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  1. Does this nonsense ever happen to anyone that's not Gaga?
  2. When I say it was well-written I mean... NO TERRORIST or weirdo would say "foreign faction" or "constant scrutiny"or "two gentleman." It would have been more like LISTEN YOU FUCKING PIGS etc.
  3. It is weird, nobody knows. I just think the family's story is like, omg my daughter is missing, oh wait, she was in the basement all along
  4. omg my downstairs neighbors are having a BBQ and they're talking about Gaga / Madonna / pop stars. One guy pretty much said "I liked Gaga... but her show was so meh. I mean, we can all agree she's talented, but her shows really aren't that good." Then they talked about Katy Perry and one girl said she hasn't seen the Madonna halftime show and he said "she basically showed off 30 years of experience. it was basically perfect. The entrance was spectacular."
  5. I believe the police knew it was the brother, they knew it was a horrible accident and they, for whatever reason, didn't want the community and then the entire world to find out, most likely since it basically would've become obvious that they were incredibly incompetent and did EVERYTHING that you're not supposed to do during an investigation. Obviously absolutely nothing could've been done to the brother since he was only 8.
  6. An intruder who walked in late at night, kidnapped the girl without anyone ever noticing, then, while the house was surrounded by police officers, casually put the body back inside the house? Oh, and he casually left a really long and well-written note, which he wrote by hand
  7. I just started a new job at Amazon and as part of my training they made me work at a fulfilment center for 4 days. I kept thinking throughout my 4 days there how it'd be impossible for our DNA NOT to get onto every single product that we ship to every single customer. Absolutely impossible.
  8. she looks plump as fuck
  9. This reeks of payola
  10. Blond Ambition Tour!
  11. I'm so glad she replaced that ingrate biological son of hers with these girls
  12. Who cares if she's number 1 or top 10. She's building the lamest "legacy" ever.
  13. So, I decided to look up Piers Morgan because I honestly have no idea who he is, I just know he's awful based on what I've seen mostly on this forum. Anyway, one thing led me to another thing, then I ended up on this video. Then I thought... well, who the hell is Omarosa and this is the first thing that came up: "Omarosa is an American reality television personality and the director of communications for the Office of Public Liason in the Trump White"