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  1. guess you're talking about this one it's actually played backwards
  2. seriously, this is not healthy...
  3. did you happen to realise that most of the people on that list are not even alive? lets try this -> "jeez how could they be the most famous people in the world yet nobody's ever seen them walking out of a hotel in a halloween costume over the past 14 years??" some trolls here are stupid beyond words its not even worth a laugh
  4. can't they just subtitle it... thought it was easier than dubbing....
  5. I kinda believe that the actual things stand in the middle ground- I don't buy the whole "head in the oven" stuff but to say there was little or even no violence going on was not possible either. It is implied in her lyrics and stated in christopher's book. the story about madonna taking sean's threat seriously and going to the police sounds believable to me tho. Divorce however is more like a decision made by both to me rather than just "madonna wanted a divorce". and to divorce someone doesn't mean you just stop loving him/her, to say madonna did not want a divorce just because she claimed
  6. ^^ "who's the love of your/ your bff's life" is not the same kind of question as "hey what did you have for breakfast" of course you have to think about it
  7. she once said in an interview that she was "madly in love" with her high school boyfriend whom she lost her virginity to... "love of her life"? maybe, "first love"? no.
  8. those people who talk shit about her "generosity" in the comment session are just so bitter and dumb
  9. he was still posting artforfreedom pictures on his instagram guess it's not over yet
  10. she said in one of the interviews around the time of superbowl that she wanted lola to go to Umich I'm applying for umich ann arbor for spring quarter so maybe lola can be my bff
  11. she does not look puffy.... i mean these photo are actually the least puffy ones we get in quite a while...
  12. I'd be surprisingly good for you Another suitcase in another hall Buenos aires
  13. agism- its like a social norm that older people should retire, it goes so deep into people's mind so when someone doesn't go with it people criticize them sexism- if she's a man everything she does will not be such a big deal (jumping around on stage naked, dating much younger women, etc.) in fact the press does say good things about her but its always the bad ones that get spread around all the time and of course other artists get negative critics as well- less than M probably because they are either the "up-and-rising-young-star" type or the not-so-relevant type. but we as Madonna fans ju
  14. that pant just needs to disappear for good -.-
  15. 天惹你竟然抢到2楼= = happy birthday queen M<333333333 you are the greatest pop star ever!!! love you!!!
  16. she said in that TOD Q&A session that she likes it cut, if i recall correctly
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