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  1. Agreed. This is ridiculous, and it's disheartening to see people from this very forum, fans of Madonna, stooping to the level of the far right, calling her a "fake bitch", "spoiled brat", etc. And before one of my haters comes in to bash me, if and when I call someone a stupid fake bitch, they're an adult on this forum, not a 16 year old fighting a noble cause however they feel is best.
  2. Hillary won by millions of votes and ya'll blame Bernie
  3. It's getting stronger and stronger. Swing voters could give a shit about gays and all the disenfranchised. Mark my words. HE WILL WIN
  4. Maduro is trash and Venezuela definitely needs help, but the U.S. and other imperialist powers (who are interested in one thing only) sending "help" at the border in the form of a toilet papar AKA a photo op is NOT going to help the situation. They need sanctions lifted. And if the U.S. cared so much they wouldn't have created this mess for millions of people in the form of sanctions after sanctions just to punish the mean old Socialists that made oil state-owned.
  5. People in the U.S. really, TRULY believe the U.S. is the best country in the world. Like, the vast majority of Americans truly, wholeheartedly believe that
  6. The economy is strong and the job growth rate is far exceeding expectations... that's way more than enough to convince the undecided voters (usually white and heterosexual) that always decide the election. What the fuck do they care about anything else. And still, here I am, 4 years later, waiting for Democrats to share 1 idea that's not "vote for me because I'm not Trump."
  7. I'm a pessimist. I've come to terms with him being the president and being re-elected and the nightmare finally being over in 5 years.
  8. This is probably the most shocking and depressing thing I witnessed: Inside Crackland: the open-air drug market that São Paulo just can’t kick https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/nov/27/inside-crackland-open-air-crack-market-sao-paulo Besides being afraid for my safety, it was so sad to see this (and so many other things), juxtaposed with a country living in a fantasy. I left Brazil feeling a sense of despair, extremely disappointed, and unfortunately, it's super scary and my heart breaks for Brazilians, my ex boyfriend who lives over there, and all of the lovely friends I've made, but none of this surprises me.
  9. My two cents, and comparing Brazil to Mexico, where literally the opposite happened... I was in Brazil in 2013 during the protests. It was my first time in Brazil. I had recently moved to Mexico from the US, so that was kind of my marker of comparison, since Latin American countries are always compared to each other. Brazil was, according to the world, the future of Latin America. BRIC this, BRIC that. Brazilians talked about Brazil no longer being poor. Constantly talked about how they were ahead of other Latin American countries. Everything was amazing in Brazil (according to the world), and I was expecting to see that. But then I went to Brazil, and the reality was completely different. it was extremely dangerous, dirty (downtown Sao Paulo is the scariest place I've ever been to), so much corruption, so much violence, a type of poverty I would've never imagined in such a so-called "powerful" and "rich" country, astronomical inflation, protectionist laws that were driving up the prices of absolutely everything, etc., etc.. I saw a beautiful country, but with A LOT of problems, and a blind population who somehow were led to believe that everything was amazing because they had nothing to compare their country to. I think because of this blindness, all of these problems reached a boiling point without most people even noticing it and BAM the solution to these problems is this disgusting monster that was just sworn into office.
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