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  1. Things like this make me so happy I'm not in the U.S. Of everything that's wrong with the world, THIS is what riles people up in the U.S. Ohhhh we've been slaughtering people and causing havoc in the middle east for decades, but OH MY GOD a Nike ad
  2. You should see the amount of food That’s waster per year. Now that’s a real tragedy.
  3. We should really stop posting daily mail nonsense in this section of the forum. It’s not news
  4. Women get yeast infections ALL the time. The fact that both got a yeast infection years apart doesn't automatically mean that he infected them. I just saw this is from the daily mail
  5. Am I missing something? 1) How is he a sex offender because of this and 2) How fucked up that this is made public.
  6. They got 20 euro each???
  7. Do they drink there? I imagine them drinking whiskey and a thick cloud of smoke as they puff on cigars with their lady wigs
  8. I love how everyone screams and jeers and laughs in commons in the us and Mexico everyone just leaves and/or crosses their arms.
  10. ULIZOS

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Oh shut up. We voted for the damn bitch in record numbers, she won the popular vote and still lost. Blame her damn team and not Susan Sarandon for having an unpopular opinion. This is why Trump will win again. He has a solid message, it’s horrible, but solid. Meanwhile the Democrats are STILL blaming absolutely everyone but themselves about the epic lost they suffered. It’s Susan Sarandon’s fault WAAAAAAAAA.
  11. Yes, there's a trade deficit and they do buy more from us (Canada, Mexico and the EU), BUT that doesn't change the fact that we also buy BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars of goods from them. It would be devastating for everyone and a lot of industries all over the world, including those in the U.S., would suffer if he gets too crazy. I pray it's just him trying to give the local US industry a boost and he doesn't get too out of control. It just baffles my mind that we have pictures of him and the other G7 members going at it, then he's all smiles and buddies with KIM FUCKING JUNG UN and DUTERTE. Jesus, even Trudeau is pissed off. Canadians are NEVER pissed of.
  12. It's ridiculous and embarrassing and YES they do. And I think they got it on Sunday :lol: