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  1. I mean, you're right, but the girl was 22. I was a huge stupid bitch at that age, trusting all the wrong people However: "In a prior interview, Lewinsky said she didn’t notice the stain until she took the dress out for Thanksgiving. She tried it on for confidante Linda Tripp, who told her it made her look fat. When the two women figured out that the president’s semen was deposited on the blue Gap dress, Tripp — who was taping Lewinsky — encouraged her to keep it." I mean, WHY IN THE WORLD did she trust a bitch who was telling her she looked fat!
  2. I'm sorry, but sisters before misters. Backstabbing your girls is NEVER ok, no matter how juicy the gossip. Also, I'm reading about this stain: "In 1998 grand jury testimony, she said she initially thought the marks on her dress “could be spinach dip or something.” OH... MY... GOD
  3. Although I agree with your sentiment, I think this type of over-simplification is the reason why Trump won in the first place and why we will once again end up with a Republican sooner or later and why it’s so difficult for Democrats to take control of Congress. White, rural America (who generally happen to be evangelical xenophobes) has been struggling and disappearing for decades, and Democrats have done next to nothing at least since I can remember to make these people feel included in their overall vision of America. Whether we like it or not they are part of America; a big part of A
  4. Thanks guys! I had no idea about this stupid bitch but I’m glad she’s dead and upset she didn’t die any sooner. #yeahisaiditandwhat
  5. At the conclusion of Lewinsky's interrogation, the jurors offered Lewinsky the chance to offer any last words. "I hate Linda Tripp," she said.
  6. Can someone explain what the woman did? I’m too young and petite to remember. thanks
  7. I haven’t been shocked in a long time by the mess that is Trump and the shit he does, but I can’t believe he’s managed to turn the entire conversation into allegations about fraud
  8. That would be marvelous. His only purpose is to counteract trumps craziness because he’s the most meh person on the planet
  9. His legacy will last no doubt. He’s opened up the door for future populists. But like Bush Jr., the anger we felt back then is a thing of the past. I’m ready for Trump to be that.
  10. He’s admittedly a smart man. The narrative will be “I lost, but only because of illegal votes.” Ugh I’m so fucking glad he’ll slowly become a thing of the past
  11. Do you think Trudeau will let us back into Canada now that the tragedy that is Trump is almost behind us?
  12. I'm just going to drink that champagne in the fridge, celebrate and live in my own fantasy like Valentina. It's literally impossible for Trump to catch up at this point. Stupid piece of shit orange racist slob asshole. I HATE HIM SO MUCH
  13. Wishful thinking. They’ll be pissed off no matter what. Even if Trump wins, they’re convinced the election process is rigged against them
  14. I was watching the news last night and it’s super confusing, but there are a bunch of different things going on. For example, if someone goes crazy and marks Biden but then crosses it out and marks Trump, a representative of each party has to sit down together and decide if it’s a Vote for Trump or Biden. There was another situation where people decided to switch parties at the last minute and there’s this whole long process for confirming their identity. I was half asleep so I didn’t get all the detailed but I think a lot of the left over votes are all of y he confusing ones th
  15. We're in a Pandemic. OBVIOUSLY people were going to vote through mail in ballots. Also, it was my first time voting this way and I thought to myself "this is soooooo easy why hadn't I done this before." WTF was his team thinking
  16. Agreed. BUT just looking at what’s going on, many of the pending votes to be counted are mail in ballots 1) from blue counties and 2) Trump told his supporters mail in ballots is cheating this is basically his downfall
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