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  1. How was this not on the 1st CD? This song is a, pardon the pun, beautiful killer of a song. The lyrics, beat, the voice! This is single material!
  2. I see more good reviews where they just have to denigrate her songwriting or voice. Can someone just give her credit for being a more than passable singer and songwriter? At least that last review mentioned the versatility in her voice which is uncommon as they say. Her voice is often lovely and unique.
  3. It is a really lovely song. Nice lyrics and wonderful, soothing melody. I really didn't think too much of it at first but I really appreciate it now. It deserved that Golden Globe. We'll never know if it would have been an Oscar nominee or winner with its ineligibility but if any of her songs could have done it, this one had a great chance.
  4. Correct. She has been a tad lazy in the lyrics dept for a lot of this past decade but she has and continues to deliver some fantastic songwriting amongst the occasional clunker. The thing about the critics is they seem to put Madonna under a microscope they never put any other artist under. How many "respected" bands and artists can we all name some very stupid lyrics they've written? Plenty. I guess maybe it comes with the territory for being the "most successful" as Madonna is. I have heard some of her detractors admit they do think she is a good singer and a great artist but they are just angry she is the "most successful female singer" when she doesn't have the biggest voice.
  5. Many critics, who seem pained to give Madonna a good reveiw, then have to add a huge qualifier like "Well, we all know lyrics were never her strong suit jajajajajja" and always take away from the positive. The way they word it makes it sound like it is common knowledge that she is not a good songwriter. Just another way of being able to make the case she isn't really talented and that her music is good because of the producers in spite of her. Madonna has written some fantastic songs/lyrics/melodies. And yes she has written some trite/cliched songs/lyrics/melodies but she has proven she is a very good songwriter. God these critics can just fuck off. They can never just give it up to her no matter what. Ever. They've always got to throw in a back handed compliment or get in a dig.
  6. Sweety, apparently not. Now, I hate to break it to you but Gaga is kinda played out. At the top of her game, she only got to #1 in 21 countries while the "has been" Madonna is going to easily get #1 in over 40 countries. Then, look at Katy Perry who had, what, 6 #1 singles last year to Gaga's one and Gaga did 1000x the promotion. Ditto Rihanna. Then there is Adele who annihilated Gaga in everything last year. Gaga, even with suffocating promotion, is an afterthought now. Nobody wants her or misses her.
  7. Thank you Viktor! *Standing ovation* Please post more! Everytime I hear certain singers on the radio, I say to myself "Oh, computer has a new single out" because that is exactly what it sounds like, a computer! I've tried telling people before that you cannot fake having a decent voice even in the studio. They have to have something to work off of. If you don't have something of a voice, your "voice" will sound so computerized it might as well *be* a computer because essentially that is what it is
  8. I'm telling you, next it will be "Madonna, who is just a few years from turning 60" as soon as she turns 54.
  9. I remember when she was like 45 and all they could say was "Madonna, approaching 50". Now that she is past 50, they always add years to her age! LOL, what cunts!
  10. It depends on many factors such as how much dancing she does and whether or not she really does some good, proper vocal training. No one could sing those songs like the record given the amount of dancing she does. Someone told me once that they were surprised Madonna could sing as well as she does given that trained dancers like Madonna supposedly are trained to take short breaths and sometimes to hold their breath when dancing. Don't know if that is true but it is interesting.
  11. Fuck off when people say this! This person can lick my pussy for saying this as if it is fact. I hate when critics write that her fans don't come for her lyrics or voice. I do. It is and always has been just as important as the actual music. I can honestly say I probably wouldn't enjoy her music as much if she wasn't actually singing it.
  12. It's the Grammy's people. Do not get your hopes up. It could get universal 5 out of 5 stars and they would still likely not nominate her especially if it underperforms commercially.
  13. OK, this cannot live up to this type of hype! STOP IT! LOL.
  14. Guys, STOP IT! It cannot be this good. It can't. You guys are high... I will not and cannot not get my hopes up MDNA is this good...
  15. OMG am I reading what I am reading? Glowing, immense positivity? Here? Something must've leaked. I will wait for the CD to come out on March 26th but pls don't let this be overhyped because judging by this reaction, we have got a massive M event about to happen!
  16. Frozen totally counts. I think it has become so much of a Madonna pop song people forget when it came out, many people were like "WTF is she doing". Frozen was a huge risk but it paid off because many people were hungry for something different...and the song is great. Live to Tell was a gigantic risk for her. Not only was it very different sounding, it was unlike anything she had done and unlike anything on the radio at the time. It was a musical 180 from what she had previously done.
  17. Holy Shit now we are talking. Love it love it love it. A stunner for sure.
  18. One thing I would like to point out is Madonna is no ordinary pop star so we really can't compare what she could or couldn't do to ANY other pop star. I think if any older act *can* get big airplay and big hits at this stage it is Madonna. Doesn't mean she will I just think she is the *only* one who could. The rules don't really apply to Madonna like they do other artists. She still has that *appeal* no matter her age. The Superbowl got so many lapsed fans excited about her again and even the younger crowd were very interested and they would never be similarly interested in any other older pop/rock star I don't think.
  19. That review confirms Like A Prayer was sung live. On youtube, from the many videos posted by those in the audience, you can hear her breathing in and out as she sings the song but that isn't the case for Vogue, Music or GMAYL.
  20. And it would have been a massive success had the song been stronger. I get they wanted a "cheerleader" angle but the song should have had more of an edge to it. Flat out it just should have been better. They missed a golden once in a lifetime opportunity here.
  21. Same here! Everyone has had such positive responses to this. She really introduced herself to a new generation and made everyone else remember what a legend she is.
  22. Just a poster trying to enjoy this Madonnamania...
  23. That was very rude. There is nothing wrong with Strawberry's posts. You are a new poster and to take such a hostile position with someone who has obviously been here longer is strange. Strawberry has as much right to their position as yours. Strawberry seems to love Madonna so what, exactly, IS the problem?
  24. It did for my Uncle who had to eat his words when he said everyone at our SB party would hate her. They all loved her and after throwing a hissy fit about how she "sucked" he then admitted later, drunk azz shit, that he did love the Like A Prayer part and she "looks doable". lol
  25. Like A Prayer was live for sure. The rest was obviously lipped. She gave a great performance and everyone I know thought so. But Like A Prayer was sung live and she sounded great.
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