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  1. Ugh. I hate to say it but she sounds annoying. I have a hard time imagining Madonna approving of her writing like that. The Madonna I know ( or think I know) would slap the "like redonculous-ness" right out of her.
  2. When I voted it read "Come back next month to vote on a new set of icons" or something like that. I would think they would discuss all of them.
  3. This is damn impressive she was chosen as just one of 20 globally renowned musicians of the past 50 years! Another notch in her belt. Another validation to add to her impressive collection.
  4. Madonna has always been so amazingly open minded and without prejudice I always found so much strength in her. She puts her money where her mouth is. She is simply astounding in this respect.
  5. I have grown in my admiration of Lady Gaga as of late. I think her finding inspiration in Madonna only enhances Madonna's legend because Gaga has made some really good music in a short period of time. And she is talented. I have to make this observation. I watched "Party Monster" the other night and Lady Gaga is 100% what they were. LOL. Maybe she has made a reference to it that I am not aware but if not she totally ripped them off.
  6. Madonna'a social rank is 33? And Britney's is 2? I don't know anyone talking about Britney anymore. Certainly with SST and Glee, Madonna was very hot this year. I would have figured her higher than 10 but whatevs- 10 is great!
  7. I never said Gaga wasn't talented. I actually like her. I only said whenever someone sees someone play a piano they automatically give you the talent card. They don't wait to see if the person can play it well all they see is someone banging on a piano and automatically think they are talented. Then again, you knew what I was saying you were just typically trying to start shit per usual. Passive/aggressiveness doesn't suit you well.
  8. LOL. I thought what I said was pretty clear. Glad you saw the same thing.
  9. Yawn. Of course you would misconstrue what I said.
  10. I love how people see Gaga play the piano and they instantly think she must be talented. I've noticed this for other artists as well. If you play the piano most people seem to instantly give you the talent card.
  11. It is funny that everyone is very quick to believe this "leaked" photo is unaltered to make her look worse. Like you have to be a loon to believe this. There is no fucking way that pic is unaltered. It is 100% altered to make her look worse. Yes, she is older and yes she doesn't look 25 anymore but she doesn't look like this shitty pic either.
  12. I dunno. The pic is so odd. I mean, we see her neck all the time. You can't hide sagging or wrinkly skin on the neck. I have never seen her neck area look even remotely bad so I don't see how that is her actual neck or if it wasn't altered to look worse. Otherwise, she has large pores is about all that is wrong with her skin. There aren't many people who would look great that close up. I think I have great skin but I have accidently had the mirror on the magnified side when I checked myself and was like eeeeeek.
  13. Oh yes so true. I cannot tell you the number of people who come up to me and say "I saw the worst pic of Madonna recently. She looks awful."
  14. No. If you think that is caked on make up then either you need glasses or she needs a waaaaaaay better make up person.
  15. For a 51 year old with no makeup she looks fucking amazing. I would never guess she was 51 in this pic.
  16. Exactly. As much as I loved some of her songs, Cyndi didn't have the potential of Madonna. She ran out of gas. Her music started sucking. Her act grew tiresome. Nobody cared. I do get why so many female singers are either huge fans or hate her- Madonna just consumed so much air many found it impossible to compete. Kinda if you can't beat em, join em.
  17. For those who do not know our Savior Madonna shall have their flesh impaled with a thousand conical bras and be banished to the land of Pink Demonic elephants and arsenic laced lemonade FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  18. I don't think anyone is being THAT DIRE about this. Sheesh. Take your own advice and chill. Maybe I was wrong but I wasn't reading most comments about this queen thinking anyone was seriously upset he didn't know who Madonna was.
  19. Not surprised as radio is so segmented over the last 5-7 years unlike when I was growing up and they played everybody, old and new songs, on the same stations. I was aware of every major artist even when I was very young. Meanwhile, when this queen hits 20 years old, dollars to donuts his ass is dressing up in a boytoy belt belting Vogue.
  20. There isn't a gay boy alive who hasn't heard of Madonna. When I go out, MOST of the young crowd not only like Madonna, they love her. At least here in Houston. However, gays tend to be very.......trendy and Gaga is very "in" right now. Naturally, Madonna is on the wane because she hasn't done anything new in almost 2 years ( and no, I don't count the single Celebration as new). Madonna is still as relevant today as she was 10 years ago with her fan base, girls and gays. Once she comes out with something hot and new, it will be Madonna mania all over again. Gaga isn't going to diss her because she is sincere when she says she likes and respects her. I am sure she will say something dumb concerning Madonna eventually but Gaga knows where to give respect.
  21. It was a nice quote. So happy someone more talented is being compared to and inspired by Madonna than say Brit Brit.
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