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  1. Madonna said in either the Carson Daly or Ryan Secrest radio interview when GMAYL came out, post Superbowl "I would have loved to perform at the Academy Awards, too bad they didn't nominate my song"!

    Or something to that effect

    Both radio interviews are on YouTube

    That statement further proves my point that they were expecting/hoping for Masterpiece to be nominated

    It's Guy O's job as her manager to look into the rules for a song to be eligible for a nomination

    It reminds me of Jennifer Aniston in the last few years of Friends, her people forgot to submit her for the Emmy and she wasn't too pleased about it.

    no it's not you need to calm down :newspaper:

  2. Let Dita Von Teese sum it up pretty much. Like she says, Madonna gets it down to every detail, while Gaga comes off looking like a slob most of the time. (Though she doesn't say the last part, but its probably what she is thinking. :lol:)

    wtf is wrong with larry king here -.-

  3. I live this one! I don't think I've ever heard the story behind it though. What is it?

    it was MDNA Tour montreal when she asked the audience whether she should keep her beret or not, nobody wanted her to keep it and she went "srsly it's that ugly?!" (i'm paraphrasing) then she pulled a face and tossed the beret away :laugh:

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