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  1. i know it's not appropriate to post this question here but i don't know where else to put it and i cannot start a new thread... so, does anyone know what the hell happened to www.queenmadonna.com? it's like my favorite madonna online gallery but apparently it has been offline for a while... i miss all those hq m pics there
  2. I did I was always aware of her but didn't really know any of her work until one day I heard masterpiece from some random website. It was her older stuff that actually turned me into a fan but technically i'm still a MDNA-er.
  3. i was born in 94... i became a fan because of mdna ( which is quite ironic because i don't really like mdna that much compared to her other albums) and before i became a fan i was always aware of her, i knew she's a big deal but didn't know any of her songs (except for don't cry for me argentina, probably). the only thing i could remember about her before i became obsessed with her was seeing a story talking about her veiny hands in a local newspaper... my fandom started when i accidentally heard masterpiece online, i loved the song and looked for the singer, my jaw was on the floor when i f
  4. anyone has a live stream link? i probably won't have access to a tv at the time of the award
  5. what's Rocco's username on vine?
  6. Only 16 comments tho If its something bad about her I bet there must have been like 7394739628 comments down there saying what an irrelevant old hag she is already lol
  7. lol i feel like I'm playing the ANNA H. game once again only this time we know it's true thank you Mensch for the info
  8. i don't know, but what i saw when i went to the show was that the merchandise counters were busy for the most of the time, and the merchandises were not cheap... so... $30+ /person is not impossible? and with her 360 deal with LN, isn't she supposed to get 90% of the ticket sales? and this source does not look like a reliable one...
  9. Oh my goooood I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!
  10. The Chinese Zodiac is way less popular than the other one even in china lol I think both are bullshit tho, madonna and I share the same sign- dog but I don't think we have a lot in common personality wise
  11. is this the access hollywood interview we were talking about in another thread? the one where she was supposed to talk about little fuckers (and probably the dvd releasing date)?
  12. Exactly. I can't believe there are still people HERE on Madonnanation accusing her for being late for THREE hours. I talked to the staff in the arena when I went to see the show and they showed my there timetable, it was officially scheduled there that she would not show up until 1030pm. 8pm was for the opening act.
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