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  1. This is too much I was 150% convinced Trump was going to win. michigan is SO FUCKING CLOSE. don’t let us down, Ciccones!
  2. I kind of don't get the point of this. If Biden were to win and something were to happen to him, Harris becomes president. I'm more than ok with that.
  3. They are right and Trump is leading in Ohio and Florida, so it's more likely than not that he will win another 4 years. Popular vote doesn't matter in the US.
  4. This is how Fox News has reported on it and this is what his cult followers will say: \
  5. I bet you 10 dollars it doesn't affect his approval ratings one bit.
  6. FYI I'm not laughing at the alleged abuse, I'm laughing at this prick of a woman quitting her job because of what her daughter posted on Twitter
  7. OMG I didn't want to say anything because if someone in her family was suffering I wouldn't want to make fun of someone for that, but look at this SHIT You cannot make this up
  8. Now it's like my favorite song EVER Moral of the story: don't be a little bitch
  9. Why would you wish death upon her? And this person identifies as a female so you should respect that. I've said this on multiple occasions, but I just don't get the flat out hate for this person who clearly has body dysmorphic disorder. Even if she used the N word, which is super wrong, I don't think she deserves people saying she should die.
  10. I can basically describe my time here at this forum (or any Madonna forum) as my pre-Anti Hillary era and post. Before being vocally against that monster I seemed to be one of the cool kids. And now...
  11. What did Clinton call it when they sign a massive weapons deal with those monsters? A Christmas miracle? A Christmas surprise? Stupid bitch.
  12. I agree. I feel like the e-commerce, namely global e-commerce, is outpacing our global governments' ability to pass legislation aimed at ensuring a fair playing field. However, and this isn't me making excuses, but if I sell certain products online and ship said products from the state of California to France, and France has no law requiring a person or entity in California to pay local taxes on said product, how is that my fault? I'm complying with all laws, regulations and tax obligations. Should I go and pay French profit tax just because it's the moral / right thing to do? And instead of our governments doing anything about it, they're all fighting internally over stupid shit like... whether black athletes should kneel or not during the national anthem in protest of police brutality. Or whether or not it's wrong for local police forces to brutally murder civilians because they gave them a dirty look or looked suspiciously black.
  13. He's barely leading by 7 votes. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but given what happened last time, if you check this map, Biden can't lose a single one of those states that are in light blue or he loses. It seems extremely unlikely that he'll win any of those swing states in brown, and it's very plausible that he loses PA by small tiny amount of votes and therefore the election (Trump currently has a 50% approval rating in that state). To summarize, the whole fucking system is rigged.
  14. Unfortunately, the electoral college will decide who wins. If Biden loses just 1 or 2 swing states, it's 4 more years of this nonsense.
  15. The thing is, less than half of US voters voted for Trump. The Nazi Party in Germany and the National Fascist Party in Italy, just to name 2, had widespread support in their respective countries. President Trump is like one horrible, HORRIBLE fluke.
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