been like in Italy, Spain and NYC. Our economy would have been wrecked either way. This virus was going to do major disruption and the fact we stopped it in time allowed us to reopen slowly which OF COURSE  everybody took for a free for all egged on by the worst President ever by far.


  4. 1 hour ago, VogueMusic said:

    Fair enough. But no one's really talking about Covid-19 that much either. And cases are now surging once again.

    Nope, not since the 1% told us to get back to work that the virus is a nothing burger. Trump doesn't want small businesses or workers to get govt money until we had a true, adequate lockdown. So of course those workers and small businesses are desperate to get back to work. All by design. Instead of just giving them money to live on they would rather put their lives on the line for big business and billionaires. Nobody acts like the virus is a thing now. Why? We started reopening and the message from Trump is it is over. You're a pussy if you social distance or wear a mask. Some dumbass Republican was on TV a few weeks ago saying businesses would never put their employees or customers in jeopardy (what a fucking joke) so let them reopen if they want. Right when the GOP Supreme Court struck down Wisconsin's lockdown orders BAM bars were packed to the roof. No masks. Nothing. 

  5. 7 minutes ago, jonski43 said:

    I thought Clinton had visited the island as confirmed in Epstein's plane's log book? 

    He rode on the plane many times. I don't think either went to the island. Point is, Clinton has been been implicated in any underage sex/rape in regards to Epstein. Nor does he have a video of him, as Trump does with Epstein, leering at young girls like lions watching young fawns being born. Lets not both sides this. Until Clinton has the allegations Trump has I think we should just state the facts about that. Conservatives love to try to negate any criticism of them by saying both sides do it or are to blame when the facts may be technically right but it isn't 50/50 but more like 99/1 or 90/10. 

  6. 40 minutes ago, jonski43 said:

    I've seen several times that Courtney Love supposedly killed Kurt. But yes, Hollywood etc is full of paedos. Both Trump and Clinton were regular visitors to Epstein's Island as well as many other big politicians.

    It will be great if Anon kicks off again. Is this there account? They also said they've got an Instagram account so it will nice to see them at the beach, in a bar etc.



    Epstein had a lot of big name friends but Clinton is not implicated in anything salacious, yet. I'm not sure if it has been proven he visited the island. I'm not seven sure Trump did. Trump, though, has been accused of raping underage girls. Clinton has not. If Clinton is involved, let him get busted. Until then, I am not going to both sides this. Trump has accusations from underage girl(s), Clinton does not. 

  7. Biden actually is not the weak candidate people think. He isn't exciting. But he is solid and he is the polar opposite of what we have and need now. I've heard more Republican voters around where I live so say they will vote Biden because they like him and he isn't some scary "far left loon" whatever that is. Sanders would be another divisive leader. I do love Warren but Biden will be a great transition leader. All the next president will be doing is cleaning up the disaster from another Republican president. 

    What is going on in the USA is long overdue. Most thought when police were issued body cams things would change. Even with body cam and cell phone video showing blatant murders of unarmed people of color nothing changed. They seemed to rub it in our faces. It seems the profession of a police officer attracts either your proud individual who wants to truly protect and serve their community with pride and fidelity or it attracts sociopaths, right wing thugs and/or white nationalists. 

    Gays protested and rioted when they had had enough. 

    As a white male, I have no idea what it is like for black males but I do know I would be terrified every day if I were a black male. I have known for a long time the doors opened up to me being a white male. I can hide being gay if I choose. I would have lost several jobs if my employer knew I was gay. Since I've been out, I have been attacked (not physically) by coworkers and bosses for being gay. So I can only understand that terror. 

    Most of the actual looter and rioters are just agitators either on the far left or far right. There is zero doubt white nationalists and even some in the law enforcement community are actively participating in some of the violence pretending to be protesters.  Actual police are even shooting at journalists with rubber bullets and tear gas. They aren't even hiding their tendencies even during protests against that very behavior.

    Police need a reckoning. They also need help. They need better training, screening, mental health help. But this has got to change. No more. 

    The USA is in deep trouble. This is unlike anything I have ever witnessed or my parents have ever witnessed. Maybe we need this. 90% of our wealth is in the hands of less than 10%. Think about that. That is unsustainable and is absolutely part of the problem with everything including deaths from COVID-19. We have the most corrupt, incompetent administration in our history. Trump makes G W Bush look like George Washington by comparison. 90% of this is directly due to Republicans and conservatives. 

    Most of all I think we all need to listen. I heard that on TV this morning and it is so true. We need to just listen. 


