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  1. There is zero way a Medicare For All would get passed by Congress. Zero. I abhor conservatism. It has ruined so many economies and lives over the years. However, Bernie isn't going to make any changes being aggressive. He is divisive. Incrementalism works. Give people a public option for health care and watch Medicare For All be a reality in 10-15 years, if not sooner. We have to give Democrats both chambers of Congress and keep it in the 2022 midterms. If we could ever get 8 years from a Democratic president with a Democratic Congress, I think we would all see the true different they would make vs always cleaning up messes after GOP presidents or having to deal with one or both chambers of Congress in GOP control.
  2. No, she didn't. You cherry pick her record. I wonder if some of you really look at the two parties and understand how fundamentally they are very different. The GOP is an abhorrent, mean, nasty party which only care about the very rich, business and the concerns of the very religious (Christian mainly) and white. Democrats have always pushed for policies that benefit the people- Clinton gave actual gun control, attempted health care reform, tax increases on the wealthy and a balanced budget with surpluses. Obama actually gave health care reform, saved us from a deep Depression, tax increases on the wealthy, a declining deficit, saved the auto industry. Neither man was perfect nor their policies but they advanced so many things to help the average person. Obama took the most Wall Street cash in 2008 then turned around and screwed Wall Street hard with reforms. Then he created the organization Warren supported and appointed her to it. In 2012, Wall Street turned to Romney but still gave to Obama. He turned around and screwed them again. Both Clinton and Obama were stopped or slowed by a GOP Congress. Democrats represent very diverse sections of the USA. Many represent areas which are very moderate. The choice is either a "corporate donor class Democrat" -which is a Russian talking point and it is completely stupid and wrong- or a very conservative Republican who will vote for more extreme conservative judges. Russian talking points attacking Democrats have become so mainstream it is frightening. They started those talking points way before 2016. I am sick of bothsides and whataboutism. Both sides are not equally responsible for the shit that has happened. The USA was turned into a business loving, labor hating country by the GOP. Once the rich became insanely rich, media companies were bought and consolidated and along with their new found riches came unprecedented power. With it did come more social liberalism since business is socially liberal to a large degree. Hillary's script comment is what they all do. If you listen to those tapes where she is talking to the banks it is a huge nothing burger. She actually says she will do things they do not like and says change has to be made. My Bernie Bro cousin actually liked her more after reading the transcripts. Bernie is not the answer. This is not 2016. Trump is a known quantity now. No one wants more of him. Bernie will get nothing done. Nothing. It will be 4 years of futile fighting. He is not getting the votes. Even young people turned out LESS this year than in 2016. I am as liberal as you can get and Bernie is just too extreme. Biden is not my first or second choice but I guarantee you he will get more progressive policies passed than a divisive Bernie would. Incrementalism works. It isn't sexy but it works. The American voting public is easily scared; look at how they reacted to the Obamacare passage? Yet, 10 years later a public option is now the MAINSTREAM position! You have to ease them into something. A revolution is not what they want though they need it. A nice grandpa can ease them into some of those changes. Biden will get a lot of good accomplished I have no doubt. Amen! I love everything you said! So true! Exactly! The Establishment was poor/middle class blacks in South Carolina? Blacks and College Educated Whites came out in droves for Biden. We do not know what it is like to have a true Democratic administration. The last time we had this was under Pres Johnson. Clinton and Obama only had 2 years of total Democratic rule (and got a lot of great things accomplished) before Congress turned over to GOP control. I understand our generations have never felt and seen what 8 years of total Democratic control looks like and the difference it makes. When we had it, under FDR/Truman (16 years) and Kennedy/Johnson (8 years) it transformed the country for the better in so many ways. Carter had 4 years but inherited a GOP mess. Clinton and Obama were also handed GOP messes. Democrats seem to always be handed Republican messes to clean up yet Democrats always leave Republican presidents booming economies.
  3. Conservatives snowflakes are up in arms over this. I loved it. He is the most vile, rude and malicious person. He does way worse all the time. She tears up his speech (on live TV) and that is a bridge too far????????????????
