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  1. Stanley has returned, for this most auspicious of occasions. Happy 50th my dear!

    1. funkydita


      Such BARBED CRUELTY can only mean one thing *sigh*; I must be in love with you. Has it really been six years?

  2. *waves*

    1. Kim



      Tis a Christmas Miracle!

  3. funkydita you a bad boy.

  4. I´ve been watching you, yeah... I know you wanna get up, yeah.. Come on... funky...tell us what u think of that Billboard clip. I mean, I like the strong silent type but REALLY....

    1. Kim


      U suck funkydita! I still wuv u ...but u suck!

  5. But I miss him...

  6. We need that coffee. Not sure I should have coffee though, it slightly exacerbates the incessant teeth grinding. Work is a cunt.

  7. Check PM crisis

  8. I think you two PENPALS ought to stick to the one convo! Ugh, why do no decent people post anymore, that's what I WANT TO KNOW ACKS AND FUNKS!?

    1. acko


      I know, where r all the old people :-).

    2. acko


      BTW, I just got lousy feedback at work. My mojo just dropped like a motherfucker

  9. *those smeagol ears 2 now...yes I might use u professionally. :fag:

  10. The ears, u fool, she got something pulled, Madonna has d

  11. Yep, that's the one. Total QOL. Slightly less so since the weight loss, it's given her unusually large ears. A musical short, you say? Don't forget, I'm a PROFESSIONAL.

  12. OML, QoL Nigella, aka my wife if I were normal. I'm preparing a musical short movie btw.

  13. Mmm hmm chile. I'm sure we've got lots, I'll make up some showbiz gossip. I saw Nigella today. That's not made up, it's true.

  14. We must talk...I'll write...soon.

  15. So, after a long deserved hiatus (think Jacqueline Susann but more dolls and fewer nuns), I see a MESSAGE. FROM KIM. Or should I say...*dramatic pause and maybe a few strings, you know, for ATMOS*...STANLEY. Ever so flattered, doll.

    1. Kim


      OMG YOU ANSWERED. I figured maybe you just... vanted to be alone! *Adjusts headscarf and oversized sunspecs* I trust your long-term stay at the, facility has been a success my dear? ie. WELCOME BACK BITCH, GET POSTING.