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  1. Based on the evidence, I’m considering moving from a glass of red wine with food to crack (I’m not).
  2. Yes cannabis should be legalised and, as a recent ex smoker, I’m certainly no fan of tobacco (a horribly insidious drug) but interestingly not seemingly as dangerous as alcohol. https://www.vox.com/2015/2/24/8094759/alcohol-marijuana
  3. We need to resurrect the cry of “TORY SLEEZE” from the 80s/90s. I think the issue is that it’s just become par for the course at this stage and so wholly expected and deeply embedded that people are terminally indifferent to it all.
  4. One for wank bank. Not having read the source material, I’d assumed that was satire!
  5. Thanks, I now have an image of kneeling in front of BJ burned into my brain *shudder*.
  6. You forgot the most important thing…FLAGS.
  7. Stop calling it crab walk!

    1. funkydita



  8. Either that or perennial (or rather, perineum) favourite, Bangbabes, there was a spate of them in the 00s really pushing it. The dry OFCOM descriptions were absolute gold. I mean, can you imagine someone having to watch it all and write the below with straight face: “During the broadcast the presenter wearing pink pulled the other presenter’s thong to the side and briefly but clearly inserted a lollypop into her vagina. The two presenters then sucked the lollypop. In addition, the presenters were shown bent over on all fours at various times, and due to the skimpy thongs they were wearin
  9. You’d think there’d be a rule about not being allowed the Chairman position if you’ve donated ALMOST HALF A MILLION to a political party. And the thought of Dacre at OFCOM is an absolute joke. I used to love reading the OFCOM bulletins, my favourite being: “Ofcom noted that shortly after the watershed on 8 December 2006 a semi-naked programme presenter acted in an extremely sexual manner (thrusting her bottom and crotch in front of the camera and touching herself intimately). Just before 22:00 the presenter was topless and sucking a dildo and around 22:00 she removed her knickers an
  10. I believe they have to confirm you’re psychotic before staring any procedures.
  11. What I find weird is how quickly you become accustomed to it all. I saw that Demi photo a couple of days ago and it was shocking, now much less so. It also took a few seconds to decide if it was Demi or Courtney Cox. The cheek work needs to be a bit more subtle, something a little more natural like my new favourite...
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