  4. Yet I bet they care not one fuck about the kids at the border in cages..........
  5. It wasn't his crypt keeper looks that is for sure. Rick Perry has said Trump is the chosen one sent by God. You cannot make this insane shit up. He said God often uses imperfect people. That is putting it mildly in this case. Russia has so much dirt on GOP politicians that is obvious. Ol Rick is rumored to be GAY GAY GAY. No doubt he has compromising pics. The Russians have been working GOP pols for decades.
  6. Liberal billionaires need to get off their asses and buy up media like conservatives do. Liberals are too fair. This is war.
  7. You're right. Many straight people love and enjoy Madonna. I assumed since you were here, and male and from the USA, you were gay. That is a stupid assumption since I personally know many straight male Madonna fans. That said, anybody who would vote for this person, or vote for a 3rd party, knowing the extreme threat he posed is infuriating and unforgivable. We learn from history or so I hope. I use to curse the German people. How could they let someone like Hitler rise to power? The signs were there. The atrocious personality and policies were there. The language used was there. Yet, it happened to a sophisticated country. Now, I totally get it. I apologize to to the German people for ever feeling this way because it is happening here now. I can see how the German people, or the dumb ones, were suckered. Just like here. The parallels are astounding. That said, you come to a message board full of LGBT members and admit to voting 3rd party with almost a giggle about it. It pisses me off! I fought for my rights. I don't take them for granted so it pisses me off when someone freely admits to voting for a 3rd party when a perfectly good alternative is present. I do not respect conservatives. They have shown throughout history to not have the interest of anybody but their own.
  8. I love you, Jazzy. I understand your POV. I just think voting for a candidate that makes you feel warm and fuzzy results with you, at the end of the day, accepting a coalition that ends up being exactly like the Dems and Repubs. And so many want to equate them as being equally as bad when the Republicans are just about completely corrupt and have sold out the USA it is not fair to distinguish between them. One is a normal party. The other is a wholly corrupt sell out. I am fucking PISSED beyond belief this has happened to my country.
  9. Yes, if you supported a 3rd party knowing in the USA it is meaningless and you have a dozen posts, I have suspicions. Any person who is gay who would even dare put their rights on the line for Gary Johnson, a way out there nutjob, I have to question your motives. I am sick of gays saying they are conservative and there is no other option. Bullshit! Gary Johnson had no fucking chance (and he would NOT be good for us) no matter the state you vote in. Did you do it for shits and giggles? Congrats! Hope you're happy! I am not old enough to remember how fucking awful it was for gays back in the day but I am old enough to remember how fucking bad enough it was. No fucking conservative or libertarian (what a JOKE) deserves my vote-ever. They actively would appoint people who would take my RIGHTS away. Even the Libertarian assholes who talk a great game but who are frauds. They are closeted conservatives. I have my degree in political science and worked on numerous campaigns and was a congressional intern. I know the game.
  10. Thank you! That last part sounds so much like right wing talking points. It sounds so left wing because the GOP has pushed our narrative so far right. If you look at FDR, he did so many "radical left policies" that are extremely popular and actually work today as well as then. Far left did not fuck anything. The far right did and has pushed us so far right we think the center is conservative. It is not. Trump is popular with so many because he espouses fiscally liberal ideals while governing as a typical conservative (tax cuts for the rich, huge military spending) which never works. Fiscal liberalism as always moved the middle class forward. You have to remember her campaign was operating on internal polls. There was no reason to believe she lost those states. She was FUCKED, FUCKED hard by Comey. Then add in the Russians possilbly (they hacked over 30 states) several state votes as well as all the other I mentioned and she was against a perfect storm. YET she STILL won.
