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  1. I kind of don't get the point of this. If Biden were to win and something were to happen to him, Harris becomes president. I'm more than ok with that.
  2. They are right and Trump is leading in Ohio and Florida, so it's more likely than not that he will win another 4 years. Popular vote doesn't matter in the US.
  3. This is how Fox News has reported on it and this is what his cult followers will say: \
  4. I bet you 10 dollars it doesn't affect his approval ratings one bit.
  5. FYI I'm not laughing at the alleged abuse, I'm laughing at this prick of a woman quitting her job because of what her daughter posted on Twitter
  6. OMG I didn't want to say anything because if someone in her family was suffering I wouldn't want to make fun of someone for that, but look at this SHIT You cannot make this up
  7. Now it's like my favorite song EVER Moral of the story: don't be a little bitch
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