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  1. What’s the point of this? So you were right, congrats? Most people making such comments here just didn’t want people to panic when we had little to no information and data. I don’t recall anyone flat out saying this is all a hoax / I’m not going to take this seriously / I’m going to take the coronavirus challenge and lick a toilet for you to compare them to Trump.
  2. Horrible person. Sucks that he was forgiven instantly by the LGBT+ community for merely being attractive (and not black).
  3. Not that I had any intention of leaving my house since I don't want the world to get infected, but Washington State is on lock down (sort of haha)! Governor Inslee announces mandatory statewide stay-at-home order
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words and super thanks @runa! That was extremely helpful and a breath of fresh air after reading so many headlines that are just designed to freak us out and keep us hooked (I'm sure the media is making millions off of this since their ratings are up).
  5. Thank you! Luckily I brought 2 boxes of paracetamol with me just out of random so I'm good. It feels like a normal flu, but I had a mini panic attack late last night because I thought "hmmm what do I do if things take a turn for the worse" Everyone pray that I make it to April 1.
  6. Poor or like me who moved to the US 3 wees ago and (chose the perfect time to move), I signed up for my employer healthcare during the open enrollment window, but it doesn't actually start covering me until April 1 (absolutely nobody tells you this you just find out when you think you got the coronavirus) so now I'm fucking screwed or I pay out of pocket
  7. I just moved to the US and it’s a mess. My private healthcare doesn’t cover me until April 1, and I seriously don’t know what to do.
  8. So, I'm basically sure I got it, and I'm really fucking annoyed with how there're 3081408103903084098 articles about stupid shit like "coronavirus can last up to 4 - 48 hours on surfaces" but I can't find anything on what to actually do. Since I feel kind of bad, basically like the flu, but not terrible, I THINK I should just stay home? And only go out into the world to find medical help if I can't breathe? Anyway, if I die I want to be displayed like this, k? thanks
  9. Just turn off the news and go find funny memes or watch a funny movie. Worrying helps nothing. If I’m going to die I rather go it laughing not afraid because of the news that’s designed to suck you in and keep you hooked/worried.
  10. I love how Republican voters are basically demanding Socialist healthcare in the face of covid19
  11. Dow's Dive Erases All Gains Under Trump The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 913 points, leaving the index 2.8% lower than when President Trump took office. Friday's drop culminated a staggering week of losses as the coronavirus impact took an economic toll. The Dow closed down nearly 4.6% Friday, and the S&P 500 index fell 4.3%. The Nasdaq dropped nearly 3.8%. Trump has often touted the stock market's performance under his presidency, but the coronavirus has wiped out all the gains since he took office Jan. 20, 2017. The Dow lost 17% just this week and is down nearly 33% so far this year. It was the last day of floor trading before the New York Stock Exchange switches to all-electronic trades starting Monday to help protect its employees and others from the coronavirus.
  12. They look poor and uninsured. Doubt they can go to a hospital because... America.
  13. Exactly. So let's not criticize Trump for banning transgendered people from serving in the military or any of the perfectly legal shit he's done while in office.
  14. Democrats are such a fucking mess they can't beat Trump
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