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  1. Why do people have to keep bringing up Madonna every time Lady Gaga does, doesn't do or says something?
  2. It has nothing to do with their age. It's in the article.
  3. Why is her baby white? Her ex-husband is a sexy brown Arab and she's black.
  4. I have no idea about all o this, but Poker Face was MASSIVE. Then that cheesy as fuck Bad Romance took over the world. Such a horrible time in music.
  5. I just saw that the drag queen Bianca del Rio went on a twitter rant calling her cunt and blah blah blah. Obviously everyone is applauding her and giving each other a pat on the back (exactly what I said one page ago that happens). It's why Ann Coulter still has a career. She should be a side note but these people have kept her alive for 15+ years now. Look at people here attacking me just because I said I'm not a lawyer but I don't THINK you can get sued for posting a picture of someone.
  6. Ann Coulter is the worst, but I'd be pissed off, too, if after having to pay extra, no matter how much, just to be able choose a damn seat I got moved around to accommodate a happy couple that DESPERATELY needs to sit together. Sure, she didn't have to call them immigrants, but that's just the beauty and charm of Ann Coulter
  7. omg okay. I hope they win this imaginary case of yours because they're in so much distress. And yes, the laws changed drastically in 5 years. You're so right.
  8. OMG It's not illegal. http://carterlawaz.com/2012/05/when-can-someone-post-photos-of-you-online/ Think before you go on crazy rants or just google it. It takes seconds.
  9. I'm not a lawyer or anything like that, but I REALLY don't think that's how it works And seriously, that picture is going to cause mental distress? Calm down, crazy
  10. I love her formula. It's basically an open floor arrangement because that always makes it look a lot more crowded than it really is There are always pictures of the actual seats in the stadium and the back half of the general floor area virtually empty
  11. Why in the world would they sue her?