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  1. Doesn't matter if his final mix was not used for the Album. He has it on soundcloud and it has been, how do you all say it, streamed over 2million times it seems, but will they buy it if released? Music consumers are becoming cheap and self entitled. Even Riris BBHMM peaked at 19 on the BB200. Like isn't she one of the leaders of the new school? Should it not be a guaranteed top 10 with all the streaming and radio play plus front loading she gets? Something is wrong somewhere. I can't put my finger on it. My cousin was just saying this is one of his fave Madonna albums ever and this is not a Madonna fan like us but he plays GT every damn day. I remain baffled at the sales numbers for RH. Baffled.
  2. Nobody is swayed by the media. Some of us were particularly affected by this because of Drake's reaction. We all have different interpretations of what his reaction was. The fact that we feel sorry for her particularly about this mess, does not mean that anyone was crying during the many scandals or will be crying if she decides to release SEX volume 2 or kiss more girls on stage or date an 18 year old or whatever else. We have tried to explain the difference but some people are either unable to discern subtleties and/or deliberately misunderstanding so they can use the latest emoji and talk nonsense. I love my Madonna in bullish mood and I felt she did reveal that she was a bit more upset than usual about this one. I think it is obvious to anyone with a brain. So, the Queen will always rise above, onwards we move and I hope she has a good fuck you plan for her next public appearance.
  3. And Dude you have stalked my post moaning and bitching about me like 20 times. There are thousands of members here. Stop riding my dick. Go ride someone else.
  4. As hilarious as these are..LOL...go look at that first initial, puff out of his cheeks and grimace and covering his mouth after kissing Madonna. It's just that 1st few seconds. We heard him laugh after. Then he said WTF was that. Some claim he wiped his mouth as she walked off. There is no video of that so I can't comment on it...but just his 1st few seconds is what gave rise to all this. Without that, it will be the same old usual backlash. That is why for me, he shares blame in this mess. Even though he has tried to clear it up but not good enough Mr. Yes you loved it and you thanked the Queen but is that your shock face, Mr Aubrey Graham? If so, here are 1million memes of your shock face while watching the Toronto Raptors. No similarity. Why was your shock face different here? LMAO. Maybe he's too embarassed to say he tried to tongue her and got his tongue in d wrong part of the grills. I feel like she bit his tongue cos when she put his hand down, at some point he starts flailing his arms(which some ofcourse have used as signs of force and him seeking help) so I feel she bit him there. M is the leader of the freak parade. Biting. Dear heavens. LOL.
  5. I will never understand how streaming a song on spotify and then whatever TEA is, radio play, counts towards the charts but buying the video of the song, does not? I may need Billboard to explain it to me.
  6. LOL. I just want her and us to move on without the Drake issue and Drake. Honestly. I do not like hip hop but I enjoy Drake's music. Still, I am gonna be a while to enjoy him again. He shares blame in my view so I just can't.
  7. I listened to this mess just to hear when he said that and how old are these kids? These Smith kids. I swear I can birth them but he sounds like he is older than me. They have grown up too fast those two.
  8. GT video is number one everywhere I see from twitter. Let me go buy my copy.
  9. That's all I have been saying, girl. But as she just said in French, don't worry. The Queen rises above. So, She's had two days or so. She must stop reading whatever it is she has been reading that now makes her more aware of what these idiots are saying and we proceed. GT video is number one everywhere. Something to cheer.
  10. Yes. Rise above. But she is back to tagging Drake. LOL. Let this be the end of this matter on all fronts. Please Lord.
  11. She instagrams again about the Queen always rising above and yet some say I am borderline frightening thinking maybe Madonna is a bit more upset this time. She is literally still on about it. The Mercy post. Now this latest IG post. Keep thinking she is teflon. Some kind of Armadillo that is impervious to pain. Keep thinking that big team "true" Madonna fans. Little team. Lets go show some support to our girl on IG as we have been instructed by the powers that be. LOL.
  12. I am defeated by this article tbh. LOL. If only those idiots repeatedly watching the video would watch GT and go buy RH after watching, this entire debacle would have a silver lining, but NO. It's just a shitfest. LOL.
  13. What are you even talking about? I feel bad for Madonna. How has that got anything to do with any of what you have said. The events are the events. fact. i feel bad that she has to put up with the fall out of the event. That is all I have been expressing. i don't need you to explain to me what Drake said because I have repeatedly said, in my opinion, he should have addressed his initial reaction because his subsequent comments do not explain that away. That is all i have said. I have never not acknowledged that he said something. I do not care about the Press and what they acknowledge or not. I have been a Madonna fan all my life. So I know about the damn Press. I have said again, repeatedly, that my feelins on this particular scandal are exacerbated because Drake's reaction gives impetus to the typical distortion of the Press. So, I am not sure how else you want me to explain my opinion for you to get it. I could never be swayed by the Press on anything let alone Madonna, so I wonder where you are deducing that from. I feel sorry for my girl about this humiliating event. I think this is one of those scandal backlash(es) that stings a bit more just because of Drake's reaction. As I have also repeatedly said, she has seen worse. But you and your ilk fail to see that and prefer to mock the fact that our little team may feel sorry for Madonna because apparently it is not True Madonna fan etiquette to feel bad about the "beatings." she takes because she invites it, has seen it all, has had her house egged. So having it appear like a man puked in his mouth after kissing you in front of the whole world, who have spent years bashing you for being old and disgusting, and this reaction in their stupid eyes validates their view, is just water off a ducks back. No problem. Be you. Let me be me,
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