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  1. jamesshot

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    President of the USA, calling an actor grade school names while using his typical bruised ego fueled hyperbole. SMFH
  2. jamesshot

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump's foreign policy team said the Trump doctrine is "We have no friends or enemies" and, get this, "Permanent destabilization creates American advantage". Yes, you read that right. Then THIS one- "We're America, BITCH". Holy SHIT. You CANNOT make this up. The batshit is real. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2018/06/12/what-the-trump-doctrine-reveals-about-trumps-foreign-policy/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.3281cdacfbdd
  3. jamesshot

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Geez, anything to scare the people. Most people are freaking dumb as a box as rocks if they believe this shit or that a fucking WALL will stop it.
  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. All true!
  5. jamesshot

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump is slowly tearing apart our relationship with our allies, cozying up to Putin and Russia, cozying up to Kim Jong Un. There is so much crazy shit going on with his administration from the Russian shit, the tax cut shit, the tariff shit, the crazy shit his cabinet is doing, his insane, juvenile tweets, his total lack of vocabulary, his constant hyperbole, his shameful nonstop LIES, it is just hard to wrap your head around because it is CONSTANT! So much so, people here tune it out. It APPEARS the media is against him because there is literally nonstop crazy shit to report but his supporters just see it as the tired old "liberal media" jargon. Suicide rates are up and I wonder if some of it isn't tied to the fact facts don't matter anymore and corporations have just raped our country of a middle class. I know so many people who are just bullied at work by bosses because there are no employee protections anymore. The Republicans BLATANTLY do things to help the very rich and connected yet SELL it like they're doing the middle class. The Democrats haven't found the right formula to fight this but if they do big money POURS in from billionaires and corporations and they end up demolished.
  6. With accepting migrants, it is stirring intense far-right reactions fueled by citizens fears, just or unjust. This will only make the situation for migrants worse. I don't know the solution. It is a sad situation all around. I don't want to see more EU countries fall to far-right govts. The damage done could be enormous. I fear the dissolution of democracies to fascism which is always the tendency to far-right govts. It's like the 1930's all over again.
  7. I am just blown away at the govt Italy has now. WTF is wrong with Italy? (same can be said for the USA and others). We are getting these far-right govts due to immigration. We need to find a solution to take this off the table. People are losing their minds over it. I'm not sure, though, why these migrants, many of them muslim, wouldn't want to find refuge in another muslim country? They face hostility and intense hate in many Western countries.
  8. jamesshot

    New Album Means New Tour

    Nothing at all. It is impressive she has toured to such success without doing a GH tour........but with diminishing returns. If she is happy with that, then who am I to care. I suspect she wants to be on top in the end. I just don't get why so many of her fans loathe the idea of a proper GH tour with original arrangements. It would be fun after all this time. And it would endear her to so many casual fans. If she decides it isn't something she wants or cares about, great.
  9. jamesshot

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He just doesn't care about his love for Russia and Putin being blatant. His supporters just don't care either. He picked the right party for his shenanigans. The Dems aren't perfect but he could never get away with all of this if he were a Democrat. The GOP's moral center has collapsed into nothing. He loathes Europe and loves Russia. He is trying to realign us with Russia it appears.
  10. jamesshot

    New Album Means New Tour

    I saw her at stadium gigs in Houston twice and loved it! Though I have been front and center since CT and can't go back to where the peasants sit 🙂
  11. jamesshot

    New Album Means New Tour

    If she is to do a tour with a lot of new material, then she needs to do a limited smaller venue tour. Demand is not there for larger venues in most markets with a lot of new material. THEN, with Taylor and Elton likely to challenge or pass SST numbers, she should come back with a full on GH tour with songs close to the original compositions and freaking demolish the touring record once and for all.
  12. jamesshot

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Shit is about to hit the fan according to those in the know (from watching CNN and MSNBC analysts). His team is flailing because they know shit is about to go down. Experts say Mueller may be about to make his move with the Manafort situation overnight and Trump's lawyers' files getting the green light and not protected under attorney/client privilege. Most of the experts say, from all indications, the end game will be starting in and around June 15th. This is why we are hearing all this shit about pardons and such. I hope this shit stain on the USA goes down and all the Republicans with him. They are all fuck ass deep in this Russian mess. They all knew. They wanted that Supreme Court seat and these judge vacancies filled up with far right nuts bad enough to collude (or allow) the Russians to attack us. I've heard (from a friend in politics) that we may end up with Orrin Hatch as President soon. Trump, Pence and Ryan are all complicit in this Russian mess and will go down. Hatch is next in line.
  13. I was within a few feet of her night 1 for MDNA in Houston and front row stage night 2, floor about 9 seats from catwalk RHT Chicago. She pointed the gun at me and winked night 1 and touched my hand night 2 (MDNA). VERY tiny. Her skin was flawless. Only "flaw" was a noticeable vein on her temple. She is gorgeous in person. She is very fit but her muscles do not look anything bulky like some pics make them out to be. Just very very fit. Like I said, she is tiny and her muscles match her body.
  14. jamesshot

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    For me the tour is special because Night 1 she pointed a gun right at me and winked. Night 2 she touched my hand. Front row in the golden triangle both nights. The opening is one of her best. But the song choice was shit. It did have great renditions of LAP, V, EY, LS. She looked FANTASTIC! And those late starts were bad for business. She needs to do a GH tour just to give casuals what they want and to put her back in their good graces. I think her legacy is suffering atm.