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  1. There’s a really interesting backstory to Cabbage Patch dolls.
  2. TBQH, I think I I ended up speaking in tongues instead of singing along. If anything she was on even better form at my first London show than my Lisbon show. Honestly, for me, the most beautifully staged performance and the real heart of the show.
  3. During my Lisbon show the stranger next to me grabbed my hand and held it for the duration of the performance.
  4. Yep, we’re aware of that particular clusterfuck. We apparently missed the email. I mean, I’ve used that excuse myself but not when it comes to, you know, life and death.
  5. Ugh, I have such a bad feeling about all of this. Trump is increasingly (I mean, who knew he could actually get WORSE) and dangerously divisive and barely hiding his dog whistling these days. The divide in the US over politics, gun control, race race relations, press freedom and now coronavirus has become a yawning fucking chasm. Don’t get me wrong, the UK is truly fucked but America, right now, feels like it’s balancing on a particularly precarious precipice.
  6. Her putting on that high pitched Penelope Pitstop / damsel in distress tone was fucking CHILLING.
  7. I have no idea! She seems to be a Brazilian tribute act, she came up in my recommended videos on YouTube . OMG @ MALUMA!!
  8. So, I happened across this image last night by Helena Almeida, a Portugese artist (see some blurb below). The first thing that came to mind was the the Madame X cover. I don't recall it being mentioned before. Anyway, reference or coincidence? I'm hoping and guessing it's a reference, it's too perfect for it not to be. Helena Almeida (Portugal *1934) Part of the 1978/79 trilogy "Sente-me", "Ouve-me", "V-me" (Feel me, Hear Me, See Me), "Ouve-me" shows a mouth with the work's title superimposed over the lips, making it look as if the lips were sewn together. The trilogy
  9. Yes, in the VIP book Madame X has two aliases, one being Madame Virginia Gautreau and the other being Lola Montez
  10. Why have I only just found this now, it’s amazing?!
  11. I can’t watch this yet but I clicked on the link and it’s available to view on Amazon UK!
  12. Yep, more CDs were purchased last year than iTunes Store downloads.
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