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  1. 19luckystar93

    Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    What's happen is being reported on the local radio as terrorism which is exactly what it is. This is truly just devastating. Pulse is one of the most fun clubs in Orlando and have so many great memories there. What that psycho did was meant to instill fear, everything feels so wrong today
  2. 19luckystar93

    Miami January 24

    I'm so glad I resisted spoilers and saw the show for myself last night, truly remarkable! Even though I had better seats for MDNA, this show felt so much more intimate and personable. She was so relaxed and funny as hell. I felt everyone around me was in a good mood and enjoyed the show. The crowd was more eager to see Madonna rather than angry at her lateness. I had a couple of coworkers ask me how late she was today. How people can find ways to complain about things they weren't even there for is beyond me lol
  3. 19luckystar93

    Miami January 24

    I hope so. They admitted everyone into the arena late because of a sound check
  4. I was talking to a guy online who was convinced that I was a "fake" because I'm 21 (not even that young tbh) and a Madonna fan... I preordered my copy of Rebel Heart today and I really feel that it's going to have something for everyone on it, regardless of age.
  5. 19luckystar93

    Miami 20th November - 2nd Official Recording Date

    Thank you! =] I was surprised myself, I thought I was barely going to be able to see her. The arena felt smaller than I expected. There were not even any big screens to watch it on, which I thought was strange. I felt bad for the people in the nosebleeds lol
  6. 19luckystar93

    Miami 20th November - 2nd Official Recording Date

    This is me trying to take in the fact that I was going to be in the same room as Madonna lol I can't wait to see how it shows on Blu-ray
  7. 19luckystar93

    Miami 20th November - 2nd Official Recording Date

    I was at this show and I am so happy that the MDNA tour was my first concert experience! I really thought that I wasn't going to be able to make it because of the price but when there's a will there's a way and I wasn't going to miss out on what I feel is one of Madonna's coolest eras. I was sitting in sec 110 and I was shocked to see how close I was to the stage. I didn't mind waiting at all and I felt that generally the audience didn't mind either. In fact, it wasn't until after ten that the arena was really filling up. Maybe people suspected that she would be late? The demographic of the audience was comprised mostly of middle-aged women in groups, perhaps wanting to revisit their glory days in High School. Once the lights went off for GGW everyone in the arena stood up and starting screaming for Madonna. I think this surprised Madonna who I feel might have been a bit anxious/unsure after the audience of the previous night. She even made a remark during her monologue how much more lively the crowd was in comparison. However, even though the audience might have been an improvement to the previous night, I still felt that the only fault to my MDNA experience was the crowd. It really pissed me off to see people not only sitting down but checking their facebooks and emails! I could not believe it, why do you want to check out what your friends on FB are doing, you are seeing Madonna! I almost lost it when these two business men behind me, who had their arms crossed the whole time, asked me to sit down! After the show, as everyone was leaving arena, I overheard a lot of people complaining about the lack of hits. I think most of the audience was not as familiar with the MDNA album like I was. " People responded better to her old hits. I mean, I get that she inspires Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. But she shouldn't change who she is by trying to do techno." -Drunken middle-aged woman " Yea Madonna was alright. But she doesn't really do a concert, it's more of just a show. You know who does an amazing concert? Celine Dion, she is absolutely amazing!" -tasteless gay Like a Prayer was definitely the concert highlight. Everyone was up singing and dancing and I'll never forget it. But I just feel like as an artist, Madonna is just misunderstood.