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  1. Right? Literally days after ordering strikes in Syria.
  2. He MURDERED someone, attempted to murder someone else, and will get away with it. People get years in prison for doing WAY less.
  3. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF He'll send them presents, money and weapons.
  4. The only thing that could’ve POSSIBLY (in my opinion) led to a conviction is the fact that he asked a governor, while being recorded: HOW IS HE NOT IN JAIL AFTER SAYING THIS?!?!!!?!?!??
  5. Nothing would make me happier than seeing this vile man be convicted by the senate, because it's the right thing to do and every single person, including republican leadership, know he is solely responsible for everything that led up to what happened. It was 4 years of conspiracy theories, lies and scaremongering. However, I honestly don't think he said anything that's incriminating during the speech, and unfortunately he will not be convicted. Some people think he's an idiot. I think he's an evil, narcissistic genius who knew exactly what to say and do over the 4 years of his presidency
  6. I was just watching CNN and it was the “news anchor” getting into a shouting match with someone from Trump’s inner circle. Back and forth, endless shouting match; two males talking over each other for a solid 10 minutes. Even though we all feel like getting into a shouting match or fist fight with Trump and team, that’s NOT THE NEWS. There’s nowhere to turn to to get the news. Fuck Reagan. Reaganomics, the war on drugs, deregulation and all the shit he started will be the downfall of this country. Mark my words.
  7. Thanks for that! I'll check it out Broadcast news is DEFINITELY not regulated in the US. You can say or do whatever you want and that's how people like mtzlplk above end up saying that they watch Newsmax... if you don't know what Newsmax is, they make Fox News seem like journalistic excellence instead of the trash TV disguised as news that it really is. It's just one endless rant about how amazing Trump is, how he's a victim, and how Democrats are socialist monsters who are seconds away from doing this if you don't vote for him:
  8. That video tries to make it seem funny, but Fox "News" is the number 1 reason why Trump got into power in the first place. That bizarre shit you see in that video is what millions of people across the US watch every day and consider to be the "news". The same goes for CNN and most news networks in the US. They put on TV personalities who just ramble, give their personal opinions and try to pass it off as journalism. This is exactly why everyone is so misinformed.
  9. Supreme Court aside, thank goodness the vast majority of the damage done by Trump was just douche bag executive orders that can be undone in a second.
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