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  1. What a fucking accomplishment. I don’t even know how to describe my feelings at the moment.
  2. Agreed. I appreciate it for being mainstream in sense of bringing in new fans. But will say she looked hot as hell in video. Miss Tandonna.
  3. 'Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.'
  4. Exactly. Their potential income wouldn't allow it.
  5. Highly doubt half this list will give up the chance for $$$. Specifically in Southeast FL which generates a lot of concert revenue. As it is the Jay/JT concert is still a go..
  6. No not same person. I don't know who that is. But guess now 2 peeps have same opinion lol
  7. Friend of mine who attended felt the editing of whole show was a mess and also mentioned TUTR (sleeves/no sleeve) issue. Sad truth is everyone will find something to bitch about. Personally, I could give two shits about her tour outfits but I would at least like some consistency on the DVD without making it blatantly obvious. Can't really judge though until I see it myself but audio seems promising..
  8. Thank you so much for this. My favorite from show too; much appreciated.
  9. It did seem rigged as they brought same people I heard from first nite to same spots during performances.. Not much interaction on LAP either. Regardless I was grateful to be in pit as this is the closest I've ever seen her. Still doesn't feel real.
  10. Both shows being filmed right?
  11. I didn't think this performance could get any better and it just did. Can't wait to see this shit next. Dat ASS
  12. Congrats to everyone who won. And Tatu I'm glad you get to be in pit even if didn't win through Icon. Saw ur tat on there and it's fucking awesome.
  13. This is great recording of LAV if interested: "Don't fuuuck with me"= bonus
  14. Thanks for info. Lol, yes I noticed the begging, I'm only doing one tweet as well. I think icon chances are much better from what I've seen.
  15. Sorry if been asked/answered in a diff thread but for people who have won through twitter did you only need to send one tweet describing why you should win or multiple times?
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