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  1. Could this be Miley? There's a similar wig next to her on the bed.
  2. Beautiful performance. I like this acoustic version better than the album one. I like the Ginger Rogers in Carefree inspired dress
  3. Of course it's better but Superstar is to MDNA what Joan is to Rebel Heart: the cheesiest song
  4. Cute melody but the song itself is way too cheesy for me to really like it. It's the Superstar of the record. The other ballads are far superior.
  5. Yes, and it says only with the album. So annoying!
  6. They're not available in the Italian Itunes as well. I can't buy them individually. I'm so pissed!
  7. Are you sure they're not just random backing vocals? I can't hear the Like a Prayer one
  8. Again. Stop expecting big numbers from Madonna.
  9. Stop expecting big things from Madonna charts/views/airplay wise. That's not her thing anymore.
  10. Ok how does Snapchat work? I literally can't understand a thing, please.
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