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  1. Yep, we’re aware of that particular clusterfuck. We apparently missed the email. I mean, I’ve used that excuse myself but not when it comes to, you know, life and death.
  2. Ugh, I have such a bad feeling about all of this. Trump is increasingly (I mean, who knew he could actually get WORSE) and dangerously divisive and barely hiding his dog whistling these days. The divide in the US over politics, gun control, race race relations, press freedom and now coronavirus has become a yawning fucking chasm. Don’t get me wrong, the UK is truly fucked but America, right now, feels like it’s balancing on a particularly precarious precipice.
  3. That tweet is several shades of batshit
  4. Her putting on that high pitched Penelope Pitstop / damsel in distress tone was fucking CHILLING.
  5. :bad:

    1. funkydita


      My God.  You’re ALIVE?  And there’s me thinking MY hiatus was an extended one.  Although I never really went anywhere, I just left the dance floor to sit at the bar, quietly judging the clientele from a distance.

  6. My office is literally next to the building, I can't see us returning any time soon. It's so awful to think that some of those people we'd see every day are no longer with us. It's truly heartbreaking, I can't watch or read anything about it without shedding a tear.
  7. Stanley has returned, for this most auspicious of occasions. Happy 50th my dear!

    1. funkydita


      Such BARBED CRUELTY can only mean one thing *sigh*; I must be in love with you. Has it really been six years?

  8. *waves*

    1. Kim



      Tis a Christmas Miracle!

  9. funkydita you a bad boy.

  10. I´ve been watching you, yeah... I know you wanna get up, yeah.. Come on... funky...tell us what u think of that Billboard clip. I mean, I like the strong silent type but REALLY....

    1. Kim


      U suck funkydita! I still wuv u ...but u suck!

  11. But I miss him...

  12. We need that coffee. Not sure I should have coffee though, it slightly exacerbates the incessant teeth grinding. Work is a cunt.

  13. Check PM crisis

  14. I think you two PENPALS ought to stick to the one convo! Ugh, why do no decent people post anymore, that's what I WANT TO KNOW ACKS AND FUNKS!?

    1. acko


      I know, where r all the old people :-).

    2. acko


      BTW, I just got lousy feedback at work. My mojo just dropped like a motherfucker

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