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  1. he came to the music festival at my school last weekend, did bother to go
  2. I LOVE her boots anyone knows which brand is it?
  3. it's cute i liked it but this song is not meant to be "cute"
  4. wtf is wrong with people reporting this in the news. leave the girl alone!
  5. Music 14 Don't Tell Me 16 Paradise 5 Gone 20
  6. Music 16 Don't Tell Me 13 Paradise 9 Gone 17
  7. Music 14 I Deserve It 4 Don't Tell Me 11 Paradise 13 Gone 13
  8. wtf is wrong with larry king here -.-
  9. what kind of ridiculous logic is that... she's officially dumb as fuck
  10. i remembered in a coadf ear interview she was asked whether she's using any drugs and she responded something like "I probably tried a little bit of everything back in the day, but that was it and it was long ago"
  11. ROL she was definitely more popular than anyone else during BAT/TIC era but imo ROL era sealed her legendary status
  12. i love that at the beginning the chinese woman saying "she's pretty does not look 55 at all!" it's always great to hear non-fans complimenting her
  13. Since English is not my first language I might not even be able to talk lol I probably would just scream and make myself an idiot and watch her rolling her eyes while walking away haha but a hug and a picture together would be heaven
  14. Promise To Try Inside of Me Till Death Do Us Part Mer Girl In This Life Best Friend You'll See and so many more...
  15. it was MDNA Tour montreal when she asked the audience whether she should keep her beret or not, nobody wanted her to keep it and she went "srsly it's that ugly?!" (i'm paraphrasing) then she pulled a face and tossed the beret away
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