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  1. Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    What's happen is being reported on the local radio as terrorism which is exactly what it is. This is truly just devastating. Pulse is one of the most fun clubs in Orlando and have so many great memories there. What that psycho did was meant to instill fear, everything feels so wrong today
  2. Miami January 24

    I'm so glad I resisted spoilers and saw the show for myself last night, truly remarkable! Even though I had better seats for MDNA, this show felt so much more intimate and personable. She was so relaxed and funny as hell. I felt everyone around me was in a good mood and enjoyed the show. The crowd was more eager to see Madonna rather than angry at her lateness. I had a couple of coworkers ask me how late she was today. How people can find ways to complain about things they weren't even there for is beyond me lol
  3. Miami January 24

    I hope so. They admitted everyone into the arena late because of a sound check
  4. Only 3 Madonna Albums.

    It was worth a try! Haha
  5. Only 3 Madonna Albums.

    The Immaculate Collection Ray of Light Confessions on a Dancefloor
  6. Buzzfeed: Are you more Madonna or Gaga?

    Does M prefer Dunkin or Starbucks? I'm confused...
  7. avoiding the sun Exercising Being healthy in general I treat my semesters in school as if they're tours and take a vow not to drink at all Using "It's a journey" to describe things
  8. Maybe, I mean I've never watched the entire mv before and it's one of my favorite songs ever. Thank God for the live performances
  9. I looked everywhere for this magazine and couldn't find it. I found the ones for Keith Richards and U2 (both had covers with recent pics js) but no M :/ no wonder she never comes to Orlando...
  10. Interview Magazine Cover

    I want to see that whole outfit!
  11. Thanks for the gif! So, Nikki Harris is the "racist" one then?
  12. Pitchfork 200 Best Songs of the 1980s

    Why Borderline though?
  13. Kelly Clarkson covers Take A Bow on tour

    I like Kelly, but to me this just shows yet again how good a singer Madonna actually is.