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  1. Me shocked that the US justice system let a white murderer go without even a slap on the wrist
  2. Like.. that the holocaust didn't exist? Is that the opposing view?
  3. I don’t know just like will happen with the Truth App, nobody used it
  4. This is like that one time all the banned folks from Mnation started their own forum because of the tyranny of the Mnation mods when really they were just breaking the rules
  5. Horrible shit. And I saw the pictures, the men are so beautiful and fashionable.
  6. I hope some foreign army never walks into your country, bombs you and your loved ones over and over again over a span of ~40 years, puts into power some corrupt entity that literally flees with all your country's money and leaves your country so bad that the only viable option is a bunch of thugs that that same country helped create in the first place. Then when when shit is about to hit the fan they just say PEACE OUT innocent civilians we've done more than enough for you. THEEEEENNNNN when a few of their guys die because of THEIR recklessness and piss poor planning they continue to bomb your country indiscriminately and kill more innocent bystanders Afghan Children Reportedly Killed In U.S. Drone Strike Targeting ISIS-K
  7. A FUN meme I’d be PETA but meat tastes so good
  8. To free them from the horrors of socialism, state-owned petroleum and universal healthcare.
  9. Countless coup d'etats, the war on drugs, trickle down economics, deregulation, the privatization of prisons, policies that have led to a massive rise in incarceration rates... We could go on and on.
  10. Actual screenshot of OF execs' presentation for the bankers / investors
  11. Bingo! That's why I posted that article up there. It's "banks" that are forcing Only Fans to take down pornography. Conservative old men always ruining everything.
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