  11. Hold up: How would multiple parties help? They would need to build coalitions to govern and we would be right back where we are: either center-left or center-right. Exactly where we are with both parties though the GOP has drifted far, far right. Anyone supporting 3rd parties is frankly throwing your vote away for what? So you can feel you're "above it all?" Any person who is gay willing to risk their rights with right wing judges on the bench for a lifetime is.......well I better not say. Hillary was actually a very progressive, though pragmatic, leader. It is bullshit her campaign was as flawed as some think in hindsight. She was and is one of the strongest candidates we have ever run though she was 4 years too late in 2016. Still, she did extraordinary against all the odds stacked against her. Trump beat out 16 of the GOP's best and brightest EASILY. She had everything against her- the media, the FBI, Comey, the Russians, the Saudis, all the GOP dark money, all the conservative billionaires, Bernie never fully and enthusiastically endorsing her, years and years of smears and lies YET she won almost 4 million more votes than he did. He "won" with over 77,000 spread out over 3 states. And it was a change election. Despite all of this, she won. Bernie would have won? TF he would have. It would have been a landslide in Trump's favor. Bernie has a lot of dirt no one has used on him. I am very liberal but he scares too many people. Now we are in the biggest shit show this country has ever seen in a hundred and something years. Yet here we are with a TV clown as president because of course that is where things were headed. People want to be entertained with twists and shocks instead of someone who knows what they are doing and was highly qualified. It is one humiliation after another and still a good 40% of this country is just fine with it all. The US is an oligarchy and they convince the poor and middle class to carry their water. Shameful. 10% of the people have 90% of the wealth. That isn't sustainable. 90% of us are fighting over 10% of the pie while they pillage us for more. And we grovel at their feet! And no, don't start with the corporate Dem bullshit. That is a complete right wing talking point. The right wing screams "BOTH SIDES ARE JUST AS BAD" because they can't defend anything they've done. People who use that argument are either out conservatives or closeted ones. Conservatives the world over are fucking the people and planet. When the population starts catching on, they create a crisis and scream about migrants and racism and religion and guns. Conservatives haven't done shit for mankind.
  12. Blaming both sides means no one actually gets the blame. They are not equally to blame. But if you want to blame both sides, you let the side who does the vast amount of damage off the hook. Blaming both sides is truly a right wing talking point here in the USA. Any time they are losing an argument they say this. That way, they will never be held accountable for the messes they have made and are responsible for 90% of the time.
  13. I disagree. Blaming both sides is what conservatives have lived on. It is their #1 talking point. It is how they survive. Dems have raised taxes on the rich every time they have had presidency (twice) over the last 30 years. They are the only party to have put any type of constraints on banks, huge companies. They are the only party who has installed or actively enforced regulation. Yet, big business and most of the uber wealthy donate to the GOP disproportionately. I was a Congressional intern so I know how it all works. Both sides are not equally to blame. It is nowhere near 50/50. If you had total Democrat control from 1980 to now, we would not be anywhere near an Oligarchy. Sadly, the Dems need big money to be able to compete but they don't do anything close to what the GOP does for big business. One party is the problem 99-1 while the other is 30-70. Democrats have the deck stacked against them with big money, Fox Spews, other conservative media. and so many in rural areas who would benefit so much from liberal economics but who are so socially conservative (usually abortion) they will not vote for a Democrat. Both sides are NOT the problem.
  14. The US, under the incompetent and disastrous leadership of Republicans and Trump, have put us on a path where it could be 2008 all over again but far worse. The Obama economy has turned out to have a very solid foundation to support long term growth and stability. Then comes the wrecking ball as president who gives us huge tax cuts for the rich during solid economic conditions and very low unemployment as well as increased spending. We are running a trillion dollar deficit now while experiencing great economic conditions, for the most part. That is fiscal insanity. Democrats have had to clean up after Republican presidents so many times. People wonder why more has not been done but when you are constantly cleaning up the mess left by Republicans what more can they do? Just when the mess is cleaned up, the Dems are voted out of Congress and the Republicans just obstruct the rest of the time. When 10% of our country has 90% of the wealth and gaining, this is not sustainable. 90% of us are fighting over 10% of the wealth. The US is an Oligarchy. The rich own and run everything. Conservatives love to say the media is liberal but the media is corporate owned 99%. Corporations may be socially more liberal but they are fiscally (TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH!) conservative. The big winners under this president are China and Russia, who both want him to win because they have a useful idiot in the office. They feared Hillary as President. They stopped her at any and all costs.
  15. I'll never understand how someone could derive pleasure from killing anything much less creatures like giraffes, lions, elephants. I cannot wrap my brain around it. And I'm glad I can't. I don't want to know how someone could feel pleasure from something so cruel and unnecessary. There was a quote from some woman who killed an exotic animal and she said as she aimed at it, she smiled knowing the amount of liberals who would be upset. What kind of person thinks this way? A sociopath. I do think a sizable amount of these people are sociopaths.
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