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  1. I thought I saw a picture of Madonna with Ellen where it said that she talked about Kanye. And there was a pic of Madonna with Kanye in the background?? I don't remember this at all in any of the Ellen shows this week. Was a part of the interview left out/not aired?
  2. We still don't know which songs Ryan Tedder worked on do we? I thought he was one of the writers and producers on Hold Tight??
  3. I wonder what songs she worked on with Ryan Tedder.
  4. Was it ever confirmed that Ryan Tedder worked with Madonna on Rebel Heart? Or was it a made up story? She never posted any pics with him in the studio.
  5. rl89639

    Devil Pray Appreciation Thread

    Is this song she wrote with Ryan Tedder? On Madonnarama it had the songwriters for each of the 6 songs and it has Madonna and Ryan Tedder as the writers of this song.
  6. rl89639

    Miami 19th Nov 2012

    Do you think this show will still be listed as a sold out show by billboard once the Miami figures get reported considering many people left and got refunds?
  7. Sorry the gross so far is $232,994,057. I forgot to include the gross from the Detriot show.
  8. rl89639


    What does she say after she said What's up Dallas in the beginning of Revolver? She said something with "bad ass" in it.
  9. rl89639


    Great video! The guy in the video is very handsome! I was at the Sept 8th show as well.
  10. Correction to the Total Gross for the first 33 shows: $115,701,909