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  1. Ok that’s just fucking amazing. These covers are FIRE.
  2. And I really can’t stop staring at that album cover. It’s absolutely hypnotic.
  3. Some people are in rare form around here these days. Not once did I think this had a thing to do with her mom.
  4. I think the 2nd album cover (standard) is absolutely striking. Far more striking than the cover with her as a blonde. There’s a maturity and wisdom that just radiates from that picture. I’m in love. This whole concept is giving me serious Tori Amos - Scarlets Walk vibes. But from a far more worldly point of view. And I mean this in the highest form of flattery.
  5. Best single cover since..... Well. Best in a very very long time. Absolutely flawless. What an exciting time. Seriously. Anyone and everyone who’s been in this industry as long as Madonna begin rest on their laurels, their past hits, they get residencies, “go back to their roots” or do a covers album. They become boring, complacent, and a relic of their time. But this woman still pushes herself. Still pushes boundaries. She still manages to excite us and get everyone talking. The buzz around this is popping up everywhere and it’s absolutely marvelous. I’m optimistic that this very well may be another ROL or Music or Confessions moment. A moment where everyone once again looks at her as the revolutionary pop Queen that she is.
  6. Why was a wild bird like this being ‘raised’ as a pet anyway? Why is this practice even legal? These are wild animals. They belong in the WILD. How many incidents like this need to happen for humans to understand this?
  7. What a shitty, childish thing to say. And wholly unnecessary and inaccurate. Madonna had the U.S in the palm of her hands during the Confessions era as well as the lead up to the Super Bowl. It’s her own fault for releasing the abomination that is GMAYL that made the U.S turn their back on her afterwards. And it was Madonna who didn’t tour Australia for 20 years after the Girlie Show. Then came back with inexcusable tardiness during the RHT. So let’s stop the generalization of entire countries, shell we?
  8. Yeah. Ok. No. She needs the U.S. As I said, she’s a businesswoman. She knows where her bread is buttered. She’s never going to write off a market that’s 50% of her profits.
  9. Please. Of course she’ll focus on the U. S market. It’s where the bulk of her money is made. She’s not stupid. She knows her chart success is long gone here. But it isn’t as if she garnered newly found international fame and success with her last two albums. So let’s stop pretending Spain and Argentina adored her and propped her up since 2012. She’s literally the last international superstar alive. She’ll promote this album accordingly as she’s always done.
  10. For the life of me I can’t understand why people would have any issue with her calling this album Madame X. I find it to be FAR more interesting than Hard Candy, American Life, and MDNA. At least Madame X conjures up some kind of intrigue. It’s something that sounds like the beginning of a story.
  11. I know, right?? Not to keep comparing this to Tori Amos, but while the album, American Doll Posse was a total mess (in my opinion) the TOUR was one of her absolute best. The different ‘characters’ she portrayed allowed her to dig back into her discography and perform songs she hadn’t done in YEARS. So it’d be fun to see what Madonna could do with a concept like that on stage. Ok, I’m done. We have no fucking clue what she’s going to do and I’m raising my own expectations.
  12. Obviously we have no idea what this whole thing is about. As much as some people in here like to pretend they do.... BUT... If she were to do some kind of character portrayal or role playing with this era, that would be entirely different from any of her prior reinventions. Sure, there was Dita and Veronica Electronica and Esther () but she’s never done an era as someone else but Madonna. And IF (big iIF) all of these different pics she’s posted with drastically different wigs and make up ARE in fact some kind of multi character concept, then I’m all here for it. I think it’d be extremely interesting to see these different characters conceptualized on stage for the next tour IF (BIG IF) that’s what she has planned.
  13. I thought of Tori as well but more along the lines of Strange Little Girls but without the covers. Either way, I’m EXTREMELY intrigued for the first time since Met Gala. She’s clearly got something big on the way.
  14. Hillary was what a majority of us were prior to Election Day in 2016: Cocky and over confident. Because a majority of us couldn’t possibly imagine that a failed businessman and 3rd rate reality televion Star who pandered to the underbelly of American society could ever become president. You can’t fault her for that. Anyone going up against Donald Trump would’ve probably been the same way. But Hillary wasn’t exactly anyone. She had perceptions of her baked in. Just as he did. The biggest difference is that HIS supporters were rabidly loyalty and inspired by her. And he had more of them. And they came out in droves. Lets remember he only win by about 80,000 votes between two states. Mine (Michigan) being one of them. And let’s also remember ALL three of those states (MI, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) voted in democratic senators and governors in 2018. These are not red states. They’re very pragmatic, fluid states that bend with the political winds. The rust belt was willing to give Trump a chance. Depending on who the Dems put up in 2020, I’m not so sure these states are willing to do so again. Even despite a good economy.
  15. Madonna has always had something to say about pop culture and society at large. Whether it was overtly political (American Life) or an underlying message disguised as a banger (Vogue). So this idea that she needs to stay away from “politics” is like wishing she would stay away from talking about sexuality. We need her voice now more than we ever have. And given the nationalistic and xenophobic wave that has crashed upon the most of the Western Hemisphere, I’m interested to hear what she has to say The fact that she’s putting drag queens in a music video to make a statement is beyond exciting and rather poignant. No one in pop music history has made bigger cultural statements than Madonna. Period.
  16. Madonna has a pretty stellar track record of releasing top notch first singles. With her biggest missteps being American Life, GMAYL, and -as much as I adore this song- Living For Love. It’s a pipe dream to think Madonna is ever going to achieve LAP, Vogue, or Frozen CHART status with a first single ever again. But it is realistic that she’d be able to achieve some kind of viral and/or critical success with something fresh, funky, and new. And it appears she’s on track to deliver just that.
  17. Agree completely. I was going with LAP to now with my choices. PDP? Well, it does clarify as a pop song but not in the traditional sense. I’d honestly put it in a similar category as LAP. It’s kind of an anthem. When it’s come on at parties or clubs, people don’t necessarily DANCE to it. They’re more doing that awkward sing/dance/arm swinging thing.
  18. She’s always been all over the place with her lead singles. Like A Prayer is NOT a traditional “dance” song by any means. It’s more of an anthem if anything. A sing along. Erotica blends house, funk, and a whole host of other elements. Secret was easily the most subdued single she released up until that point. Frozen, as others here have said, basically can’t be categorized. American Life. I mean. What the hell was this? Only Hung Up and Music were the two true “pop” and “dance” bangers in the last 30 years. Her lead singles have always been unique and unexpected. Which is why we’re always on the edge of our seats in uncontrollable anticipation before a new era begins.
  19. While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Nancy Pelosi, I have to say, I’m impressed with her grit and how masterfully she played Trump. Finally, after nearly 4 years of him plowing over his rivals with name calling and tweets and using the right wing media mega phone, he got beaten BADLY and out maneuvered beautifully by her. She is having none of this guys bullshit and has proven to be the only person to make him look like the sniveling, thin skinned, loser that he is. I’m looking forward to seeing how their dynamic plays out while she’s Speaker. So far so good, Nancy. You keep dog walking that motherfucker.
  20. Honestly? Madonna has made GOOD wig choices throughout her career. Especially the 2016 Met Gala look. Flawless. She’s never been as tacky as Cher or Gaga or Minaj when it came to wearing wigs.
  21. The ones in here demanding Madonna put on another strenuous choreographed show at 60 years are mind boggling delusional. The woman has defied countless obstacles in her career, but she can’t defy age. Regardless of how well you take care of yourself, your body fucking changes as you get older - especially after 60. She’d be stupid to do anything close to MDNA or S&S and she obviously understands this. It’s stupid and ignorant fans that don’t.
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