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  1. I agree. I feel like the e-commerce, namely global e-commerce, is outpacing our global governments' ability to pass legislation aimed at ensuring a fair playing field. However, and this isn't me making excuses, but if I sell certain products online and ship said products from the state of California to France, and France has no law requiring a person or entity in California to pay local taxes on said product, how is that my fault? I'm complying with all laws, regulations and tax obligations. Should I go and pay French profit tax just because it's the moral / right thing to do? And instead of our governments doing anything about it, they're all fighting internally over stupid shit like... whether black athletes should kneel or not during the national anthem in protest of police brutality. Or whether or not it's wrong for local police forces to brutally murder civilians because they gave them a dirty look or looked suspiciously black.
  2. He's barely leading by 7 votes. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but given what happened last time, if you check this map, Biden can't lose a single one of those states that are in light blue or he loses. It seems extremely unlikely that he'll win any of those swing states in brown, and it's very plausible that he loses PA by small tiny amount of votes and therefore the election (Trump currently has a 50% approval rating in that state). To summarize, the whole fucking system is rigged.
  3. Unfortunately, the electoral college will decide who wins. If Biden loses just 1 or 2 swing states, it's 4 more years of this nonsense.
  4. The thing is, less than half of US voters voted for Trump. The Nazi Party in Germany and the National Fascist Party in Italy, just to name 2, had widespread support in their respective countries. President Trump is like one horrible, HORRIBLE fluke.
  5. It's 2020 and this is the "proof" of UFOs
  6. So, like... when does Mexico pay for it? When are we getting the bill?
  7. Amen! She could've just given her point of view, which initially even got support from some in the trans community. Now she's just a fucking annoying loca Karen, rambling, not making sense / grasping at straws, liking pseudoscience / sexual orientation conversion associates. Also, she's constantly saying "boo hoo we all have a right to our opinion and I've never received so much hate for just sharing my opinion", but the second Stephen King said he believes trans women are women, she un-liked his original comment. So no, she doesn't believe we all have a right to our opinion, she's just pissed off people have had the audacity to challenge her fucking stupid ass opinions.
  8. I voted reluctantly for Hillary, but given how things are going, I really hope you're joking. There is NOTHING you can say that would justify something as ridiculous as voting for fucking Kanye fucking West, who is an unhinged Trump supporter, over Biden. NOTHING.
  9. Also, I read she does porn, has a criminal record, and was fired from her job
  10. Her Instagram account doesn't exist anymore
  11. Really? I was in a bad mood with because there were so many tourists so I skipped it and I'm honestly ok with that.
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