  8. Someone on MSNBC said it best just now- white men can carry assault rifles to a capital building (after the Female Democratic Gov's life was threatened), scream in police officers faces without using masks and act threatening and the police just stand there and take it. Black protesters, all peaceful, no guns, with masks on, march to the police station in Minneapolis and get tear gas and rubber bullets. 

    Things are so fucked up right now. 

  9. There is zero way a Medicare For All would get passed by Congress. Zero. I abhor conservatism. It has ruined so many economies and lives over the years. However, Bernie isn't going to make any changes being aggressive. He is divisive. Incrementalism works. Give people a public option for health care and watch Medicare For All be a reality in 10-15 years, if not sooner. We have to give Democrats both chambers of Congress and keep it in the 2022 midterms. If we could ever get 8 years from a Democratic president with a Democratic Congress, I think we would all see the true different they would make vs always cleaning up messes after GOP presidents or having to deal with one or both chambers of Congress in GOP control. 

  10. 8 hours ago, Kelmadfan said:

    She still acts and legislated like a Republican. Voted for Bush’s wars while Senator of NYC. A persons record is relevant to assess future behavior. She’s not a person of the people. She’s for the donor class. She herself said she has a different script for her corporate donors and one for everyone else. She’s not for the people. She’s for maintaining the establishment.  

    No, she didn't. You cherry pick her record. I wonder if some of you really look at the two parties and understand how fundamentally they are very different. The GOP is an abhorrent, mean, nasty party which only care about the very rich, business and the concerns of the very religious (Christian mainly) and white. Democrats have always pushed for policies that benefit the people- Clinton gave actual gun control, attempted health care reform, tax increases on the wealthy and a balanced budget with surpluses. Obama actually gave health care reform, saved us from a deep Depression, tax increases on the wealthy, a declining deficit, saved the auto industry. Neither man was perfect nor their policies but they advanced so many things to help the average person. Obama took the most Wall Street cash in 2008 then turned around and screwed Wall Street hard with reforms. Then he created the organization Warren supported and appointed her to it. In 2012, Wall Street turned to Romney but still gave to Obama. He turned around and screwed them again. Both Clinton and Obama were stopped or slowed by a GOP Congress. Democrats represent very diverse sections of the USA. Many represent areas which are very moderate. The choice is either a "corporate donor class Democrat" -which is a Russian talking point and it is completely stupid and wrong- or a very conservative Republican who will vote for more extreme conservative judges. Russian talking points attacking Democrats have become so mainstream it is frightening. They started those talking points way before 2016.

    I am sick of bothsides and whataboutism. Both sides are not equally responsible for the shit that has happened. The USA was turned into a business loving, labor hating country by the GOP. Once the rich became insanely rich, media companies were bought and consolidated and along with their new found riches came unprecedented power. With it did come more social liberalism since business is socially liberal to a large degree. Hillary's script comment is what they all do. If you listen to those tapes where she is talking to the banks it is a huge nothing burger. She actually says she will do things they do not like and says change has to be made. My Bernie Bro cousin actually liked her more after reading the transcripts. 

    Bernie is not the answer. This is not 2016. Trump is a known quantity now. No one wants more of him. Bernie will get nothing done. Nothing. It will be 4 years of futile fighting. He is not getting the votes. Even young people turned out LESS this year than in 2016. I am as liberal as you can get and Bernie is just too extreme. Biden is not my first or second choice but I guarantee you he will get more progressive policies passed than a divisive Bernie would. Incrementalism works. It isn't sexy but it works. The American voting public is easily scared; look at how they reacted to the Obamacare passage? Yet, 10 years later a public option is now the MAINSTREAM position! You have to ease them into something. A revolution is not what they want though they need it. A nice grandpa can ease them into some of those changes. Biden will get a lot of good accomplished I have no doubt.


    3 hours ago, Kurt420 said:

    I swear to God you'd think Hillary Clinton single handedly caused every horrible thing in the world politically (and otherwise) these past 25 yrs with the way people place blame on her for EVERYTHING....literally EVERYTHING, even now (and she's not active politically) is "her fault". I would never say some of the criticisms aren't justified.....but at a certain point it becomes ridiculous. Any of the atrocities she may have been complicit in, were FAR from just HER doing, however, you'd never really know that with how obsessed people are with placing the blame on her solely. Why doesn't John Kerry get even a sliver of the criticism she gets? Even Bush #2 doesn't get the shit she gets now. By far the most hated politician that was never even president.

    And deny deny deny all you want....there IS a modicum (and I'm being generous) of sexism involved. I woke up with a headache today.....Hillary's fault?? 🙄

    And let me add, I can't think of anyone that has been as publicly humiliated by her husband's "extramarital" behavior and SHE is the one that gets blamed for it. There was (and is) ZERO sympathy towards her for that. There's also zero acknowledgement for her getting through that mess. Not only is there no acknowledgement but it's perfectly acceptable to shame and blame her for HIS behavior. Truly, I've never seen anything like it. I find her similar to Madonna in a sense in that, you can pretty much say whatever horrible things you'd like, blame her for things that aren't necessarily her fault and NOBODY cares. All bets are off when it comes to Hillary.....even in this "SJW" era we live in. The latest thing is acting like Monica was some poor kid that didn't know what she was doing and Hillary was complicit with it all. That's bullshit. That woman was an adult that was flat out in love with another woman's husband. I'm not shaming Monica, she was indeed young and probably vulnerable and naive but please let's not act like Bill snatched up some 14 year old while Hillary turned a blind eye.

    Amen! I love everything you said! So true!

    2 hours ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    Oh FFS *enough w/ the 'establishment' bullshiate. :doh:Blacks decisively giving Joe the win South friggin Carolina are 'establishment' lmFao. Trump didn't run as 'establishment' and he's McCarthy, Hitler, Stalin, TMZ, Gotti and Bob Barker redux The LOWEST, seediest and worst we SHOULD ever see the likes of again. Who ever truly thought W Bush would be seen as NOT being the worst in modern history and one of the worst of ALL time and now considered semi moderate, decent. Yup...it happened by 100 miles. It's not ALL Trump though. There's way smarter more sinister people behind the dark $ scenes who've been waiting for a 'Trump' to be the loud horrid distraction- someone they'd absolutely flush in a second when THEY feel he's useless and/or they got what they wanted. 

    Exactly! The Establishment was poor/middle class blacks in South Carolina? Blacks and College Educated Whites came out in droves for Biden. 

    We do not know what it is like to have a true Democratic administration. The last time we had this was under Pres Johnson. Clinton and Obama only had 2 years of total Democratic rule (and got a lot of great things accomplished) before Congress turned over to GOP control. I understand our generations have never felt and seen what 8 years of total Democratic control looks like and the difference it makes. When we had it, under FDR/Truman (16 years) and Kennedy/Johnson (8 years) it transformed the country for the better in so many ways. Carter had 4 years but inherited a GOP mess. Clinton and Obama were also handed GOP messes. Democrats seem to always be handed Republican messes to clean up yet Democrats always leave Republican presidents booming economies.

  11. 22 minutes ago, Kelmadfan said:

    I think it was the cash. 🤔

    It wasn't his crypt keeper looks that is for sure. 

    Rick Perry has said Trump is the chosen one sent by God. You cannot make this insane shit up. He said God often uses imperfect people. That is putting it mildly in this case.

    Russia has so much dirt on GOP politicians that is obvious. Ol Rick is rumored to be GAY GAY GAY. No doubt he has compromising pics. The Russians have been working GOP pols for decades. 

  12. 1 minute ago, Blue Skies said:

    Okay a question for you.  How do you know and why are you assuming I'm gay based on the little information you know about me?  Because I'm a male, enjoy Madonna's music, and joined a message board to discuss her?  There's good and bad people both male & female, all different religions, races, etc...   I would never not make assumptions on a person I don't know or only knew a few things about.

    I do agree with you about Trump.  He's a clown and only in for himself.  Even then I still wouldn't totally dismiss a person as a human being all together that voted for him.  I would think he/she is about as misguided as someone who would've contributed to his "University" but would at least hear he or she out.  

    I'm sorry I pissed you off so much and I'll just leave this part of the site or maybe it all together if you're so disturbed by my presence.  

    You're right. Many straight people love and enjoy Madonna. I assumed since you were here, and male and from the USA, you were gay. That is a stupid assumption since I personally know many straight male Madonna fans. 

    That said, anybody who would vote for this person, or vote for a 3rd party, knowing the extreme threat he posed is infuriating and unforgivable. We learn from history or so I hope. I use to curse the German people. How could they let someone like Hitler rise to power? The signs were there. The atrocious personality and policies were there. The language used was there. Yet, it happened to a sophisticated country. Now, I totally get it. I apologize to to the German people for ever feeling this way because it is happening here now. I can see how the German people, or the dumb ones, were suckered. Just like here. The parallels are astounding.

    That said, you come to a message board full of LGBT members and admit to voting 3rd party with almost a giggle about it. It pisses me off! I fought for my rights. I don't take them for granted so it pisses me off when someone freely admits to voting for a 3rd party when a perfectly good alternative is present. I do not respect conservatives. They have shown throughout history to not have the interest of anybody but their own. 

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