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  1. Democrats did excellent in the election last week. It looks to be a 37-40 seat gain in a very gerrymandered House. The Senate saw Dems flip 2 Red seats to Blue, one of them in Arizona of all places. The vote was razor thin in Texas, Georgia and of course, Florida where the Dem Senator can still eek out a victory which would net the Repugs ONE seat in a brutal Senate map. Houston and Dallas counties went completely Democrat. It was a slaughter. Texas is edging Democrat. It was so close. If more people voted, like in a Presidential year, Beto may have won. The local races Democrats won were amazing and of course the Governorships flipped. California went so hard for the Dems they may have a 47-8 lead in House representation.
  2. That was bad. Almost as bad as the ad from the GOP Gov nominee where he literally says things like "I drive big trucks and say Merry Christmas and want the illegals out of this country. If that offends you, too bad." They are a parody of themselves. The Onion and SNL come to life.
  3. If you read the indictment of Maria Butina, Russian spy, it clearly says there are secret societies within the Republican Party aligned with Russia. She infiltrated the NRA and other conservative groups, had an affair with a "leading conservative" and has pics with so many prominent GOPers. This rot goes deep and shows conservatives here will sell out their country for power. The Russian collusion goes far beyond Pres Bone Spurs. Please read Seth Abramson's 65 point take on the Butina indictment. It is long but worth your time because this has the GOP shitting their pants. We are talking collusion from the top to the bottom.
  4. They interviewed some today and yup, they still support him! Nothing will change their minds so I wish people would stop talking to them. They don't use logic or basic comprehension skills. They're zombies.
  5. I read somewhere today that 32% of Australians support his job performance! What gives??????
  6. Are we living in reality? I am LMFAO at the backtracking. The worst backtracking I have ever seen. Weak, impotent man.
  7. We are living in a special hell right now. Watching treason in real time. I've never seen anything like it. There really aren't words.
  8. He just said the EU is the foe of the USA. This shit is brazen and right out in the open. He's Putin's bitch. Putin owns the Republican party and Trump Lock, stock and treasonous barrel.
  9. He is doing this for his own political fortunes. His base sees this as him fighting for them when his tariff's are hurting them bad yet they still support him. His supporters are pushing that narrative. They are literally losing their jobs and still support him because "he is fighting for us". The hell he is. It is all entertainment, for show, to give him that message. He's going to crash the economy but if he still wins, it's all good.
  10. Why if? That's the problem. They can't pander to every single person who wants the Dems to be perfect. If that is what it takes for you to vote then do what you gotta do because it's not going to happen. I would think the shitstorm we are experiencing would be enough.
  11. Ummmm no. That's not a way I will go out of this world. Maybe we can entice the woman who shot the rare giraffe recently to try this?????
  12. I'm with you. Some did want this. Anyone who thinks she would've been anywhere near the absolute clusterfuck we have now is insane. Susan Sarandon is an entitled bitch for her bullshit. She isn't going to suffer. Now, abortion and gay right are on the line.
  13. Ugh! Unfair! I call a foul! WHHHYYYYYYYYYY???????? LOL and I JUST ate so now I'm nauseous. Thank Ulizos!
  14. The Dems are too ideologically vast to have a candidate who will make everyone happy. Sit it out all you want.
  15. The problem with the left is the Dems are a big tent party. Lots of moderates. Some would say too many fiscally center people. The left isn't a cohesive group. The right is easily riled up. There is so much hate on the right. They are easy pickings for inflammatory talk. The left- not so much. The right reacts emotionally while the left is contemplative. Plus,as we saw the last time, there are too many groups on the left who, if their pet issue isn't addressed to their satisfaction, they will not vote. As bad as some of you say Hillary was, she still won more than 3 million votes over Dumpster. She barely lost over 3 states. And that was with Russian trolls, FBI October surprise and years of right wing smears. She would have won without that October surprise from Comey. Whoever the Dems nominate, save the bitching about them and VOTE!
  16. Sweetie, I accepted that a long time ago. Trust me. PREACH! As for your last line, see my post above about what Meghan McCain said on the View.
  17. So, this tariff shit is hurting more and more people. Tx Gov Abbott (R-Scumbag Sociopath) has sent a letter to Trump begging him to reconsider his steel tariffs because they could hurt hundreds of thousands of Texas job. Boo-fucking-hoo. Elections have consequences. Here is the really fucked up thing- they interviewed all these people from North Dakota to Texas to Wisconsin about how their businesses are suffering right now because of this direct policies and EVERY SINGLE PERSON said they still support him!!!!!!! Meghan McCain, on the View, in response to Joy Behar saying his policies are hurting his voters, said people in the heartland don't care because he has -get this- BETTER MESSAGING! Joy asked if they didn't care if they can tell he is flat out lying to which Meghan replied yes, he makes them feel good. Right there she admitted they LIKE their snake oil salesman. These people really would eat their own shit if he said it's what he wanted. They would form a human centipede if he ordered them to. This is BEYOND cultish.
  18. I really like Michael Avenatti but a lawyer has zero chance of becoming the next Prez. Though, who woulda thought a corrupt, depraved, failed, crooked real estate reality star woulda become Prez. What do I know?
  19. I am on a poli-sci board from my alma mater. People there are freaking out over this. It appears Justice Kennedy is retiring before he is implicated in this Russian mess. Read this guys twitter and the comments from all the readers. Something is brewing.
  20. Any good hearted Canadians want to marry me so I can escape what is soon to be a hell hole of a country? It can just be for show until I get my Canadian citizenship. Please?
  21. Or 5 if Breyer goes as well. Scalia died unexpectedly so anything is possible, though not probable. Thomas might retire IF it looks all but certain a Dem would win in 2020. If he doesn't, we need a 2 termer AND a Dem to win in 2028. Texas might be ripe to turn Blue by 2024 and likely 2028.
  22. I hate to sound too alarmist but with Kennedy retiring, we're fucked. Like FUCKED, if we weren't already. Gay rights is totally on the line now. This court has had NO issue overturning precedent. I am bummed beyond belief now. Our only hope is if the liberals can stay alive, we elect a Dem in 2020 and Thomas croaks (I am not wishing for that but that is the ONLY scenario where this works out favorably) and we replace him with a liberal justice. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK
  23. It is because we are an oligarchy now. The rich run the GOP and constrain the Dems. They own and run the media. When you have so few people who own 90 plus % of the wealth, well, that is bad and we seeing the consequences. It is enough to get a solid 35% believing anything you tell them. Trump chose the perfect party to run with. They were ripe for the picking.
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