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  1. Yep, we’re aware of that particular clusterfuck. We apparently missed the email. I mean, I’ve used that excuse myself but not when it comes to, you know, life and death.
  2. Ugh, I have such a bad feeling about all of this. Trump is increasingly (I mean, who knew he could actually get WORSE) and dangerously divisive and barely hiding his dog whistling these days. The divide in the US over politics, gun control, race race relations, press freedom and now coronavirus has become a yawning fucking chasm. Don’t get me wrong, the UK is truly fucked but America, right now, feels like it’s balancing on a particularly precarious precipice.
  3. That tweet is several shades of batshit
  4. Her putting on that high pitched Penelope Pitstop / damsel in distress tone was fucking CHILLING.
  5. My office is literally next to the building, I can't see us returning any time soon. It's so awful to think that some of those people we'd see every day are no longer with us. It's truly heartbreaking, I can't watch or read anything about it without shedding a tear.
  6. *waves*

    1. Kim



      Tis a Christmas Miracle!

  7. We need that coffee. Not sure I should have coffee though, it slightly exacerbates the incessant teeth grinding. Work is a cunt.

  8. Yep, that's the one. Total QOL. Slightly less so since the weight loss, it's given her unusually large ears. A musical short, you say? Don't forget, I'm a PROFESSIONAL.

  9. Mmm hmm chile. I'm sure we've got lots, I'll make up some showbiz gossip. I saw Nigella today. That's not made up, it's true.

  10. So, after a long deserved hiatus (think Jacqueline Susann but more dolls and fewer nuns), I see a MESSAGE. FROM KIM. Or should I say...*dramatic pause and maybe a few strings, you know, for ATMOS*...STANLEY. Ever so flattered, doll.

    1. Kim


      OMG YOU ANSWERED. I figured maybe you just... vanted to be alone! *Adjusts headscarf and oversized sunspecs* I trust your long-term stay at the sanit...um, facility has been a success my dear? ie. WELCOME BACK BITCH, GET POSTING.

  11. Ugh. I'm still at work. I've worked 8 days straight so far, finished at 4:30am on Sunday morning and 1am on Monday morning. TIRED. I'm gonna try to write you a pretty one tomorrow *Gulity hugs* x

  12. You don't do breakfast? I love me some breakfast. I'll make you some of my pancakes someday. Today I had fruit and yogurt with granola. I owe you a message. It's gonna be next week at this point. I'm back in an OFFICE. And working 10 days straight.

    1. acko


      u owe me a massage + a tranny from Brazil named Alessandra showed me her penis.

      She's my new friend, i'm fluish in this hot apartment 2 lazy 2 go 2 pharmacist so I'm

      drinking Ouzo.

  13. SWEETCHEEKS! I've been terribly remiss in my tardy reply, it's coming tomorrow or Wednesday. We've got LOTS to catch up on (even though nothing's changed and my life's exactly the same. Did someone say emergence? MEH).

    BUT God bless 27 year olds and all that sail in them. Oh and theres been NO canine seksing. Honest. Full report to follow. *dramatic end...

  14. Thank you lover *wipes tears from eyes*. We've got a lot to catch up on.

  15. Yes, I went into hiding but I brought a gift with me on my release...the Q review - it's all scanned and pretty and shit awaiting you in the review thread.

  16. The (rather large) Q review.
  17. That track's MAYJAH. This one's on repeat in my head.

    I've sent you a PM, it'll make sense.

  18. you always post the most appropriate music for me. What's cooking? Me, mostly. In steam rooms and saunas, I'm at a spa, innit. It's VEH posh. Back in London tomorrow evening xx

  19. It's only one of the best ever. As is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SYrnX8ouCs

  20. I think your box is full. x

  21. Cocknbullkid! I've just been listening to that album again, it's great. End.

  22. Man, do you remember her I Will Survive that she did on The Word, I can't find it but it's just...no words. And the brouhaha (favourite word alert) about the lips!

  23. Sorta. I'm cool though, ploughing through. Imma PM you.

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