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  1. I'll say it, if you're black or Mexican or anything and you vote for Trump, you're not black or Mexican. YOU'RE A FRAUD
  2. It's one of those well-intentioned comments with a poor delivery. Here we go with people nit-picking the Democratic candidate, like the horrible evil email scandal that nobody to this day truly knows why it was a scandal, while Trump pisses on Russian hookers, grabs women by the pussies, bans muslims, calls my people rapists, etc., etc., etc. And this is just one of the reasons why he'll win again.
  3. To be honest, that's just the way it's always been throughout all of history. Horrible toxic people men have always been leaders of imperialist powers time-and-time again. I've said this before, but rural white America has been suffering for decades as America continues to export low-paying jobs to the third world, and even though they're absolutely wrong, the Republican party has done a wonderful job at pandering to them by blaming immigrants, the blacks and everyone else except who's actually to blame, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY (e.g., Reaganomics, deregulation), and it's worked for them. And again, even though they're absolutely wrong, the Democrats choose to attack those people (Hillary called them deplorables), instead of at the very least being like hey, we might disagree philosophically on many things, but you're still American, I still want to be your president, I hear what you're saying and I will do my best to help your communities. Trump did that in his own sick way and won.
  4. Bolsonaro is basically the same. He blamed Leonardo DiCaprio for the rain forest fires
  5. I'm pretty sure Trump will win. Unfortunately, the electoral college is skewed in his favor. He's popular bigly in the handful of states that are critical (e.g., Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida).
  6. Horrible person. Sucks that he was forgiven instantly by the LGBT+ community for merely being attractive (and not black).
  7. I love how Republican voters are basically demanding Socialist healthcare in the face of covid19
  8. Dow's Dive Erases All Gains Under Trump The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 913 points, leaving the index 2.8% lower than when President Trump took office. Friday's drop culminated a staggering week of losses as the coronavirus impact took an economic toll. The Dow closed down nearly 4.6% Friday, and the S&P 500 index fell 4.3%. The Nasdaq dropped nearly 3.8%. Trump has often touted the stock market's performance under his presidency, but the coronavirus has wiped out all the gains since he took office Jan. 20, 2017. The Dow lost 17% just this week and is down nearly 33% so far this year. It was the last day of floor trading before the New York Stock Exchange switches to all-electronic trades starting Monday to help protect its employees and others from the coronavirus.
  9. Exactly. So let's not criticize Trump for banning transgendered people from serving in the military or any of the perfectly legal shit he's done while in office.
  10. Democrats are such a fucking mess they can't beat Trump
  11. Agreed. This is ridiculous, and it's disheartening to see people from this very forum, fans of Madonna, stooping to the level of the far right, calling her a "fake bitch", "spoiled brat", etc. And before one of my haters comes in to bash me, if and when I call someone a stupid fake bitch, they're an adult on this forum, not a 16 year old fighting a noble cause however they feel is best.
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