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  1. She’s very typical. She’s obtuse. She doesn’t understand nuance. She thinks like a cult as most Republicans do. Most importantly, she reveals her true thinking. Protests and riots didn’t need happen for her to spew her true beliefs. She’s more concerned about a flag than people? Says everything.
  2. They aren’t banning it. They are just putting a statement at the beginning. That said, some will try to go too far but the pendulum with right itself soon enough. Now, those statues of Confederate soldiers and leaders chunk them in the Atlantic along with the Confederate flag.
  3. The lockdown worked too well. Nobody experienced what it could have been like in Italy, Spain and NYC. Our economy would have been wrecked either way. This virus was going to do major disruption and the fact we stopped it in time allowed us to reopen slowly which OF COURSE everybody took for a free for all egged on by the worst President ever by far.
  4. Nope, not since the 1% told us to get back to work that the virus is a nothing burger. Trump doesn't want small businesses or workers to get govt money until we had a true, adequate lockdown. So of course those workers and small businesses are desperate to get back to work. All by design. Instead of just giving them money to live on they would rather put their lives on the line for big business and billionaires. Nobody acts like the virus is a thing now. Why? We started reopening and the message from Trump is it is over. You're a pussy if you social distance or wear a mask. Some dumbass Republ
  5. He rode on the plane many times. I don't think either went to the island. Point is, Clinton has been been implicated in any underage sex/rape in regards to Epstein. Nor does he have a video of him, as Trump does with Epstein, leering at young girls like lions watching young fawns being born. Lets not both sides this. Until Clinton has the allegations Trump has I think we should just state the facts about that. Conservatives love to try to negate any criticism of them by saying both sides do it or are to blame when the facts may be technically right but it isn't 50/50 but more like 99/1 or 90/1
  6. Epstein had a lot of big name friends but Clinton is not implicated in anything salacious, yet. I'm not sure if it has been proven he visited the island. I'm not seven sure Trump did. Trump, though, has been accused of raping underage girls. Clinton has not. If Clinton is involved, let him get busted. Until then, I am not going to both sides this. Trump has accusations from underage girl(s), Clinton does not.
  7. Biden actually is not the weak candidate people think. He isn't exciting. But he is solid and he is the polar opposite of what we have and need now. I've heard more Republican voters around where I live so say they will vote Biden because they like him and he isn't some scary "far left loon" whatever that is. Sanders would be another divisive leader. I do love Warren but Biden will be a great transition leader. All the next president will be doing is cleaning up the disaster from another Republican president. What is going on in the USA is long overdue. Most thought when police were issu
  8. Someone on MSNBC said it best just now- white men can carry assault rifles to a capital building (after the Female Democratic Gov's life was threatened), scream in police officers faces without using masks and act threatening and the police just stand there and take it. Black protesters, all peaceful, no guns, with masks on, march to the police station in Minneapolis and get tear gas and rubber bullets. Things are so fucked up right now.
  9. What is wrong with people? We've all lost our minds and I am tired of racists.
  10. A lot of them are just audio but some are the actual performances such as God Control and Frozen.
  11. Did anybody see this? There are quite a few vids from the tour on youtube. I didn't see any topic on it.
  12. https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/lewinsky-tripp-phone-chat-cold-opening/n11166
  13. I don't know, John Goodman was superb in his portrayal of her on SNL. Should he not get another shot?
  14. I don't speak ill of the dead so........................
  15. There is zero way a Medicare For All would get passed by Congress. Zero. I abhor conservatism. It has ruined so many economies and lives over the years. However, Bernie isn't going to make any changes being aggressive. He is divisive. Incrementalism works. Give people a public option for health care and watch Medicare For All be a reality in 10-15 years, if not sooner. We have to give Democrats both chambers of Congress and keep it in the 2022 midterms. If we could ever get 8 years from a Democratic president with a Democratic Congress, I think we would all see the true different they would ma
  16. No, she didn't. You cherry pick her record. I wonder if some of you really look at the two parties and understand how fundamentally they are very different. The GOP is an abhorrent, mean, nasty party which only care about the very rich, business and the concerns of the very religious (Christian mainly) and white. Democrats have always pushed for policies that benefit the people- Clinton gave actual gun control, attempted health care reform, tax increases on the wealthy and a balanced budget with surpluses. Obama actually gave health care reform, saved us from a deep Depression, tax increases o
  17. Conservatives snowflakes are up in arms over this. I loved it. He is the most vile, rude and malicious person. He does way worse all the time. She tears up his speech (on live TV) and that is a bridge too far????????????????
  18. Yet I bet they care not one fuck about the kids at the border in cages..........
  19. It wasn't his crypt keeper looks that is for sure. Rick Perry has said Trump is the chosen one sent by God. You cannot make this insane shit up. He said God often uses imperfect people. That is putting it mildly in this case. Russia has so much dirt on GOP politicians that is obvious. Ol Rick is rumored to be GAY GAY GAY. No doubt he has compromising pics. The Russians have been working GOP pols for decades.
  20. Liberal billionaires need to get off their asses and buy up media like conservatives do. Liberals are too fair. This is war.
  21. You're right. Many straight people love and enjoy Madonna. I assumed since you were here, and male and from the USA, you were gay. That is a stupid assumption since I personally know many straight male Madonna fans. That said, anybody who would vote for this person, or vote for a 3rd party, knowing the extreme threat he posed is infuriating and unforgivable. We learn from history or so I hope. I use to curse the German people. How could they let someone like Hitler rise to power? The signs were there. The atrocious personality and policies were there. The language used was there. Yet, it
  22. I love you, Jazzy. I understand your POV. I just think voting for a candidate that makes you feel warm and fuzzy results with you, at the end of the day, accepting a coalition that ends up being exactly like the Dems and Repubs. And so many want to equate them as being equally as bad when the Republicans are just about completely corrupt and have sold out the USA it is not fair to distinguish between them. One is a normal party. The other is a wholly corrupt sell out. I am fucking PISSED beyond belief this has happened to my country.
  23. Yes, if you supported a 3rd party knowing in the USA it is meaningless and you have a dozen posts, I have suspicions. Any person who is gay who would even dare put their rights on the line for Gary Johnson, a way out there nutjob, I have to question your motives. I am sick of gays saying they are conservative and there is no other option. Bullshit! Gary Johnson had no fucking chance (and he would NOT be good for us) no matter the state you vote in. Did you do it for shits and giggles? Congrats! Hope you're happy! I am not old enough to remember how fucking awful it was for gays back in the day
  24. Thank you! That last part sounds so much like right wing talking points. It sounds so left wing because the GOP has pushed our narrative so far right. If you look at FDR, he did so many "radical left policies" that are extremely popular and actually work today as well as then. Far left did not fuck anything. The far right did and has pushed us so far right we think the center is conservative. It is not. Trump is popular with so many because he espouses fiscally liberal ideals while governing as a typical conservative (tax cuts for the rich, huge military spending) which never wo
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