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  1. The problem is that the U.S., France and the UK should be bombing Saudi Arabia and Israel, not all the other countries that they're actually bombing.
  2. Why does this have half a million likes?
  3. Miley Dolly Parton is her godmother
  4. I never in a million years thought things would get this bad so quickly Remember like yesterday when half the forum was having a heart attack and one member even left for a while because this was "too much for him" and world war III was right around the corner. Now this piece of shit can't even repeal Obama Care. Remember the wall nonsense? aahahahahahahaha I told you guys you were being overdramatic pansies but nooooooo "YOU SUPPORT TRUMP"
  5. The video was pulled and nobody cares enough about her to read up on something that she was supposed to do but never did. When Madonna pulled American Life even Bill O'Reily bashed her for like 20 minutes on his show
  6. Impeachment would be social suicide. Their stupid white people party would look divided and broken. They'd drink baby blood if it kept them in power. They're not sending Trump anywhere.
  7. Also, from a legal standpoint, the President can say whatever he or she (hahaha just kidding it'll never be a woman who are we fucking kidding) wants because anything that's classified becomes legally unclassified once he says it. The only way they would be forced to impeach him is if there's hard proof that his firing of Comey was a deliberate act of obstruction of justice. If that were to happen, we'd be stuck with Pence, but even that would be an improvement.
  8. Neither the Republican controlled House nor the Senate are ever going to impeach Trump.
  9. White people are the fucking worst.
  10. Wait, she's an actress now?
  11. I just heard Miley's new song. It's so pretty I love Miley Cyrus and I love NO ONE. I think they're all pieces of shit who need to be sent to a concentration / labor camp, starting with Stefani. She's 31, my age, and STILL goes by the stage name "Lady Gaga." So fucking tacky.
  12. One decade later, here you are, defending this piece of shit poor excuse of an "artist." But yeah, you clearly don't care.
  13. Nobody's coming for you. We just think your taste in music is shit and laughable.